We are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you all on this fine and glorious day indeed. Oh and there are heavenly miracles coming to you, there are heavenly miracles presenting themselves to you, there are heavenly miracles here and available to you.

This is a spectacular time in your life experience. You’re going to reflect back on this as the time where everything up-leveled, went to the next level, began to expand, and all of your dreams came true. Heavenly miracles and opening up fully to the divine intelligence that is always supporting you. You have come so far on your journeys. Allow yourself in this moment to stand at the top of the mountain and look around and look behind and look beside you and look in front of you and see how far you have come in the expansion of consciousness, in the remembering of the truth of who you are, of awakening and coming fully into the realization of all that you are.

Take a deep breath and really look at how far you have come, what you have transcended, what you have transformed, and what you have transversed in this incredible journey that is your magnificent life experience. It’s about to go to a whole other level of joy and fun and expansion and abundance and wellbeing and prosperity and love and excitement. And open up and allow and get ready for heavenly miracles. Not human miracles, not the sort of miracles your human is going to try to figure out, not the sort of miracles that your human can ever perform, not the sort of miracles that are humanlike. No, the heavenly miracles, from the highest realms of pure love, from the highest realms of pure potential, from the highest realms of infinite possibilities.