Greetings, we are the Andromedan civilization.

We come forth with the vibrations of truth and peace, which we share with you and deliver into your being now. As we bring forth this energy and light to embrace you.

We wish for you to imagine, to acknowledge or understand that within energy there is a matrix. In fact, there are numerous maybe hundreds, thousands of different patterns of the Creator’s light and these patterns support the manifestation of light into physical matter.

As you allow yourself to acknowledge this understanding, you begin to recognize that there is a matrix or many within everything and everyone and that these energy patterns hold wisdom, knowledge, qualities of the Creator and healing.

With this in mind, we, the Andromedan civilization, wish to bring forth to you the Creator Structure Matrix.

This supports you in connecting on a deeper level with the Creator and acknowledging how the Creator’s energy is transported from light into matter. This matrix supports you in recognizing the structure of the Creator. Recognizing how the Creator manifests on different and diverse levels and dimensions. While the Creator is nameless, formless, and limitless, for your physical mind there is the need to bring structure. The Creator Structure Matrix works especially well with your mind as it allows your mind to understand light.

It uses the causal chakra right at the back of the head, which supports the transformation and understanding of light into language, visions, or sensations that the body can understand.

The Creator Structure Matrix is like a template that forms from the Cosmic Level.

The Creator Structure Matrix holds all the dimensions within its vibration. Thus, it supports you in understanding the manifestation process of each dimension and level of the Creator’s Universe.

Within this matrix, you have akin to complete instructions of how to manifest in each dimension. It supports you in bringing structure into your manifestations as well as the Creator’s vibrations, creating a structure, a foundation for yourself that serves you in existing as your divine light. Thus, creating foundations for your ascension journey to continue and to evolve.

Even your reality requires some form of structure and within your reality, you can begin to acknowledge the structure that is placed by you and the structure that is placed by the Creator or your soul.

Often, we can recognize structure as limits. There are some limits that are required, especially in the physical reality to contain your vibration and energy, which is limitless, containing it allows for grounding or anchoring your energy into the physical reality.

We, the Andromedan civilization invite you to ask:

What structures do you wish to place within your reality?

What structures do you wish to have present within your reality?

Do you wish to have structures that emanate peace?

Do you wish to experience structure that emanates the limitless vibrations of the Creator?

Even within a structure, there can be the infinite vibrations of the Creator. Maybe your structure is also a foundation that holds love, truth, kindness, healing, or the advancement of your spiritual evolution.

When you begin to consider the structure of your reality, the limits that you place upon yourself and your reality, you begin to acknowledge the type of reality you create for yourself. You begin to acknowledge the way that you manifest and the manifestation process.

What you choose to manifest and how it manifests because maybe some of your limits, your structures are fear-based. Therefore, some of your manifestations are born from fear or limited by fear.

Your structure is your foundation, it is the way that you choose to live your reality on the Earth. These structures you cannot see, they emanate from you continuously. Like the frames and the foundations of a house, this is your reality. Contemplate, the structure that you place within your reality and begin to alter it through simple contemplation, invitation, and intention.

Creator Structure Matrix

We, the Andromedans, wish to download the Creator Structure Matrix into your being from the Cosmic Level. We have an interesting meditation process for you to download the Creator Structure Matrix.

We wish for you first to set the intention that you wish to download, activate, and embody the Creator Structure Matrix. Call forth the Andromedan civilization and Cosmic Beings to support you.

We invite you to begin to count from 352 backwards to 1. There are 352 dimensions within the Creator’s Universe. As you count backwards from 352 to 1, you will be downloading the Creator Structure Matrix through the dimensions and through the dimensions and aspects of all your being. You will be achieving it for yourself and for the Ascension process. Each number represents a dimension, each number allows you to download the matrix into that dimension and into your being.

When you reach 1, you will be fully grounded, fully activated and have full embodiment of the Creator Structure Matrix. If you find your mind wanders during the process, simply return to the last number that you remember.

It might be that you become distracted by dimensions or that integration on certain dimensions is required. It might take you many days to achieve this process.

Always return to the last number that you remember and continue to count backwards. The Creator Structure Matrix will support you in understanding the energy of the Creator more fully, allowing you to understand the manifestation process of light to matter.

As you count backwards this is what you will be achieving, for each number will represent light and gradually you will be transforming it and transporting it into matter.

You will access a greater understanding of the Creator’s energy and the process of manifestation, as well as recognizing your own reality and foundations.

You may initiate through this process transformation within your reality and foundations, embodying the Creator more fully. Accessing a deeper connection and intimacy with the Creator. As you count backwards, you may feel your attention is becoming more and more grounded into the light and the Creator within your being.

It is now time for us, the Andromedan civilization to depart.

We give you the gift of the Creator Structure Matrix.

We also invite you to ground the Creator Structure Matrix into the world, so that the structure of the Earth, the structure of ascension, and even the structure of your own being, maybe transformed, filled with light and embodied fully by the Creator.

We thank you,

We are the Andromedans.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson