There is so much energy on offer to us under the October Full Moon to the point where we may start feeling a little overwhelmed! The energies are intense, but they offer us some wisdom, healing, and insights too.

Falling in the sign of Aries on October 20th, the Full Moon will activate the energies of Mars, Pluto, and Eris, creating what is known as a T-Square.

This configuration of energy can create a building of tension, but sometimes we need tension in order to inspire action.

Sometimes, it takes feeling stretched to your limits in order to put your foot down, speak your truth, set boundaries, and act, in an effort to change your situation.

In essence, that is what this Full Moon is calling us to do. It is calling for us to take affirmative action. But this is where it gets a bit tricky. With Mars, Pluto, and Eris involved, sometimes it can be hard to know what action to take.

Sometimes, these planetary forces can see us acting from a place of ego or in an effort to gain control. Sometimes these planetary forces can trigger our darker, more heated emotions, causing us to lash out or perhaps be too forceful.

It can help to keep all of this in mind under the energies of the Aries Full Moon, but don’t let this prevent you from taking action if it feels like the right thing to do. This is very assertive energy, and sometimes we do have to be firm, stand our ground, and communicate what we need.

If you are faced with making some tough decisions under this Full Moon, there are a few things that can help. The first is to look to see where you may be leading with fear in the driver’s seat.

Mars is the fearless warrior, and when its energy is strong, it can be a good time to overcome some of our deep-seated fears. It can be a good time to put on our warrior helmet, and find a new level of confidence.

If you have to take some action, think about where fear may be guiding your decisions and see if any of that fear is justified or simply linked to insecurities from your past. See if you can acknowledge the fear, for on the other side of it, you may just find the next step to take.

Another tip under the energy of this Aries Full Moon is to think about the ways you have transformed and rebirthed yourself over the course of the year. What would the new you do? Who do you want to be in this situation?

Thinking of things from this vantage point may help you to shift out of old habits of the past, and instead embrace new habits that are a result of any rebirths you have gone through.

Sometimes there is no such thing as the “right” decision. Instead, it is just about making the best of the decisions that we do make.

At the end of the day, every decision and action we take is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to shift our life in a new direction.

On a deeper level, this Full Moon may also be guiding us to think about what goals or values we wish to let go of. As this Full Moon falls in the sign of Aries, we may be taken back to earlier this year when we set some intentions or perhaps had some well-meaning plans about what this year was going to look like for us.

At this stage in the year, we may be feeling proud of ourselves for accomplishing all that we have, or we may be feeling upset that this year didn’t turn out the way we thought it would.

Regardless of where you stand, this Full Moon is a bit of a reality check, helping us to reassess some of our goals and dreams, and what we have been doing, or not doing, in order to achieve them.

Do your goals and dreams made earlier in the year still resonate with where you want to be heading in your life?

If so, this Full Moon may help you to make some productive steps, but if not, this Full Moon may help you come to terms with the fact that it’s time to move on and perhaps set your sights elsewhere.

Trust your intuition and where you feel guided, but if you can recall the intentions you set under the Aries New Moon back in April, now would be a time to revisit them and to see how they have manifested or played out over the course of the last few months.

Looking back can help you to now look forward, and to think about what needs to be shed, released, and adjusted so you can continue to move in harmony with the direction of your life.

While there is some strong action-based energy under this Full Moon, there is another softer, subtler energy we can tune in and connect with too, and this comes from the asteroid Chariklo.

Chariklo is known as the asteroid of Spirit Medicine. It carries a feminine energy that can remind us to connect with our spiritual side and to honor the soul part of our journey.

Sometimes it can feel like we are living two lives- we have our human self that has to navigate the 3D world and all the ups and downs it brings, but we also have our spirit self too, that knows that everything is ultimately perfect and always manifesting exactly as it should be. Sometimes it is hard to create a bridge between these two ways of being, but that is where Chariklo can help.

Its energy encourages us to view things from that spiritual perspective. To get out of 3D thinking and look beyond to that place in our heart where we know that everything is always just as it should be.

Chariklo’s energy is like that sweet spot we can find when we are in deep meditation. It is the peace, the stillness, the calm, and the love that we feel when we reconnect with the true essence of who we are.

If nothing else under this intense Full Moon, see if you can connect with this energy. See if you can move past the limitations of your human life and look beyond to the soul.

Spend time in meditation, doing art, listening to music, or connecting with your soul essence in whatever way feels right. Honor and nourish your soul and the journey you have mapped out for yourself.

Even though life can be full of hardship, there is a reason your soul has chosen the path that it has. And while it doesn’t magically make everything better to realize this, it can help us to find a new perspective and to remember that Earth is just our temporary school and playground.