Women are the radiance of God, she is not a creature, she is the creator. – Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī

Many females are not very much aware of their body and their inner power. I have seen lots of ladies complaining about their health, anxiety, trust issues, relationship failure, and all of that. In any case, I have not met a single lady who feels honored and appreciative for what she has. Females are blessed with the divine. They just they need a little piece of concentration to hear their inner voice, their heart call. People as a whole have both feminine and masculine energies yet all we need to comprehend is how to balance both energies and how to connect with our inner self.

“Inner self” — a significant number of us are inexperienced with this idea even. We are too busy in our worldly things and we completely forget there is someone sitting inside us and waiting for us to come back and clean our dust and reunite once again. Inner Self is the truest form of yourself, a Soul, a Qalb, a Guide, a Guru, a Light, a Sensor, or a Roadmap towards Infinity. We all have something a little similar to Our Creator perhaps that is the reason we use similar names so that we can associate our physical self with the Divine Self/God. The inner self is your roots, your truest self, the most beautiful thing if you are lucky enough to find it in life.

I surmise everybody is fortunate however we essentially turn down the possibility of this reality because of different reasons.

)nce you venture into the valley of the inner self, you would lose everything aside from Love.

Your inner self speaks to you in different ways. It’s also known as an Inner Voice, gut feeling, instinct, ilhaam, and your heart call. An ultimate guide for you to live your life fully and understand lots of secrets of this universe and most important your own beautiful undiscovered universe. This will help you even in your daily life matters from personal to professional. But, hearing this inner voice is certainly not a simple task. You have to walk miles within yourself to hear this voice. The noise of our brain and worldly matters are way too much to distract us from hearing this inner voice. And all you need to do is relax your brain, disconnect from your surroundings, and feel your heart, your body, your breath. I know it’s not an easy job but trust me once you start connecting with yourself you will master everything.

Feminine energy is totally opposite to masculine energy but exists in both men and women. Feminine energy is very calm, full of happiness, satisfaction, positivity, peaceful and joyful energy that allows you to feel and live freely and fully. I feel that feminine energy is a beautiful song of this universe.

The picture that this world presents from a woman gets its tints and scents: She is the lyre that can impart pathos and warmth to the human heart. -Dr. Muhammad Iqbal   

Right now when we are confronting loads of physical, mental, and enthusiastic difficulties and we start complaining to others and blaming others… but I feel that our focus should be our inner self at that moment. The more we are connected with our inner self the more we are able to protect ourselves from ourselves. All we need to do is to understand our God gifted power our inner self. Women are blessed with their built-in sensors to know what is going on around them. Have you ever noticed that why you can easily sense if there is anything wrong? Because you are blessed with divine power. That same power can also help you to protect yourself from everything both internal and external. If you are connected with your inner self and hear your inner voice, then I give you an assurance that no one will ever create a mess with you, not even your own self.

The simplest way to connect with your feminine energy is to start meditating, connect with your Higher Self, spend time in peace, revisit yourself, say hello to your soul, encourage self-transformation, embrace your creativity, explore nature, dance, write, complain less, and be thankful for what you have. Always spend 20 minutes before starting your day. Pray for your peace, Divine Light, and Guidance. Remember every day brings new opportunities to become a better version of yourself. So always seek for the Light. Learn your lessons from everyday experience.

Everything in this universe is here to expand yourself.

Before sleeping at night, don’t forget to cleanse your brain, your soul, and your heart, forgive others, ask for forgiveness, submit every single matter to your God/Higher Self, and surrender yourself along with your worldly matters.

There is a Super Force that can manage your stuff better than you, all you need is to trust and surrender.

All you have to do is to take a charge of yourself and allow your inner self to guide you.

Keep loving yourself so you can grow more both internally and externally and live eternally.