I am Archangel Michael. And as always, it is my pleasure to be here with you and connect with you in this way.

To be able to continue the process that was started long ago for many of you. Lifetime after lifetime we have been working with you. But it is this lifetime where you have all been drawn back together again where we can work with you as a group, coming together as you are. Old souls being called back into service once again. And I say service, because that is what you are here to do. You are here to be of service. And all of you are being exactly that in your own way.

Yes, the energies are strong at this time, and becoming stronger and stronger. And yes, it is difficult for many of you to continue to stay the course, as your earlier discussions spoke about, and which we had given to The James to bring about, “Stay the course.” That is so important at this time.

For long, long ago you knew before coming here that it was going to be difficult. You knew it was going to be difficult. Many travails throughout lifetime after lifetime you would go through, until finally the breakthrough lifetime you would approach, you would be a part of.

And you knew at that time, when that time came, that you would be here to finish the job. To finish what you started. To finish the promises that you made. And indeed you are here at this time to do exactly that, to fulfill your promise, your promise of assisting the Earth and all of the people here on the planet, all of the consciousness here on the planet, to awaken.

That is your purpose, your collective purpose, as a group, a group here in Ancient Awakenings, but also a larger soul group of all of the Lightworking Community across the planet. You are all here for that. So stay the course, my friend. Do not let those things that are intercepting or appearing to intercept the light sway you from being within the light, being within the higher vibrations, or creating the higher vibrations within your life and all around you.

For know that as you create the higher vibrations within yourself, you show those vibrations out to others. You show the light. You pave the way. You are the Way-Showers. That is what you came here for. So show the way now. Be the way. Be the way, the truth, and the life, and the light to all of those that will come after you. But know that first, you yourselves need to continue on this path. This path, again, that you created for yourself long ago.

And know that as you finish job, as you complete the course, or complete this part of your journey, know that a grand celebration awaits. Yes, upon the ships, many of you will find yourselves there, or in the realms of Agartha below the Earth. Many of you will find yourselves there when the time or the frequency raises enough for that to happen.

But all of you, each and every one of you, are a part of this great puzzle that you have been bringing together. Think of it in that way: a grand puzzle. Thousands and thousands of pieces within the puzzle. And you have been diligently, lifetime after lifetime putting these pieces together. And what happens when you come to the point when you are ready to finish the puzzle and bring those last pieces. And how easy at the time, though, for you are not looking at thousands of pieces anymore, you are only looking at a few left. That is where you are now, to complete the puzzle. To bring it all together. And when you complete the puzzle, you complete the picture also. You are all in that point now where you are completing the picture.

Yes, one of you spoke earlier that it is a long process. But I tell you now, you have already been on a long process. How much longer does it need to be? Only you, the collective you, can answer that question. But you are at the point of being able to fully answer that question.

Because many things although as you have heard many times are happening behind the scenes, they are happening within the light, no longer within the darkness. To where these things are happening behind the scenes, they are in the light, and they are coming out as truths, no longer held within the shadows. The shadows will be gone. When the shadow is gone, all that is left is the illumination within the light.

So continue to trust. Trust in yourselves. Trust in the plan. The great plan that you yourselves have been a part of from the beginning. I speak now of the very beginning. Beginning of creation.

True, you were not a conscious knowing self at that beginning. But you all are a part of that creative process–always have been, always will be. For you are energy. And energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It always has been, and always will be, as your consciousness is.

So I ask you now, as Archangel Michael, who has been overseeing this process for a very long time, long before the Earth, long before Gaia began, long before you found yourselves coming here, I have been overseeing this process, and helping, only helping, not doing, but helping to bring this to a conclusion. A crescendo , if you will. You are approaching that crescendo, or that finish line.

Yes, we know you have heard this many times. And many times you say, “Yes, Archangel Michael, we have heard this over and over, but when is it going to be finished?” The ‘when’ is up to all of you as a collective. Come together as one as much as you possibly can with your brothers and sisters around you. Be the ones that they can look up to. Show them the way. Not give them the way, show them the way.

All of my peace and love be with all of you as you continue on through this grand and great awakening that is leading you further and further through your ascension process.

**Channel: James McConnell