It is impossible in the here and now to know the future for sure. This mainly because every soul has free will and choice, whether to ascend into the New Earth or descend and disintegrate with the Old.

Yet I was shown very clearly this morning that the Divine Masterplan is fully on track and that we are indeed now escalating into the full embodiment and being fully anchored into the New Earth and indeed the New Golden Age is manifesting into form and being.

It is time for faith and trust, and indeed to seek the Highest Guidance at all times and to trust your inner gut feelings and your own intuitive knowing. More than this to keep centered, and to keep taking those single steps, ever towards the great Whole, Unity and Harmony, within and without and indeed to cocreate the New, with great love.

I switched off the TV and Radio years ago, and never watch the news, nor read newspapers. I have never missed it for what I need to know, always comes to me. This indeed helped me immensely to focus on my highest calling and live it, without distraction, and without being constantly bombarded with fear based and lower energy and an overload of sensational negativity. For good news seldomly makes headlines.

What I do concentrate on is to keep centered, to allow myself to be transformed daily into the truth of who and what I am at soul level and live this. To walk my path with pure intention, with love, and with joy and indeed doing what I love, and loving what I do. To seek walks in nature and indeed to make quiet time, and to every morning and evening to allow myself to be filled with the Divine, as one with the Divine. In these moments my greatest revelations, my highest guidance and indeed anointments and blessings come. The most sacred and holy moments which indeed empower me, to live my life in highest alignment with the Greater Whole.

We are going to find ourselves indeed transformed beyond anything known ever before, as the full power of the 7 Central Suns of Illumination, via Sirius, are now going to fire up their powerful illumination of souls on earth, and indeed this is truly bringing the Fires of Illumination with the White Flame, into full manifestation on the New Earth! It will bring the next wave of awakening of souls in the highest degrees, and those awakened will move into the next octaves of Christ/White Flame Consciousness as never experienced before.

Therefore I will be presenting the “White Flame Illumination” 6 week course in November. Watch this space for details.

We are going to be lifted beyond anything ever known before and indeed, beyond anything we can even dream of right now.

**By Judith Kusel