If you’ve recently started learning about shadow work and how to make it more effective, you’ve probably learned that crystals and a few other spiritual tools can help you with this.

Shadow work is a powerful healing method, that works best when combined with crystals, meditation, healing music, and other spiritually potent tools.

In this article, I will describe how to use crystals for your shadow work process, and also which crystals are best to use. 

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How Crystals Can Help With Shadow Work

crystals that can help with shadow work

Crystals can help you improve your shadow work process as they are a powerful spiritual tool that can influence your energy and psyche.

Crystals can help you in healing emotions, opening pathways, increasing self-love, healing trauma, accessing your subconscious better, and many other things.

Of course, for them to help you effectively you should know how to use them in shadow work, and also, which ones have the right properties for helping you in your shadow healing process. 

As crystals are high-vibrational stones, they can help you channel light and healing, as well as help you draw angels and light entities who will guide you during shadow work and provide shelter and comfort.

Steps To Using Crystals For Shadow Work

a crystal that can help with shadow work

To have crystals help you with your Shadow Work process, I advise that you follow the next steps:

#1. Cleanse the crystals

If you are a fan of using crystals in any sort of spiritual work, you know that the first thing to do after buying a crystal is to cleanse it.

This is because crystals take on and store the energy around them, and when they are in the process of being transported and sold they are not always kept in the best environments.

Thus, make it a habit of cleansing your crystals is ideal, and not only after you buy them, but also after every time you use them.

Some ways of effectively cleansing your crystals are Reiki cleanses, Pranic cleanses, sage smoke, and simply placing them into a bowl of unprocessed salt and water.

If you can add frankincense to that water, would be great, if not, salty water will do it.

For charging your crystals with the energy I also recommend channeling energy into them using Reiki & Pranic Healing, as well as placing them into direct sunlight or moonlight.

#2. Meditate with the crystals to connect them to you

I recommend this attunement meditation to be done right after you purchase your crystals, as well as before doing shadow work with them, especially when you’re about to use them for the first time.

The attunement meditation is meant to “attune” the crystals to you, connect them to your energetic structures so that they can help you in any way you need.

To attune the crystals to you, you need to get into a meditative state, holding the crystal in your hand.

Then, visualize your third eye connecting to the crystal through an energy cord, and then your heart & your sacral chakras connecting to it as well.

This way, the crystal will be able to extract the energetic information it needs to guide you in your shadow work process.

#3. Charge them with intention

charging crystals when doing shadow work

If you have certain crystals that you plan to only use for shadow work, it’s very useful to charge them with your intention of doing effective shadow work or to have them guide you in the process of healing trauma.

The way to do this is to again get into a meditative state while holding the crystals into your hand, and simply imagine how intention travels from your mind into the crystals, as a form of energy.

The more powerful your intention, the more effective your shadow work will be. 

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#4. Place them near you while doing shadow work

To have crystals help you while doing shadow work, they need to be placed very close to you when you do it.

So, if you will be sat down or in a lotus position while performing shadow work, the crystals need to be sat in front of you.

If you are laying down, while performing certain meditations, make sure to place the crystals close to your head. 

#5. Keep them safe & clean at all times

As crystals take on energy from the environment, you don’t want them to spread randomly around your house or room.

Since you use them in shadow work and other types of spiritual work, it’s best to be mindful of what type of energy touches them, as that energy will influence you directly.

I suggest having a clean, safe box for your crystals, and when I say “clean”, I mean both energetically and physically.

Also, make sure you cleanse them and cut energy strings (other than strings made with you) off them every use.

To cut energy strings off your crystals, simply hold them into your hand, visualize a sword of light cutting any cord of energy that may be linked to your crystal and not coming from you, and say “I now cut any energy cord between my crystal and any entity, with body or without body, other than myself”.

Best crystals for Shadow Work

a group of crystals that are being used for shadow work

To achieve the best results out of your Shadow Work techniques, I advise using one (or more) of the following crystals: 

#1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz has a very powerful and positive effect on your heart chakra (Anahata).

It cleanses negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and sadness of it, and helps you open up emotionally. This way rose quartz can help you process the painful memories a lot easier than you normally would.

Rose quartz is also very beneficial for increasing love, whether it’s self-love or love for others.

Since shadow work will bring to the surface the most unwanted aspects of your being, is highly beneficial to use a crystal that will enhance self-love and cultivate unconditional acceptance. 

As Rose quartz will help you love yourself and accept all unwanted aspects of yourself easier, it will facilitate the integration and healing of your shadow.

I suggest using this crystal, especially when doing Shadow Work techniques that are meant to help you improve your self-love, as well as for techniques that involve emotional healing.

#2. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is greatly associated with enhancing thinking and spiritual abilities. It is considered to be a stone of spiritual mysteries, as it also develops psychic or unusual abilities.

It has a good capacity for accessing your subconscious mind, this is very useful when trying to do shadow work because it will help you bring those reprimanded and painful memories to the surface. 

As Lapis Lazuli is so good at accessing your subconscious mind, it may even bring back episodes that you completely forgot about, as the memories that you forgot about are not lost, are just pushed from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind.

Also, it will help you gain mental clarity when doing shadow work and seeing your wounds and traumas from a new, fresh perspective.

I suggest using Lapis Lazuli when working on memories from early childhood, that are almost or completely forgotten, as well as when you’re integrating the painful aspects of yourself.

#3. Black Onyx

Black onyx is very useful when doing Shadow Work as this stone has a strong and grounding energy. It gives you the inner strength to overcome any obstacle, and to access any painful memory you may need to work on during shadow work.

Also, black onyx gives you the feeling that you are very powerful and intangible like nothing can break you.

It can attract strong and protective angels around it, so it’s definitely a good stone for shadow work.

Overall, onyx is a great stone for improving the relationship with yourself, as it will increase self-confidence and inner power. 

#4. Black Moonstone

black moonstone being used with shadow work

Moonstone is another crystal that is perfect for accessing the subconscious – with all the thoughts, negative emotions, behavioral patterns, and dysfunctional emotional responses it holds.

As the moon always represents the subconscious and the slightly darker side of human beings, the moonstone also resonates directly with that side of you.

Moonstone is perfect for doing shadow work, as it will help your shadow side come to the surface faster. 

Black moonstone will provide you with the emotional and energetic support you need to process negative experiences better, and is also considered to be a stone of spiritual empowerment and rebirth.

#5. Selenite

Selenite is well-known for cleansing negative energies and for being a crystal that brings powerful healing and restoration.

Selenite is perfect for shadow work as it will contribute to transforming the negative aspects of your shadow into positive aspects, as well as for healing the traumas and breaking the dysfunctional patterns of your life.

Basically, selenite is what you want to use to finalize any shadow work technique that you may be doing and cleanse all the negative emotions and energies that may be on you after confronting your biggest inner demons. 

Crystals are a great aid in shadow work, as some of them have some special properties which help you access your subconscious better, increase your self-love and self-esteem or heal and release trauma faster.

Crystals are very good at increasing your psychic abilities and giving you the mental clarity you need in order to do shadow work effectively.

The guides and positive entities that they can attract can also help and support you during this process. 

If you want to understand better what shadow work is and how to practice it, I suggest that you can read my previous article, “7 shadow work techniques and practices“. 

Also, for any further questions about how crystals can help during shadow work or what other spiritual tools you can use in this process, feel free to comment below and I will be happy to provide any further guidance and support. 

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