Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael.

Joy I would say is little, happiness cannot be measured, we are really very pleased with all of you. You are vibrant, happy, anxious. But an anxiety that comes from the heart, to live moments that you don’t even know how they will be. But the confidence that new worlds, new habits, new customs will be created, gives you all this joy of what is to come. You are succeeding in messing with the strategy of the planet, a strategy of doing things quietly so that there is time, so that everybody wakes up. No, don’t feel like an accelerator to hurt anyone. Do speed up the process, speed it up a lot, vibrate a lot, be happy.

I can’t say that you sometimes overdo things. I would like you to see us, not as humans, because we are not, we are pure energy, all of us. Don’t confuse us with galactic beings. We can, of course, personify ourselves, so that we can speak, so that we can appear to you. But do not expect faces, do not expect images, we will not be able to equal you. Where would there be the certainty and confidence that we are beings of light, if we appear exactly like you? Even today, you have already managed to create images in your skies, and many deceive themselves that it is us.

So, don’t expect to see physical bodies at the moment of revelation. We will speak, but through great balls of light, which is what we are. It will be up to humanity to believe or not who is speaking there. We will not appear with beautiful, strong bodies to fill your minds with joy, because you are focused on appearance. What would we be? Would we be putting your egos above anything else? So don’t expect to see images of beautiful and wonderful physical bodies, we don’t have that concern.

Your vibration is wonderful, but don’t overdo it. Because then it begins to look like you are not really concerned with the moment itself. You are concerned about seeing the beautiful. Is this concern? To see someone who will bring you a sense of beauty to placate your human ego. So let’s put things in their proper places. Some of us have never had physical clothing and never will, which is my case.

If some of you see me, I do materialize momentarily in your mind or in your eyes, so that you can see me; but it is only for that moment. The other beings who once incarnated on this planet, also will not return as humans, because they have already ascended to very high dimensions and their missions today, would not allow them to have fractals in lower dimensions, even if it is the Fifth Dimension.

Yes, we are happy, yes, we are happy with your vibration. But how far is that vibration truly? What are you holding onto? So I would say that nothing will be as you imagine, we will not do more of the same. We are going to have to be impactful and do it in such a way that there is not the slightest shadow of doubt. Because even if someone tries to repeat what we will do, they won’t be able to. So how do you expect us to be pretty faces on your television sets? It would be very easy, anyone could just walk up and start talking.

Keep your vibrations as they are, it’s wonderful, but have a sense of what you are emanating. We are not physical beings, and we are not here to be admired. What will it be like? You don’t imagine it, no one imagines it, just so there is no possibility of doubt. Vibrate for the moment, vibrate for the changes; don’t vibrate for us. Vibrate for the consciousnesses that will be awakened, for the changes that will take place. Vibrate yes, vibrate with love, and imagine what it will be like afterwards.

So instead of wasting your time imagining that you will see pretty little bodies, think about what will be afterwards. Vibrate that everything will be wonderful; vibrate that everyone will be convinced of what is being said; vibrate that there will be no doubt on anyone’s part; vibrate that everyone will embrace each other and will be a united people; vibrate that those who today cultivate evil will ask for forgiveness and change sides; vibrate that their leaders will all accept us and will do their best to improve the lives of their people. This is what you need to vibrate.

The joy is great, yes, but not completely focused on where it should be. Stop living with the illusions of the Third Dimension, because it is all an illusion. It is precisely because you value appearances so much that your world is the way it is, because if you don’t have a beautiful image, you despise, discriminate, violate, hurt, humiliate. So you keep vibrating on appearances? Where is your walk? Where is your elevati

on? I would say down there, because you keep cultivating appearance.So if I said here, that some being that was supposed to appear, had 2 heads, you would forget everything. You would forget everything that being would have ever said. You would repel it, exactly because it is not what you would like to see. This is exactly how you act. You love a person, without seeing him physically. When they show up, it’s that disappointment, and everything that person did, all the happy moments they told you, that you felt good about, you forget; because it’s all about looks.

So vibrate yes, vibrate very loud, vibrate the new Earth, vibrate the New World, but vibrate at the point of the journey that you are at. Be compatible with where you are on the journey. Because it is as if you are out in front and your head is miles behind. Be careful because that vibration doesn’t carry you forward, that’s ego. It is one of the trouble spots of your egos: appearance. Put yourselves on an ascension road, exactly as it has to be, vibrating light, vibrating joy, vibrating victory, and vibrating the changes. Not how we look or how we will look. It doesn’t matter.

Of course, we could never do anything that would frighten them, for we would not be of the Light. But we cannot succumb to your ego either. So stop exacerbating the ego, vibrate with exact focus on what has to be vibrated. Vibrate and think: “What can I do for others, how can I help? Then if you vibrate as a group: “How can we help? What can we do to help those brothers and sisters who vibrate in despair? And then I tell you to go back to your hearts and you will have the answer.

Vibrate loudly, yes, and many are vibrating. They are vibrating so loud, they are so happy, that they are changing the timeline of the planet, speeding everything up. And that to us is wonderful, because the confidence they are having is immense. It doesn’t matter how it will be. When it will be doesn’t matter to them. They are worried about the next one. Nobody is worried about what will happen to themselves, why? Because they trust us and know that we will be around, and we certainly will be.

So watch your vibrations. Vibrating is very good, but be careful about the focus of what you are vibrating. And I would add, don’t expect too much for things to happen the way you imagine they will. The element of surprise is what makes the difference. So don’t keep imagining, creating in your mind how it will be, because the disappointment can be great. Just vibrate the result, because if you vibrate a result of peace, of harmony, of understanding, without revolts, without violence, without crying, without suffering, this also reverberates. Because this energy spreads across the planet and reaches the minds of those who are not awake today. Now if you spend your time and your vibration, putting focus on something so low and small, what are you doing for the afterlife? I would say nothing.

So vibrate, vibrate a lot, but vibrate the result. Don’t vibrate the how, don’t vibrate the when; vibrate results. Vibrate imagining that it will be a New World; that those rulers who today only humiliate their people, will no longer be there; that those who today want to see their people go hungry and thirsty, will no longer be there. Vibrate that each person will have the right to food, will no longer go hungry. Vibrate that everyone will have the right to a roof to sleep and live under, no longer living on the street. This is what you have to vibrate, this is what you have to plan, “How will we do this, how will we give everyone a roof, how will we give everyone food?” Now all without judgment. It doesn’t matter how that brother got to this point, it’s his journey, he will reap the result. It is not you who will judge him, each one reaps what he plants. Only today, the result of what he has planted is hunger. And that is why you judge him and make him hungry? So give him something to eat, then you will be doing your part, without judgment. He will reap the harvest, and so will you, because of your gesture.

So vibrate, vibrate a lot, laugh a lot, feel happy and delighted, but focus on the result of what is to come. This is what we ask of you. Don’t waste your precious time vibrating nonsense, vibrating your egos. Vibrate results, and wonderful results. You have that power. You are already doing a lot, but you can do more, you can do it with more consciousness, you can do it with more love. So do it. Let go of the nonsense never again, because the nonsense has brought your world to where it is today. So I would say that this kind of thing can’t even be thought about anymore. It has to stay in the past, in another self that you once were, or rather are trying not to be anymore.

This is also a lesson, learn it. Appearances are ephemeral, so you grow old. Beauty is gone because it does not constitute the soul. Beauty has to be of the soul, not of the physical. You haven’t understood this yet. You are still stuck in differentiating one from another by appearance. Ask yourself a question: How many times have I been wrong about a person’s character, judging him by his appearance? Think about it.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez