The Council:  There is no way you can absolutely know your life plan. Part of spiritual growth is that discovery of the life plan. If you understand that the initial life plan is made so that your entire life is an experience of joy or happiness, then one can see where they went wrong by re-examining those periods of the life that are not as joyful.

Everything that transpires in a lifetime is based on cause and effect. If initially the life plan as all life plans are constructed so that you learn your spiritual reality through happiness, because of the habitual nature of the material experience and the root cause which is a lack of self-love, therefore a lack of self-respect, this opens the door then to many wrong decisions, and each wrong decision then becomes a cause that must answer to an effect.

If man were to begin to think before he acted, much of the sorrow that man experiences would be eliminated and the more of you that would think before you acted the greater the peace would be in the world, the greater the happiness would be in the world.

When you apply the law of cause and effect, it not only deals with you as an individual, but it can have extenuating ramifications that go far beyond yourself and touch in to the lives of innocent people. How can you correct a life that is not as happy and joyful as it should be? Ask yourself: What have you done, what choices have you made that did not honor yourself as a god? What choices did you make, what acts did you perform or commit that did not honor you?

In answering those questions, one, if honest with themselves, can make great strides in reversing the course of their life and correct all karma that is necessary to be corrected in this lifetime, therefore achieving the right to enter directly into the God-Made Heavenly Realms. Once this is achieved, then of course there is no need to reincarnate.

**Channel: William LePar