I feel as if I have been flowing along on the surface of things, taking care of what needs taking care of in my life, maintaining equilibrium, observing the turmoil in the world, but not leaning into it. Recently, we went to New Brunswick to visit family for Canadian Thanksgiving. One day, we went to a beach at the southern part of the Bay of Fundy, where the Atlantic Ocean enters into the bay.

The most dramatic tides in the world happen in the bay – the water rises and recedes up to 56 feet twice a day. I have been missing the ocean very much in the last few years. It was like visiting a dear, old friend (I grew up near the ocean on Long Island, New York). The tide was moving out as I walked barefoot to the water. The ocean was warm and as I stepped into it, I felt a surge of innocent love flowing to me on the waves, opening up my being, welcoming me “home”. I felt myself opening to receive that love, wishing I could remember that this feeling is always available, but like the tide, it comes and goes. I want to know this love as a wellspring which I can draw upon any time I need to.

Now, back home, I saw some people arguing on facebook about vaccines and treatments for Covid. So much anger, sniping at one another. Why did I look at the comments? Curious as to what people are saying, but I was also drawn into the anger and snarkiness. I pulled myself away from it and felt sad and discouraged about the energy playing out and annoyed with myself for being drawn in to look at it.

So I go within, tune in to the Vastness of Being, to get a read on the energetics of things. Here is what the Vastness of Being has to say:

It is like you are looking into a room where anger is boiling over. If you look at it energetically, there is a turmoil, sowing seeds of distrust, uncertainty, ungroundedness. Like an endless scream, it is an energy that is digging deep into the shadow, a tornado of light churning up the dark sediment of centuries of oppression and control, fear and hatred, stirring it up, loosening it from the bottom and clouding the waters so that one doesn’t know up from down.

Projections of fearful scenarios rise up and many people are holding these projections in front of themselves, focusing on situations that do not actually exist in the present, feeding the fear that is awakening from other timelines in Humanity’s collective ancestral memories of unhealed trauma. This will continue for a time on the path of Humanity. People are fighting with one another, as they have since the original division of consciousness. It is actually not in the Human nature to be so fearful and attack one another, but this energetic of division, derision, arrogance and unworthiness has been fostered and kept alive by the magnetics of trauma. The energy of fear, anger and hatred draws people’s attention like an addictive substance. Many of your earthly beings are keeping it alive, it spins through them and feeds a lust to destroy creativity and free thinking and to have power over others, over nature and all of life. It is a frequency of energy – a choice – it is tearing up the depths of itself and turning in on itself. It is heading towards implosion but for now, you are experiencing the murky, roiling waters of discord. Allow this energy to be sucked away from you like the tide.

At the same time, what you don’t hear about is how the beauty of love is permeating most human beings. This gentle awakening, within grief, within sorrow, within despair, is filtering through the murkiness like rays of light through the forest leaves, a gentle touch of love is everywhere, flowing all around, coming forth in waves, and there are many people who are able to embody this love and glow with it, within joy, within appreciation and gratitude, and as they glow, they share the gentleness of love though small interactions, small kindnesses with others and through gratitude and appreciation of the small mercies of life on Earth.

Aside from all the mental machinations of what is the truth of things, if you drop down into your heart center and focus on the little things you deal with throughout your days, you find that ray of light, that beam of love. Often it comes from the Earth herself. Like when you put your feet in the Atlantic Ocean and felt the waves of love coming to you. Nature touches all with love.

Those who are struggling with situations in their lives that have to do with other people and making decisions, can find the path forward when they tune in to their hearts and intend for love to guide them forward. Those who are in grief, due to the departing of a loved one can bathe in the richness of the love that lives within grief. The letting go – surrendering to what is – opens the pathway for the warm rays of love to flow so tenderly throughout their being. Feeling the deep pain of loss and the beauty of love that still exists, one can send that love to the one who transitioned, sending the possibility of joy to them into whatever their experience is at the moment.

Nothing can change what is, but how one perceives what is can change.

For those who are just barely holding on to life, love them, trust the integrity of their experience and their choices in the moment.

As much as the murkiness of confusion and fear is surrounding many people, causing them to lash out at others, there is the shine of love radiating throughout all of existence, it is a matter of whether people see or feel that love, whether or not they allow love to live in their hearts. It is always a choice as to what one puts their focus and attention towards. That is what truly matters.

**Channel: Nancy Wallace Ward