If you’re like most of us, these times of relentless change and uncertainty can leave you feeling depleted and low on life force energy. Embodying your passion can be more challenging, and even everyday tasks can be difficult. Continue reading to understand this dynamic and how you can replenish yourself to live your best life.


Life force, often described as vitality and an ability to live or exist, is an innate part of us. We could not survive without it. Indeed, it’s one of our most important assets.

Link Between Life Force & Embodying Passion

In order to fully embody our passion in the world, we require a healthy level of life force flowing in our body.

Why? Passion involves a feeling of intense enthusiasm or interest in something. We likely feel passion about numerous things. Examples: (1) expressing a talent or skill (2) a cause like climate change or social justice (3) serving a certain sector of society like education or science or business in ways that make a difference.

To fully embody our passion means we must energetically house it within us, and have the energy to make it into something tangible here in this physical reality.

Easier said than done when we face ongoing stress, adapting to new norms since the pandemic started, and coping with unprecedented levels of uncertainty. There is nothing “normal” about living now, and that’s the other unsettling thing.

A part of us, remembering that we are here to create a very different kind of world, can accept this turmoil, for we know that the mega change needed on Earth will require every bit of courage and resilience we can muster. This requires maintaining a healthy life force — regularly tending to it when it becomes depleted.

We must approach maintaining a healthy life force as an ongoing part of our self-care and spiritual practice. It won’t get replenished on its own — we must be actively engaged.

Replenishing Your Life Force

There are numerous ways to regularly replenish your life force.

Here are 7 very basic remedies: (1) eating whole foods, locally sourced if possible (2) daily exercise (3) improving quality of sleep and doing your best to get 7-9 hours of sleep nightly (4) ‘letting go’ of the ‘small stuff’ (5) regular unplugging (6) managing your screen time to allow for breaks, to rest your eyes and body (7) recharging in nature.

Here are 7 other remedies I recommend as your essential “to-go-to” daily elements for replenishing and raising life force: (1) meditation (2) emotional balancing to bring you back to your center (3) mindfulness involving becoming present to your thoughts in the moment so you can adjust negative self-talk and catastrophic ruminating about ‘what ifs’ before acting on the thoughts (4) breath work (5) using your intuitive knowing to alert you to situations that could drain you — so you can apply remedies before, during and after (6) identifying your key life stressors and managing their effects in real-time vs allowing the stress to build to unmanageable levels (7) doing guided meditations designed to raise your frequency and renew your life force.

In 2020 when the pandemic began, I envisioned adding a global meditation focused on life force renewal. The feedback I received confirmed the numerous benefits – people feeling uplifted, stabilized, and replenished. This has now become a regular annual meditation to support life force renewal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The Big Picture To Remember

I invite you to remember that we are not alive now in an accidental way. We came on purpose.

We cannot change everything that needs changing overnight. We must apply patience.

As we witness many unsavory things, we must find a way to accept them temporarily, as solutions are found.

Regardless of how things appear, we are at the helm of our own lives and path forward. And while we are creator of our own lives — we need each other during this grand dance of change — as we together take steps to create a world based on love.

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