Dear brothers of planet Earth! I am Saint Germain!

I have been following and observing the journey of each one of you. No one is out of my reach, everyone is being watched by me. It’s interesting to see how each being has a form, has a strategy to put itself ahead of what it doesn’t know, what is new. Some cling like a lifeline, believing that just following this journey without involvement, without understanding will be enough to get you off the cliff.

I won’t deny that you will be helped by your simple decision to follow the journey, but I also tell you that you will still have a lot to learn. It won’t be as simple as you think, just hold there and let go. How long can you hang on to the journey? Because that’s how you see it. You use it as a springboard to change places, to go from here to there, as if you were hanging from a balloon. But I say you’re just hanging by your hands. How long can you stand to stay there?

There are those who do what is asked, you see, but do it mechanically, without heart, without involvement, without actually believing in what they are doing. Are these hanging from the balloon? No, I would say that they are crossing a big bridge, a very narrow bridge, with no sides, where they are only concerned with taking the next step so as not to fall. There is no confidence that that bridge will ever shake, never bring you down. And as they are very, I would say skeptical, they walk on the bridge practically lying down so as not to risk losing their balance. There is no heart involved, there is no certainty of change. How long can you stand to cross this bridge this way?

Now, there are those who are following with an open heart; they may sometimes not even understand what is said very well, but they trust that there is something that will take them to some wonderful point in the universe. So these people walk on a dirt road, there are no risks, no surprises, no fear, because they have simply surrendered. Yes the road is not straight, it is full of curves and in many places when looking ahead you just see a mountain, a wall, any obstacle, you don’t know exactly what comes after that. But they keep walking, they keep giving in to this great change.

Then I ask a question: Will everyone who is following the journey reach the end? I would say no. I would say that those who are hanging from the balloon, there will come a point in the journey that they can’t make it. But I can assure you that the balloon will wither over time, because it is aware that you will not hold and it will slowly take you to the ground. No, you will not fall from above. In the same way, whoever is on that bridge walking, lying down or sitting, the bridge will fray, and will collapse over time; until it gets to the point where you can get down. You won’t get hurt either.

There are no risks in following this journey at all. I understand that it is not an easy journey, I understand that it is often complicated, for a small slip has to go back all over again. But I can tell you that whoever made the slip was something caused by the journey itself; as if saying: have more attention, have more heart. And when restarting, the vast majority start in a new way, much more involved with the heart itself.

Those who descend from the balloon or those who descend from the bridge, may in the future restart the journey, nothing will stop them. The rules will be there, just follow them. Now, you always have to be aware of what you are doing. So it’s no use who is starting now, seeing that the big group is ahead and wanting to speed up their process, wanting to move quickly. I would say that in these cases, you will be neither on the balloon nor on the bridge, you will be in a very flowing river, where you do not know which destination it will be taking you to. Because you’ve already started the journey breaking all the rules, looking at yourself as that big latecomer who has to catch the big group.

This is not a race. This is not a race where whoever arrives first will win a prize. Many of those at the front may slip tomorrow and have to come back all over again. So whoever starts the journey, do it within the rules. In a while, you will see that that large group that was cohesive up ahead will have spread out, because many will make mistakes, even though they are up ahead; it will depend on each one’s journey.

So stop worrying about the walk of others, your walk is the focus right now. If you start now, start right, and don’t try to think that everything that is said, every video posted, is unnecessary to be heard. There are guidelines and rules to be followed. So if you start out thinking that you know everything, that you don’t need to hear anything, and that you will do it however you want, I remind you again: You will be in a mighty river; and you will be dragged, I don’t know where, but on the journey you won’t be. Not because I will take you out, the journey itself will take you, for you to learn more of this lesson.

Don’t want to do things the way you think they have to be done. When I made the journey proposal, in which I put all the rules, they are to be followed. If you challenge them, if you don’t follow them, you won’t stay on the journey, be sure of that. You may even go so far, but there will come a point where you will leave, because you are not amplifying the energy created with everyone on the journey; by your own actions and decisions you will be stealing energy, not giving away. So on the journey you will not stay.

Pay close attention when you decide to do something. Why do you decide to do it? Why is everyone doing so it must be good? Why did a friend do it, so you’ll do it too so you don’t fall behind him? Or why is your heart asking you to do it? Whoever said yes, just for the third option, I affirm that you are taking the first step correctly on the journey. The others, I would say don’t even start, stay where you are, because nothing will be added to your path.

Understand that everything that is done has to be done with the heart, it has to be done with surrender, with love. Don’t break the rules; because when you commit this, the journey ends for you. Because you looked at yourself, not at the Whole, not at your walk. Everything is learning, everything is lessons and whoever refuses to learn the lessons will get nowhere. So many of you aren’t participating, you’re not anywhere, and you’re taking the journey at your leisure, in the way you think you have to. So I tell you: it won’t do any good, you’ll be making a commitment and that in a little while, you won’t be able to fulfill it. Because you didn’t value the rules and the way the journey has to be made.

It’s interesting how many of you don’t accept that we determine how things have to be done. Many rebel, they think they don’t have to do as we say, they have to do as they think it should be done. Very well, this will also reverberate on your walk, but surely, the journey will not change you at all, it will not help your ascent; because the feeling that you put there of superiority, of doing what you want, ended any possibility of the journey helping you.

I would very much like you to think and if you would answer, why am I on this journey? I have already asked this question and many did not answer, because they know why they are there, they are ashamed to even answer for themselves. So I ask again: Why are you on this journey, what is your purpose? Those who do not respond, I advise you to stop, because you are not helping each other. You are just doing to do it.

Many of you think that the journey to ascension should be easy and smooth, we should simply erase everything your soul has done and let it evolve. If that were so, you wouldn’t stay a minute in the Fifth Dimension. Because the burden you carry of guilt, pain, suffering, evil, is still too great. And it is through these procedures and processes that we help you to get rid of these burdens. And then yes, you can go to the Fifth Dimension and stay there. Now, if you think this is all nonsense, stop. Why continue? It will do you no good to make the journey, because you will not be clean. You will take the entire journey and arrive at the end practically the same as you entered. Because it didn’t do it with the heart, it didn’t do it with the belief that it would change and clean itself.

So I ask again: Why are you taking this journey? Look closely at what you are looking for, and most importantly, how you are looking for it. Are you the one hanging from the balloon? He is the one who drags himself over the bridge to avoid falling or he is the one who goes on an unknown path, but with all the faith and confidence that when he reaches the end, he will have freed himself from all the weight of his soul’s journey and the enough for the Fifth Dimension?

How are you? How are you on this journey?

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez