Friends Of Earth!

In This Perception Of Linear Movement, Understand Fully The Illusion Set Before You!

For In This Moment Of NOW, You Need Nothing Or No-Thing.

Conditioning And Hard-Wiring Of Your Brain Will Convince You That You Lack Money And Objects.

Beloved Ones, You Are Everything!

How Could You Need Anything That You Will Leave As Surely As You Leave Your Body Form?

The Purpose Of Creating A Waking Dream Of Changing Bodies, Homes, Belief Systems, Cars And So On, Is To Allow The Soul To Explore.

As You Play Out Your Chosen Role In Form, Your Body Changes Into Other Forms Continually.

What Do I Mean By This?

Every Ninety Days All Skin Cells Have Died And Been Replenished.

The Organs You Began With As An Infant Have Changed Into New Organs.

Your Hair Falls Out From Birth Until You Leave, As New Hair Grows In Its Place, Until The Body Is Aging And Slowly Breaking Down.

Your Blood That Is Circulating One Year Is Not The Same Blood The Next.

Everything In Your World Is Moving And Changing.

The Spirit Consciousness Is Perfection And Takes Care Of Every Microscopic Detail As New And Replenished Hormones, Neurotransmitters And The Intricate Workings Of The Endocrine System Change.

Your Body Form Contains Mostly Water And The Moment A Soul Completes Their Work, The Body Begins To Dissolve.

Have You Noticed At The Moment Of Perceived Death, All Beings With A Name And Story Are Referred To By Others Discussing Them On News As ‘The Body’.

Not (Name) Was Found.

The Body.

There Is An Understanding Among All That YOU Are Not Your Body.

As You Leave Your Body, You Are Leaving The Story, Yet Knowing You Have Never Felt Better!

You Realize Exactly Who You Are And Why You Chose This Story You Are Now Leaving, As Well As All Stories Lived.

In Expanded Consciousness You Are Living In Such A High Vibration, That All Angels, Light Beings, Fairies And Travelers Are All Around You.

It Is Beautiful And Natural.

There Is A Sacred Stillness As You Remember Everything.

As You Understand You Are Everything!

To Find The Greatest Peace As You Live The Final Moments Of This Waking Dream, Visit Truth By Knowing And Visualizing That You Are Here By Grand Design.

Know That Angels Are Watching Over You And That Your Friends From Higher Densities Are Close Enough To Touch You! Indeed We Have!

Know That We Respect Your Privacy And Do Not Visit In Your Private Moments.

Yes, I Was Correct!

Many Were Wondering About This!

AKATU Is Laughing At Me, But I Needed To Say This!

You Can Indeed Step Out Of The Illusion When You Choose.

It May Be Quick But You Will Know.

You Can Choose To Allow The Clone Babble To Make You Laugh And Not Be Upset At The Nonsense.

This Clone Product Obviously Needs To Go Back In The Box.

Not Done Well At All.

It Has Managed To Interfere With The Planet In Such Ways That We Must Hold Back To Not Take Out The Puppet Masters And All The Rest Of The Schemers And Liars.

But Then, We Cannot Interfere With Soul Plans, And The End Of Their Lies Is The Beginning Of Your Bliss!

Let It Go And Flow!

Soon The Lights Will Surround The Planet As The Crystals Rise.

And Turn!

Soon Truth Will Be All That Prevails!

The Galactic Forces Are With You And IKAI Sends Love And Power!

Never Stop Looking Up!

Never Give Up!


I Love You So!

**Received by Judith