Greetings, fellow lights. You have often read posts by me which speak of light, empowerment, love, kindness, forgiveness, and such. Today, however, I wish to get a tad bit more vulnerable, if you will. Today, I wish to share some of my more recent life challenges — and how I managed to overcome them somewhat — so that any of you who are dealing with similar sorts of situations may find some assistance therein. So, here goes nothing.

Of late, I have been looking to finally take that massive life leap, and turn my work of spreading light into my actual profession. Yes, I plan to heal and teach people my ways for a living. And yes, it is easier said than done.

In some ways, this has been in planning for years. And yet, never have I truly felt ready to do this. My greatest fears regarding this have been (and I’m listing them all down in here): “What if no one shows up to learn what I have to teach?”, “What if I don’t have enough material to teach?”, “What if no one wants to pay me to learn any of this?”, “What if people think I’m charging too much for my teaching/healing services?”, and, “What if I absolutely suck at teaching anything? What if they ask me questions that I simply cannot answer?”

I’ve tackled all of these fears head on multiple times before, and I have always lost. However, the situation with the increasing light upon our world, and my own life itself right now, is such that I can no longer push away the inevitable task of following my heart for a living. In short, this is a do or die situation for me right now. Yes, literally do or die. In that, if I fail at this this time, I fail to make any money whatsoever and either end up on the streets or dead. And, as you may have guessed already, there’s no support from my family over this. Neither do I want any from them, to be honest; all of that stuff comes with hidden price tags that must be paid for later. I don’t want anyone’s favours here; I want to tap into my own natural abundance.

So, that being said, the last couple weeks, I’ve been tackling this seemingly impossible challenge by once again taking it head on. And, let’s just say that it has been really, really hard. Facing the fear of death and losing everything, over and over again that too, has been less than easy. And this is despite me knowing (on a tangible level) that I’m an immortal soul, thanks to my astral projection efforts and such. But it’s been very challenging indeed to convince my physical body of that. But that’s not the point of this post. Rather, the point of this post is for me to be open and vulnerable about what has been happening, and what I’ve done to resolve the said situation.

QUESTION ONE: What does one do when they feel extreme fear, anxiety, or uncertainty about life?

ANSWER ONE: As challenging as this is, my advice would be to tackle your fears (by facing them head on) once and for all. Cry if you have to, or punch pillows to let out your anger safely. ANYTHING but repression of your deepest feelings. And then, ask yourselves the following question: “Will God or your Higher Self let you starve and die this easily?” My answer to that was a firm “NO.” Because you being left to simply just die like that just doesn’t make any sense, especially, given the fact that you are so very needed upon the planet right now. I mean, even if we assumed that all divine love/assistance/support was conditional (which it most certainly isn’t), you as a light worker are still very much needed in here. So letting you die off simply does not make any sense here whatsoever. And to strengthen it, I remembered any instances at all in my life when I was desperately in need of help, asked for it (and sometimes didn’t even have to ask for it), and it was indeed, given without question. Immediately.

Your logical mind and ego are suckers for ‘evidence’. Thankfully, I’ve had instances in my life when the ‘divine hand’ being played was super obvious. So thanks to that, my fears were quelled. In case you have no such recollection of divine assistance coming your way (this is EXTREMELY unlikely, please jog your memories once again), then read other people’s instances of how THEY were given divine assistance when they needed the most. Or go read up any of the Near Death Experiences on Your logical mind needs ‘evidence’ to erase fears, you’ll get all of it right there. But, to your very greatest degree, seek out even the tiniest example of divine assistance being given to you from your own life itself. For that is something that is undeniable for your ego and logical mind.

QUESTION TWO: Is there any instant remedy for feeling terrible, anxious, afraid, fearful or uncertain?

ANSWER TWO: There is indeed such a thing, but it is not to be seen as (or confused with) a shortcut or ‘bypassing technique’ to dealing with your actual fears, worries, or other negative emotions and situations. It is a temporary pain-killer at best; you WILL have to deal with the actual emotions/situations eventually, but this is for those moments when you are just not READY to deal with stuff, or are way too OVERWHELMED by emotion for your own liking.

That remedy is called SLEEP. Yes. The next time you are way too overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, or other negative emotional energies, literally take a QUICK NAP for an hour; and also, as an add on, ask God / Angels / Archangels / Guides / Higher Self / Ascended Masters etc. prior to sleeping to restore you energetically, and to give you love, healing, warmth, and all of that other good energy stuff. Works wonders EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Now, in case you have no time for a nap, try at least taking a quick break (from work, etc.) and just sit down somewhere, and consciously relax every single muscle within your body. ESPECIALLY SO the muscles in your head/brain and your spine, for this is where most of your stress is stored. As also any other points in your body which are ‘feeling the heat’ of those emotions, so to speak. Basically, what you are doing is that you are SIMULATING an entire nap session within a course of roughly 5-10 minutes (depending upon your situation and / or your availability of time). THAT is better than NOTHING.

Other helpful aids include, going out in nature (or even watching nature videos on YouTube or in your imagination — and mentally ENTERING INTO the natural scenery accordingly), watching funny videos or stand up comedy, or watching cute videos of kittens and puppies and absolutely WHATEVER ELSE can uplift you even a little bit more during such a situation. I’ve personally even used Colas, Soft Drinks, or Energy Drinks to take my mind off things during dire situations, for at those moments I’m like, “whatever works for now”. Thankfully, I’ve never done drugs or consumed alcohol like ever, those are sure shot no-go’s even for me (and hopefully, for you too). But yes, sometimes, as “spiritual” as you think you are, you have to rely on that one big slice of pizza or ‘sinful’ chocolate to prevent things from going from bad to worse. Obviously, such ‘bypassing techniques’ are most certainly not going to work forever, and shouldn’t even be thought of or seen that way. It’s only meant to be used on rare occasions and instances at best, and only and ONLY for the sake of their EMERGENCY temporary relief or so at best. For soon, you must prepare yourself mentally to face what you’ve been avoiding. Temporary fixes can only protect you so far, and so much at that. And this is CRITICAL to understand, here.

QUESTION THREE: What if I absolutely suck at teaching anything? What if my students ask me questions that I simply cannot answer?

ANSWER THREE: The answer to this is, teach only that which you are 100% CERTAIN OF. Teach only and ONLY about things and challenges that you’ve faced in your own life, and the tools, practices and techniques that YOU HAVE PERSONALLY USED to overcome them. In other words, you might know of some cool spiritual technique from an Archangel Michael or Ashtar channelling; but unless you have used it or benefited from it personally, DON’T be the one to teach it because you simply WON’T BE able to justify it, detail upon it, or answer any questions about it. For example, I am yet to master manifestation and abundance to the point that I can confidently teach it to others; so I DON’T (teach it).

There are things that you SURESHOT know with 100% CERTAINTY from your own life experiences because THAT was the path that you walked yourself; and so THAT is exactly what you can teach without worry, self doubt, or wondering when the next question from a student is going to stump you.

Worst comes to worst, you can outright admit to your students that you don’t know the answer, and that you WILL find the said answer for them before your course ends. And if you still cannot somehow answer it anyhow, you should have the integrity within you to refund them their fees in full. At least that’s what I personally would do anyways. However, this is a very, VERY UNLIKELY INSTANCE, because I KNOW what I’m teaching them having walked the path myself. So, I’ll end it on a positive note here saying that such a fear is more MENTAL (unfounded) than actual. Stay positive, my people. Stay optimistic about all of this. For the world needs you (and your teachings) now more than EVER.

QUESTION FOUR: What if no one wants to pay me for learning any of this? What if they think I’m charging them way too much?

ANSWER FOUR: Firstly, let me begin by saying that since I’m about to start my own spiritual teaching sessions myself, my answer to this is NOT based on direct personal experience. However, given my observations of other spiritual teachers and teachings, logic, common sense, and a general overview of the spiritual challenges currently being experienced (especially by lightworkers) upon this planet, I can see certain patterns emerging. Here’s what I’ve deduced from those so far…

One, giving away one’s time, energies, and efforts for free is an imbalanced idea — as the flow of giving and receiving needs to be balanced for a person to thrive spiritually. And in cases such as my own, even for basic survival as it is. In other words, one of the greatest blockages in manifesting abundance upon our planet right now (and especially for lightworkers who are here to master the flow of abundance for all to learn from); is a sense of low self-worth, low self esteem, not valuing oneself enough, not valuing one’s own creations or returns to society, and generally an attitude which says something like: “I’m not deserving of money.”, “I’m not deserving of luxuries”, “I’m not deserving of self love” and “Others could use this money more right now” and such misaligned thinkings. So in case you too are caught in such a thought loop or poor self-love / self-worth / self-esteem loop, congratulations, because now that you know your challenge, you can actually DO SOMETHING to resolve it once and for good.

Feel free to charge people an amount that you intuitively FEEL is right — and one that not only pays your most urgent bills, but also one that lets you live in pure abundance. You DESERVE IT, my fellow Gods. You DESERVE IT UNCONDITIONALLY, I guarantee you that. Don’t EVER let anyone guilt trip you on THAT PART. EVER.

Also, TRUST THAT you WILL find students willing to pay you for this. And I’ll tell you WHY you can trust that in the answer to my next big question…

QUESTION FIVE: What if no one shows up to learn what I have to teach? What if I don’t have enough material to teach? What if no one wants to pay me to learn any of this?

ANSWER FIVE: My friends, take a look around. Look at the sheer state humanity’s in. Half of them have no idea where they’re going. The other half has no idea what the f*** is even happening. The demand and supply ratio for spiritual teachers and teachings is skewed to the point of ridiculousness. Even with a million lightworkers (most of them who aren’t going to be teaching or healing anyways) for like, 7 billion people, you are in WAY more demand than you can even really imagine, at this point. Single students are in need of you. Entire corporations full of people (willing to pay truckloads of money) for corporate training seminars are in need of you because NOBODY out there seems to be know how to deal with all of this stress, anxiety and craziness that is going out there. Rich people and their rich kids need you. So does everyone else from housewives to school going children. In short, you are in more demand right now than you’d EVER THOUGHT OR IMAGINED (and especially so after this virus situation). In fact, you’re sitting on what would be comparable to an oil well or a gold mine. So that’s the end of that fear. Now, you only need to know how to market yourself well, and you can look that stuff up easily on YouTube or Reddit or Blogs or LinkedIn or something.

Also, given the fact that you have already faced ample spiritual challenges in your own life already, THOSE CHALLENGES THEMSELVES (and your solutions to them) are what you can teach people. And THAT BY ITSELF is more teaching material than you’d even be able to teach, take my word for it. One challenge equals one lesson, go figure it out now!

Everyone from TED and TEDx to corporates and individuals want to learn what you learnt the hard way. For EVERYONE wants that peace of mind. That ‘calm amidst the storm’ feeling. That help, that healing. And people do indeed have deep enough pockets to pay you because if they don’t pay you, their survival itself is at stake (because the energies upon our planet are very much so gonna amp with each passing day). They can skip their next big festive spending spree or movie date if they want to survive; don’t EVER buy into the idea that they don’t have the money to pay you.

And more importantly, when you’re truly abundant, you can easily afford to teach the income-challenged people that you encounter in your daily life for free, WITHOUT compromising on your own survival, livelihood, or thriving. And that, my friends, is what we call a WIN-WIN situation.

To sum it all up, a little teaching from our beloved Bashar of Essassani: If you have something to OFFER (be it art or teaching or ANY OTHER kind of creation for that matter), consider it GUARANTEED that there’s someone somewhere out there looking to RECEIVE it. Otherwise it would just be an imbalance. And creation does not create imbalances anywhere. PERIOD.

The same stuff that I’ve said above applies to healing too, just as it applies to teaching.

Finally, a few parting notes. One, tune out of discouraging voices (sometimes, these are your closest ones) that tell you that something is “impossible”. The basic math (and economics of things) that I’ve highlighted above makes that very idea itself pointless. Second, continuously repeat affirmations (this is what I personally have been doing too) such as: “I am powerful”, “I am divine and creation loves me unconditionally”, “I am eternally abundant no matter what”, “Creation is just a lucid dream where I can manifest anything I want” and so on THROUGHOUT THE DAY to train / hypnotize your ego and your subconscious mind into feeling empowered 24×7. Because what you think (consistently and continuously), you become. And such is law.

Do whatever it takes, because you are all powerful, all divine, all unconditionally loved, and above all, all unconditionally supported. You, are all Gods. NEVER EVER forget that. NEVER. EVER.

Finally, bookmark this post, save this, or get it printed. Because you (or someone else in your life) is going to need this little piece of encouragement at some point in their life for CERTAIN.

You can add me on LinkedIn by clicking HERE. Finally, I need all, and I mean ALL of your blessings right now because this is a leap that I’ve never ever taken before; and I really do wish to write a post detailing you of ‘what happened next’ from the ‘successful side of things’ in the future, hopefully. Fingers crossed.

Don Spectacularis for Era of Light.