By Divine Decree all souls on planet earth have free will and choice.

Your soul is sovereign and even your own Ascended Masters, and the Angelic Realms, etc. may not intervene with your own free will and choice. They can show the way, they can guide you when you ask, and they may only assist you, if you ASK for assistance, and then only if this serves you highest soul growth and good.

Read that again and again, until it sinks in.

When something does not feel right, when your alarm bells are going off, when you indeed know that something is not going to be for your own highest soul good, and your physical wellbeing included, then do not go there.

If you do agree to do something against your own will, out of fear, or are forced or bullied into doing something, something deep within you will start to rebel and repel this, and indeed there will be innate anger, resentment, and bitterness. All of this builds up until it one day boils over, in whatever form or way, if it does not sap your very lifeblood away.

Indeed, this is how negative karma was/is created, and indeed these days all is instant.

The more in Tune and in alignment with the Divine Will you become, and indeed your will and the Divine Will become one and the same, you will simply live your life in a much higher way, and thus will start operating from a much higher frequency band, and within the Power of Love and more than this, in the fullness of your Soul Mastery. You will be centered and still and living your truth, and you will not be swayed.

Interestingly once you start to stand in your truth, support comes in unexpected forms, and indeed doors open and synchronicity steps in, which you never could have foreseen, and now start manifesting, because in attaining the Soul Mastery, you have now stepped into a much higher octave of Soul Empowerment.

You are a Sovereign Soul and nothing and no one can force your to do or be anything you in truth are not. You are in charge of your own soul, your own life, you own embodiment, and indeed your own wellbeing. No one else. No matter how well meaning. No matter who they are. Your soul indeed can never be bound in any form or way. It is eternal and infinite and free.

“I am firmly rooted in my highest soul Mastery. I AM A MASTER. I AM I AM I AM”

**By Judith Kusel