It’s October and we have some BIG happenings this month so be prepared for transitions and transformations. While everything in the past 18 months has been a transition, in what appears to be the wrong direction, we are gathering forces and energy to move ahead. So do not lose hope as everything has a purpose and the light always wins.

This month sees some relief from the intense retro action that we have had since July and with a powerful Mercury retro that brings a lot of past energy cycles together, we are poised to end the year on a high note. There are 3 months left in this year, let’s make the most of them. This week’s podcast and article is the October energy report and the themes of balance, integrity, truth, and justice will make it a month to remember.

Can you believe it’s October and the year is nearly over. Like 2020, this year has been marked with dis-integration, chaos, and ‘things that make you go hmmmm’. These are dark times indeed but they are surrounded by an increasing amount of light and the delays and blocks of the last 6 months will finally give way to new movement, some of it surprising, as we enter a new month that promises more stability, truth, and energetic support for our continuing ascension journey. October’s theme is onward and upward with balance, truth, justice, and integrity.

Just the numerology of October is a welcome change from last month. We move from the unbalanced, open ended 5 of September 2021 to the Descension energy of the 6 of October 2021 (10 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6). When did we have another 6 month this year? In January, when this new adventure began. October comes full circle from what began in January as cycles close and we have opportunities to advance in new directions. Not with the baggage of the past, that has to go and this month we are ready to release it.

As I write this I am noticing that my computer works faster and its hard drive is much cleaner as over the weekend I deleted hundreds of old files that I have been keeping for years. I didn’t need them, they were just taking up space, and I wasn’t going to be using them. So they got deleted. I didn’t plan to do this but when I looked up a file that I needed, the great purge began. I had been meaning to do this for months as my hard drive contains a lot of content from the 17+ years I have been writing, teaching, channeling, and sharing messages. I knew those old files needed to go, I just never got around to reviewing the files. But this weekend I did and they are now gone.

That is typical of what happens when a lot of energy moves or we are preparing for another shift in this ascension cycle, we get the urge to purge, to clean out, re-organize, get rid of things, and lighten our load. What we do in our physical space is a mirror of what is happening with us energetically. I have laughingly said that we are going to have the cleanest and most organized houses and closets when this ascension cycle is over, as much cleaning and organizing as we do. This isn’t just happening on the physical level, it is emotional and mental too. So don’t be surprised with what ends or releases itself from you now.

Since late April we have been under the pressure of heavy retrograde energy, starting with Pluto, until now, when all of the outer planets are retrograde. Pluto’s direct motion on October 4 starts the loosening of this energy and this is a big move because Pluto has been the powerhouse of transformation since late 2008, when it first entered Capricorn.

Now if you have been reading my monthly Energy Reports you know that I have been sharing a lot of info about Pluto in Capricorn for the past two years because it has been such an important aspect of what has been going on in the world. In 2020 the infamous Saturn/Pluto conjunction stirred up the chaos we all experienced. Pluto exerts a generational influence because it moves so slowly and while its consequences can be personal, it also has a global impact.

A case in point is the last time Pluto was in Capricorn, between January 1762 to December 1778. That was a time of global unrest, revolution, the birth of the concept of individual rights and liberties, and the end of the monarchies. How is this playing out today? Monarchs have been replaced by globalists technology tyrants and witch hunts are replaced with cancel culture. Same energy in different clothes.

Will we win?
What happened during the previous Pluto in Capricorn cycle? Did the British win?

What happened in 1778? Hint: the US Constitution was drafted in the Constitutional Convention of 1778. Remember the light always makes the darkness irrelevant.

Interesting fact for the history fans: King George III was crowned King of Britain and Ireland in September 1761. By 1778 he had lost the colonies, much of his power, and the concept of a supreme, all powerful monarchy was greatly debilitated. And here’s another interesting fact, in 1768 King George III authorized a secret mission to explore the South Pacific and look for the Australian continent. What is going on in Australia right now?

We are witnessing a global Pluto return, with the US Pluto return being exact on February 22, 2023 and it will be played out during the entire year.

We have one more Pluto retro in Capricorn before Pluto moves into Aquarius in January 2024, which means we get the three crossings of the US natal Pluto 3 times in the same year, quite an unusual feat. And next year we have the wonderful Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces (an event that happens every 152 years and heralds a highly spiritual movement) so that will take some of the pressure off of the heavy Pluto transformation we have been seeing. Jupiter moves into Pisces, a sign it historically rules, on January 1, 2023.

October creates the foundation for this movement as we launch into the month that represents truth, integrity, justice, and balance, October’s themes.

When do we become aware that we are out of balance, out of integrity with our life vision and intention, when we have no justice, and when truth is replaced with ignorance, obfuscation, propaganda, and disinformation? When these things become a problem, when they interfere with our lives, when they cause us pain, when they restrict our freedom, and when they become so burdensome that we rebel.

The theme of the 1762 Pluto in Capricorn was revolution. This time we’re moving beyond that into ascended evolution. We do not want to recycle the past, we want to use the past as a stepping stone and move onward and upward.

Balance is required now and this is not about having a 50/50 relationship with the light and dark. It is how we balance energy in our lives, how we create balance and most importantly, how we seek the congruence and harmony that balance gives us, often by catering to others, living with guilt and shame, and dimming our light so others can shine. But the beauty of the 6 numerology of October is that we can close those energy gaps and open back doors and become healed, whole, complete, and congruent now even if no one else agrees with us. This is the energetic balance we must achieve to continue moving through our 3D/5D ascension integration.

We’re in the Libra cycle with Mercury retrograde in Libra (more on that in a moment). The glyph for Libra is the scales, and it is the sign that represents justice, balance, and truth. It also represents open enemies and relationships. Before you start thinking about the people in your life who are openly enemies and are mean to you, or the breakups you have had, or the new relationship that is taking shape, or the relationship successes or challenges you are having, remember that our first relationship is with ourselves. Creating balance, integrity, truth, and justice also applies to how we limit our own potential, sabotage our movement, ignore our truth, and create false congruence to meet our need for safety, security, love, and belonging. Where are we our own ‘open enemy’, deliberately sabotaging our own life? October’s energy will help us close those energy gaps and restore divine balance and congruent harmony to our lives.

And with Mercury, the ruler of karma, communication, travel, and siblings, retro in Libra, we have to fix our relationship with our self, our self esteem, self acceptance, and self respect, before we venture into that territory with others. How much of our self is defined by what we have heard from others? How much of that is in balance with our intention for our life and our knowing that we are infinite, divine, and powerful?

Integrity is not a reference to honesty, it describes how things fit and function in harmony. If our world is out of integrity right now it’s because the reality doesn’t support the vision or is the reality we have become aware of unsupportive of our long held illusions?

Maybe the truth, another October theme, has thrown us a curve ball that hit us right between the eyes. We want things to be in integrity, they work better and feel better and we were happy to accept the level of integrity we were told was the truth, was in harmony, and was aligned with our vision. But catering to the public truth has destroyed our private and personal integrity. We each have our own truth, what we believe is true, that we can no longer abandon because it is inconvenient to a public agenda. The single truth that is always true is that we are divine, sovereign energetic beings, everything else is an illusion we call reality that we construct to bring our truth to the physical plane.

But we are also in the year whose theme is energetic sovereignty and we have to set the foundation for the energetic integrity that allows us to be sovereign.

Did you think this was about being able to do whatever you want? Not quite.

Energetic sovereignty is about balance, truth, integrity, and justice all within our individual realities and energy fields. It is how we create that path for ourselves by being in control of our energy, being aligned with our intention, owning our truth and setting clear energy boundaries, and allowing divine justice, not revenge or karma, to be the final arbiter of our life lessons.

What energy do we want our lives to resonate with? What kind of world do we want to live in? These do not start with governments or globalist institutions, they start with us. We are the creators, we are the ones with the creative energy and we are the ones bringing 5D to the 3D paradigm. Our most important soul mission is to create heaven on earth – that is the 3D/5D integration and it starts with our own life and reality and our energy field.

So do not be surprised if you are less inclined to save the world right now and instead, spend time with yourself and with your own energy. You’ll get support for your healing journey which involves achieving completion and closure as you move from healing to wholeness to congruence and that’s when you have true integrity.

In October we have so much energy moving that it may be a little hard to keep up. We have Pluto stationing direct on October 4, then Saturn on the 11th, and Jupiter on the 18th, the same day Mercury ends its retrograde. That is going to unclog a few drains and get things flowing again. Then we have a new moon on October 7 in Libra and a full moon on October 22 at 27 Aries, that degree and sign which has been so important for the past two years as it has been a critical factor in the deep transformation and re-alignment of the global playing field since 2020.

October’s energies provide the tools for transformation but we have to be willing to use them and for those of you who have been the front line warriors it’s time to reconsider your mission and seek new alternatives. That may be done for you or it may happen because you’re just tired of being on the front line. It’s OK and it is time for new waves of light warriors to take our place.

I was talking to a dear friend last week, one who has been on the front lines of the ascension cycle for decades, and I noticed she didn’t have her usual vibrant, high vibe energy. She felt tired, overwhelmed, and in need of self care. She admitted that she has been spending much more time alone and doesn’t feel comfortable going out in public or being around people right now.

That’s understandable and is something many of us who have been holding the light and energy for 20+ years are feeling. We don’t need to walk away completely; we can support the battle from the sidelines now. As we release the baggage of the past which includes all of our karmic energy commitments, obligations, responsibilities, and promises, we make room for energy that we do want to interact and resonate with.

All of this dense energy interaction takes its toll on us, especially those of you who are Portal Keepers and carry the dense energy escrow. So if you’re willing to explore new avenues of potential, you just may be surprised at what comes up for you. You do not have to pursue or take on anything, just be willing to consider it and to be open to allow it to be presented to you.

Are you ready to move to a new location, starting a love relationship after a long time being alone, to find your energetic family and community, and start living in your own potential? If you’re yearning for any one of these things in your life, it’s time to take off the mantle of the Martyred Healer and replace it with the freedom of the Empowered Master.

Be your own warrior for truth, integrity, justice, and balance in October and use this month to set your own foundation for potential, possibilities, and miracles. We will need to be at our full energetic capacity to forge new 5D paths of potential as we simultaneously close down 3D dense energy portals. It’s all part of the ascension cycle, that the front line is battle weary, for good reason.

The awakening has reached critical momentum and it will continue to spread exponentially around the world. But we’re battling an energy that has been around for a long time and as I have said, it won’t go down without a fight. But we can’t fight darkness with more darkness because one immutable universal law is abundantly clear and always proven right in every circumstance – light is the only thing that dispels darkness.

So refresh, renew, re-vibe, reconsider your light in October, do what you need to do to recharge, relax, release what is no longer relevant, applicable, or useful in your reality. Bring in new energy, higher vibes, more joy, peace, and remember your access to unlimited energy, power, and potential to forge a new path for yourself, one where you can live in joy, and enjoy life.

“The dog days are over, the dog days are done’ as Florence and the Machine sings, and a new day, dimension, and era are dawning brightly for us all. October sets the foundation for this so get yourself in the game and be prepared for the joy.

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