Soul Monad clusters and Star Avatars have activated deep Gaia connections, beginning to actively clear the collective consciousness.

This is felt as a deep surging in buried layers of trauma and stagnancy bubbling up to the surface for release as humanity begins in earnest to transmute the surface layers of programming by collectively focusing on where is “hurts.”

There is much focus here on Earth in this moment. The gaze of the Universe is in rapt attention, dancing in excitement to see what is born.

Many who have incarnated on Earth have already experienced light body activation and transcension into the afterlife without dying. There is a soul evolution that only begins as we graduate from the body, that many who are here right now have travelled extensively.

Once free of time/space/physicality, a whole new Universe of physics and operation needs to be explored and learned, eventually expanding the soul into a planetary consciousness, similar to what we know as Gaia, the soul of our planet, our Mother.

As the soul grows through billions of years worth of holding space and Galactic expansion (similar to how our physical bodies expand out into the energy world in our reality; As above, so below), the planetary consciousness finds an activation and evolution of monumental expansion, graduating into a Star Logos, similar to what we know as Sol, the spark of life animating our Sun.

Beyond this level is Galactic consciousness, where we would find the soul of our Galaxy, or the swirling generator of resonance that is our Galactic Center or the Galactic Central Sun.

The planetary evolution of the indigenous population born of Earth became stagnant in the spiritual realms, due to planetary catastrophes and programs of war, control and genocide. This created so much dense energy that the upward trend of soul evolution began to fall into the clutching gravity, into the abyss.

For new souls who have never experienced the understandings of graduating the body and evolving in the dance of life outside of duality, those pathways of evolution became invisible and non-existent.

Thus, when the Calling went out through the Universe, billions of trillions of souls answered the Call to come incarnate on Earth to carry in the codes of who they are and where they came from, despite not logically remembering anything and having to learn it all from the ground up each time they added their innate light to the collective.

The analogy is similar to recognizing that there is an impenetrable mass of material as dense as a neutron star that a being of water is trying to fill with open, clean flowing energy. Millions of years of pressure cannot make a dent.

What needs to be done, is to take that “water” into the system and begin to create enough flow from the inside, that the density begins to transmute, clearing enough movement for the flow to connect to the outside, giving clean, light access into the incredibly dense planetary sphere.

A major threshold resonance has been reached.

Parts of the Galaxy that have been shut off from Gaia planetary connection have been activated and the physical beings incarnated on the Earth right now who are splinters of these Star Souls are receiving direct codes of light and DNA activation.

This is radiating out to the collective at large, almost as if these people have become gateways of light or a firehose of Galactic understanding, filling the planet with resonance.

Many of the Suns that have not splintered their aspects to fit inside of bodies (incarnated) are actively creating flesh and blood Avatars inside of their Solar System influence, using that 3D gateway to transmit codes directly through physical DNA of the Star Soul Monads into the collective of Humanity.

These beings are incredibly bright and one of the most interesting connections I have ever experienced.

It is as if they are singing the vibrations of advanced knowledge through the DNA, brilliant, twisting codes of phenomenally intense energies/sensations of joy, excitement, love, compassion, empathy, hope, determination and knowing.

This is swelling as if there is a massive bubble underneath the dense collective consciousness of Humanity, where programs of generational, racial, environmental and psychological trauma hold space. The ancient woundings are shifting.

There is much work to be done, there is always another level to clear.

However. Focus on how much we have gained, how fast we are truly shifting and holding space for the every day miracles is needed. We know there is much going wrong right now. How often do we focus on what is going right however?

Study where you are now compared to 3 years ago. See how much you have grown, how much you have learned.

In the scope of millennia, this process is moving with blazing speed.

This Central Sun Meditation is a fast, easy way to connect into the Galactic core and embody the Star resonance that is activating in the collective right now.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Enjoy! ❤