We need to understand at this time, that life is very much what you make of it.

I was having breakfast on my balcony this morning, overlooking the Bay, the majestic mountains and sea. I became entranced with the sparkles of the water sprites, dancing on the sea! It was simply magical. And I thought: Those waters will be here, long after I have left this planet and will be there for all eternity. Humans have come and gone, yet the waters of life continue their ebb and flow and their continual movement. Then, I was reminded that even in outer space, water is found, and I still marvel about it all!

We truly are the Masters of our own life and indeed our own wellbeing, inner and outer. No one can ever take away our inner equilibrium, our inner joy, our inner peace, our inner happiness, our inner faith, our inner soul self, unless we allow them too.

The Waters of Life reminded me of this. For indeed that joyful dancing of the water sprites and the light sparkles on the waters, reminded me that the eternal life force is effervescent. It never ceases to be. It is continual renewal and thus in continual movement, and so is your soul.

You may shed your physical vessel when you leave the earth, but your soul lives on and indeed merely returns to its true energetic state and its own home galaxy and indeed then is reunited with all its other soul parts and indeed Soul Group, as all are indeed forever One with the Divine. The Soul embraces Divinity within itself.

I have so often in my life been reconnected to the Soul Family in the galactic Sphere and indeed are able to interact with them. It has taken away all fear of losing my physical body, or fear death. Indeed, I have nearly died five times in this life, and all I can say, there is a deep sense of peace when this happens, as one is indeed lifted into the highest realms and surrounded by Beings of Light and ever present Divinity.

The time to live is right here and right now. This present moment!

In my Soul Reading it is empathically said: The future cannot be predicted right now, for in truth the soul is creating its of future in the here and now, by its free choices it is making!

When I sat this weekend, and wrote out my Huna prayer, for manifestation, I was inspired to truly write out the visions and prayers I have held in my heart and soul. Some I have had when I set out on journey of rediscovery, and have resurfaced again, because now is the time, to co-create this in the New Earth and for the New Golden Age. I have been asked by the Divine: “What you wish to leave as a lasting legacy for the New Humanity and the New Golden Age?” I was in tears, for there was the vision, which I have had, and part of this vision has already come into form and being. Now, in writing out the vision again, I was inspired to add an even greater vision.

Once you have written out that vision, add to this: “For the highest and best and for the highest good of all concerned!”. Then you are aligning your vision and prayer, to the Divine Will and indeed manifesting within the Law of One.

It is much like creating a vision board, then repeat this every single morning, for then you are training your subconscious mind to accept this visions. So many hold a vision, but then the subconscious will churn up all the fears of failure, or survival, etc. Thus self-sabotage happens. When you repeat your vision aloud every single morning, you are reprogramming your subconscious mind and thus it is open to manifest and receive. More than this, you need to release the outcome. For your prayer and vision may manifest in a different energetic form, as the New Earth is completely new and unchartered and greater than can ever envision right now.,

The next step then, it to take small action steps daily towards the vision, the dream, towards the manifestation of the prayer! Otherwise it will stay in the unformed state and you will start losing your focus and attention. Even the tiniest single step, starts putting the manifestation process into form and being.

More than this, you need to feel deeply into this, and hold it in your heart space, and then lovingly, push this up into your Soul Star and then through the Stellar Gateway, and then release it.

In writing the visions and prayers down, you are in fact already bringing form to it. Repeating this, will indeed allow the Law of synchronicity to unfold, bringing the people, the opportunities into your life energetically. For in truth all is energetic.

The more we do this, the more our lives will become an act of loving service, for as we lovingly create, envision, and indeed act in love, and with love, whatever we manifest will then indeed lovingly serve the greater whole.

Indeed, we will be filled with joy, and indeed find that joy in trusting all to unfold perfectly, as we indeed, in the here and now, create our future self and the New Earth and the New Golden Age.

When you are in highest alignment with your own soul, your soul purpose and calling and indeed the Divine Will and Purpose for your life, embracing the Divinity within yourself and indeed filled with unconditional love, you cannot create anything which does not align with your own highest soul good and that of others.

**By Judith Kusel