The Universal Laws indeed work with the natural creative principles where all exists and flows in harmonic coherence, as One.

All forms part and particle on One Divine Source, thus Divinity exists in All.

There is no need to force anything.

All flows, all is created and recreates itself in beautiful synchronicity, balance and harmony.


Remember this.

When all flows in harmony there is peace. Inner peace. Equilibrium.

Your own soul will always warn you, through your own intuitive powers and your own gut feelings, when something is not right for you and when something is out of the Universal Law and thus not for your highest good.

Listen to it.

Do not allow anyone to override your own intuitive knowing, no matter who they are.

If something FEELS wrong, it does not serve you.

The herd instinct is that of sheep who blindly follow.

Those who are aware and awake and in tune with the Divine Laws and the Divinity within self and their own intuitive knowing and guidance have the ability to break free and stand in the fullness of their own Light, and thus walk alone if need be and be true to themselves.

Indeed, they are never alone, for the inner Oneness, Unity, Peace and Harmony of the Divine and the Universal Whole lives within them. Your soul is a Divine Spark and thus you are part and particle of the Divine Source who created you.

The greatest gift you can give yourself, is the ultimate freedom to be One.

One with All That Is.



Inner equilibrium, love and peace.

Living your truth.

Knowing who you are in truth.

Knowing what you are in truth.

Knowing how to serve in truth.

I AM That I AM.

**By Judith Kusel