So much is unfolding at this very sacred time on our planet. I have been in a state of incredible inner transformation and the Pleaidians have been giving me a deeper understanding of my individual process and my next steps of my mission at this juncture.

As we move closer to the New Year there will be a series of powerful energetic forces entering Earth. These forces of light are designed to expand and build during the months of October, November and December, shifting the magnet frequency within the earth’s core, creating a higher resonance of light to emanate from the Magnetic Core within the earth.

I have been witnessing a more expanded fluid energetic patterning arising from within the magnetic core. Simultaneous to this happening I am aware of my energetic systems being upgraded, being realigned into a much higher energetic resonance throughout my energetic field and all energetic systems of my physical body.  I am told that this transformational process is to prepare me for a complete energetic reset, which is going to take place on our planet as we move into 2022.

I am being energetically prepared to hold a stable platform for humanity and to transmit these higher resonance frequencies to those of you who are ready for a next step of transmutation.

The essence of the frequency of the illusion of 3rd dimension on our planet is being magnified. The guidance right now is about the importance of you consciously witnessing the playout of this illusion on the planet; to witness this within your lives and then to consciously move your awareness beyond the illusion. Your Heart space is the avenue for a higher communion to your Higher Self.

I see the vision of our collective oneness and the essential component of us coming together with our collective Hearts, to form a communion of light. We each have a unique aspect to contribute to the whole and at this juncture we are being asked to make this communion manifest. Remember it takes two or more people to create the sacred energy element of communion. Through this communion we create the changes necessary for the rebalancing of the light on Earth. At the same time within the communion process your telepathic centers become recalibrated to enable you an expanded conscious alignment to your higher realm consciousness.

I send love and blessings out to each one of you. I acknowledge you and all that you are in this moment.

**By Christine