We have returned.

We were here in the very beginning and indeed witnessed the Fall of Humankind, and then so often incarnated to hold the Light steady, amidst severe challenges.

Many of us succumbed and indeed forgot the truth of who and what we in truth are.

Many of us however remembered and indeed never wavered, even amidst severe persecution and often ridicule, we persevered. We held the Light steady and the Flame of Pure Love.

We voluntarily returned, and indeed are now asked to step into the fullness of our soul mastery, even as we fully step into the New Adam Kadmon Higher Lightbody form and take our true place in the New Earth and start co-creating the New Golden Age, and indeed are.

I had such crystal clear guidance around all of this this morning. I was told to go and create a new Vision book, (I prefer this instead of a Vision Board) and to ask for guidance and indeed vision, and to start to envision what I would love to co-create for and in the New Golden Age, for the highest good of all concerned. For indeed, the New Golden Age, is the Age of Love, Unity and Harmony, as we all step fully into the Highest Christ Consciousness and our highest soul mastery.

Let the Old fall away – it all no longer serves a purpose.

It does not matter what anyone tries to throw at you – the process cannot be stopped unless you allow yourself to be stopped. When you are stopped, then it will be because you still have lessons in soul mastery to master. So instead of resenting the challenges, welcome them, for indeed they are finally freeing you from the old, and indeed once you mastered the lessons, your soul is freed and indeed you are freeing all the other souls concerned as well.

This is the time to dream big, and in expanded form, and beyond anything the 3D is currently trying to put out as the ideal. We are moving far beyond anything the 3D can even conjure up, for indeed the 3D and the Old Earth is but an illusion. The Old Earth does not exist anymore, except in holographic form. Its okay for those who still want to participate in the old dream of the Old Earth and believe it is real. They are choosing that option. You do not need to. You can fully step out of it forever.

In this present moment, you are already creating with every thought you think, every word you speak and indeed every action you are taking. Become alert, become aware!

We are now being lifted beyond anything we have known before on planet earth! What a time indeed, to dream big dreams, and to have those visions, which are greater than the sum of you! For those visions and those dreams and that higher purpose of your soul, is what will pull you through the wormholes so that you can step into the fullness of your New Embodiment, as a Master in the New Earth, co-creating the New Golden Age. Free.

Before we incarnated again, we were well aware that the New Earth would be born and indeed we were so exited about it, and indeed that is why we came back. We wanted to see our souls work over many lifetimes come into completion and indeed, stand in the fullness of our Cosmic Mastery, the truth of who and what we in truth are, in the New Earth, newly born, newly reinvented, yet our ancient Soul stands fully empowered in its highest truth, with integrity, cocreating Oneness and Unity with great love and devotion for the highest good of all and within the Divine Will and Divine Masterplan.

**By Judith Kusel