It seems to be an inherent human tendency to focus on the things that are wrong in our world. For many, it’s easy to recount all of the things we cannot do, the things we cannot have and the goals we have not achieved. Over time, our lives become shaped by our perspective, and we can become lost in a haze of sadness and pain. Most of us tend to be our own biggest critics, judging ourselves harshly and with cutting inflexibility. If we’re not careful we can start to believe that we’re not good enough, not brave enough or simply just not enough. We wouldn’t dream of talking to others the way we talk to ourselves.

Language matters. Words matter. Thoughts matter. Communication is how we interact, survive and thrive. Communication isn’t just how we connect with others, it’s how we relate to ourselves as well. We spend so much of our lives on autopilot, of keeping on keeping on, moving from one day to the next, not really thinking about the bigger picture of our lives. Yet, the more we focus on everything we’re not, we close the door to everything we are. Society teaches us to focus on the negatives; we are bombarded with news 24/7, not sharing the amazing things that happen, but almost glorifying the pain, suffering and negativity. Of course, there’s no doubt that there is a lot of struggle in the world, but the more we focus on this, the more our souls recoil and wither.

We run the risk of losing sight of our potential and only seeing the things that aren’t working in our lives. At the same time, we start to lose hope and the whispers of fear that weave their way through society start to get louder as we can become consumed by fear, worry and anxiety. As a result, we stop seeing beyond pain and struggle, and it becomes our ‘norm’ leading us to recoil even further.

Yet, life isn’t just about everything that’s wrong, it’s about living, being alive and making the most of every single moment; it’s about focusing on the things we can do rather than on the things we can’t. Yes, we need to be resilient and to be compassionate and tender, but we need to be open to these as they don’t just appear. It’s a bit like happiness, which isn’t simply the eradication of unhappiness as it needs to be cultivated and nurtured in its own right. It’s not the eradication of unhappiness that allows happiness in, it’s the ability to turn towards happiness and embrace it wholeheartedly.

We so often become limited by our beliefs and thoughts, and over time, these become automatic as we don’t even realise we’re doing it. It’s time to forge our way forwards with resilience and courage, strength and self-belief. It’s time to wholeheartedly believe that it’s perfectly possible to live a better and more fulfilled life. Of course, life by its very nature is uncertain, no one can know what happens next, but we shouldn’t let this restrict us, we should embrace it and be set free. We all have to take risks and push our limits as it’s at the edge of our limits where we often find ourselves.

October looks set to be a pivotal month as we reach the culmination of a profound and intense inner journey. Although there might be times when we feel as though we are trying to navigate our way through a box of dynamite whilst carrying a lit match, there is also a growing sense of excitement rising up from deep within as we feel alive with possibility. It’s time to believe in ourselves and in our potential to love, to unify and to harmonise.

We are beginning to wholeheartedly step from a place of fear to one of strength, and this takes courage, faith and a willingness to let go in order to clear the way. Letting go isn’t giving up, but it’s breathing deeply into life whilst allowing life to breathe deeply into us; it’s being fully conscious in each and every moment and choosing to live as openly as possible. There are no words that can truly articulate the essence of this shift, as it’s a state of being more than a state of doing.
Life can be amazing, breath-taking and awe-inspiring and our perception matters as it flavours the moment; it doesn’t change it, but it does alter our experience of it.


Dear friends and kindred spirits,

Your generosity, love and support have been overwhelming over the last month. I am now over halfway towards reaching my target for my new wheelchair, thank you so much!

Reaching out and asking for help has never been a strong point of mine; I’ve always lived with a stoical veneer which has been my own strategy for coping with the challenges I’ve faced. As part of my own journey, I’ve started to open up more and asking for your help has been a huge lesson in vulnerability for me! Yet, you have shown me so much love and understanding, and I’ve realised it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to ask for help.

Whilst I still have more to raise, I now feel a deep sense of optimism and hope that I will soon reach my goal and it won’t be long before I am able to reconnect to the natural world (and to life) once again.

If you feel able to help then please go to my crowdfunding page…and please feel free to share this link with others.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



October looks set to continue the theme of grabbing hold of the moment in order to make some important decisions about what’s truly valuable in your life. For a long time now, your life has felt as though it’s on fast forward, your colourful inner landscape has shifted towards shades of grey; it’s still beautiful, but it lacks your usual sparkle and fizz. The reason for this seems to stem from your strong sense of self and strong sense of direction in life, as there seems to be a counterforce tugging against these qualities from within; a hint of discontentment deep within you as you often feel tied between duty and responsibility, freedom and adventure. It’s as though your heart longs to dance free, but your head feels obligated to keep on keeping on, never letting anyone down in the process. As a result, there have been times in your life where you have felt genuinely lost and confused, unsure how to be the best ‘you’ as the ‘you’ you feel you ought to be is very different to the ‘you’ you intuitively know yourself to be. Yet, is it? Is there such a chasm between the two or is it more your perception that this is the case because your soul longs for more space and freedom?

You have reached an important crossroads in your life and choices made now will likely echo throughout the time and space of your life. How you think and perceive your life is a major factor to consider as you certainly have the qualities to dance free and to be a support to those you love and care about. This has never really been about one or the other, but about merging the two together and finding new ways to thrive and flourish. Let your intuition guide you and let your feet start to dance…


As you continue to shift your focus away from getting your life right, there is a sense that you are now beginning to think about living your life well. This is a major shift for you, but you seem ready to ride the ebb and flow of the currents of change in life with more confidence and self-belief enabling you to face the unpredictability and uncertainty with grace and compassion. Change has never been easy for you to navigate, but the more you breathe into this, the more you are finding yourself able to accept it. Through this acceptance has come new ways to adapt and grow. You are truly resourceful and open-minded and this has enabled you to realise that accepting change isn’t surrendering or becoming disempowered, it’s simply another opportunity to discover more of your true essence. Of course, change isn’t always gentle, passive and rosy, sometimes it can be stormy, wild and turbulent, but you now know that the more you breathe deeply into your heart and soul, the more earthed you feel and able to anchor yourself to solid ground.

In many ways, this is a test of your ability to believe in yourself and your wisdom, yet, you often defer this for the sake of others, but you are now realising just how much you need this in your life. The winds of change are gaining momentum, and it’s understandable to feel a little weary of this given the amount of change you’ve faced recently, but there is a true sense of strength, resilience and courage rising up from deep within your being encouraging you to embrace each moment more wholeheartedly as you step more consciously into the current moment. The more you live in the moment, the more you let go of trying to resist, change or control what happens next. This isn’t giving up, it’s living intuitively and with belief…


As you continue to find ways to breathe more deeply into your life, it seems that life is finding more ways to breathe deeply into you. It’s hard to distil the essence of this into something easier to articulate and explain, but it’s a state of being rather than something to do or obtain. October looks set to be a month for you to live more intuitively once again and to let your truth find its own way. There are some areas of your life which have become heavy over recent months and years, like anchors weighing you down, and whilst they may be integral parts of your life, it seems important to review just how much this impacts other areas of your life. After all, walking through life dragging a few anchors behind you doesn’t sound like an easy life. Yet, it’s not as simple as letting go of the anchors as life is far too complicated for that. Or is it? For a long time now, you have felt yourself opening up to the concept of living more wholeheartedly, and more in connection to your true essence.

Deep within the core of your being there are ripples of excitement, longing for something new and the time has come to start turning towards this ‘something new’ in order to acknowledge its presence in your life. Whilst you have let go of a great deal over recent months and years, it seems that until you find ways to better navigate these ‘anchors’ (and only you can truly know what these are), then you may feel tethered. Of course, change is never easy, and your mind wants to make sense of all of this before you take action, but sometimes you just need to allow the process to happen in its own time and in its own way. Go with the flow, and go with love…


As the fires that light your imagination continue to burn brightly, you are beginning to find new ways to merge your hopes and dreams into your everyday life; October looks set to be a time for reconnecting to the stillness that resides within your heart and soul. Of course, your everyday life is usually so busy and frenetic, it can be hard to even imagine you have stillness within, but it’s there; always has been, always will be. Sometimes you have to dive deeply to find it, but it’s a core part of your being and it’s the force that brings you calm in stormy seas, and the energy that brings you hope and wisdom, as well as a powerful resilience and resourcefulness. You have spent so much of your life keeping on keeping on, trying to get your life right and trying to get from a to b, even though you have no real idea what either a or b represent! In fact, when was the last time you sat down and took some time to think about your true priorities in life or to give shape or form to your dreams?

Although life might feel heavy and pedestrian, which can take away the opportunity to breathe deeply, it’s important that you find the time to allow such moments – your life is in your hands. If you get carried along by the currents of stress and keeping on keeping on, you may end up feeling like you’ve missed opportunities to connect to your stillness. The stillness usually lives quietly in the corners of your soul, but its restless now as intuitively you can feel the need to de-clutter and focus on your true priorities. So, October looks set to bring you an opportunity to connect to the stillness and find the joy within in order to re-shape and re-define your path ahead…


You have spent a great deal of your life focusing on unravelling and unpicking the knots and tangles within your heart and soul in order to do more, be more and achieve more. Your willingness to dive deeply within has enabled you to discover a great deal about yourself, as well as getting to know your true motivations. At the core of this diving appears to be a desire to understand exactly why you are the way you are. This desire feels well meant as knowing yourself is surely an important goal in life, and whilst this is true, there is a sense that your focus has been so intense at times, it’s led to you questioning yourself, doubting your gifts and feeling lost. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how hard you look, as the answers just aren’t forthcoming. Sometimes the answers never come. Sometimes you’re left with more questions than answers.

The concept of ‘less is more’ shifts into focus over the coming weeks as you begin to realise letting go, having trust and believing in yourself are the true ways to thrive. Life isn’t always about making sense of everything, trying to fix perceived ‘imperfections’ or trying to get life right, it’s about rolling up your sleeves, embracing the uncertainty but finding ways to live joyfully anyway. So, instead of focusing so much on untangling those knots, try to learn to love them as they’re a part of what makes you, you. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop asking questions, it simply suggests knowing when to probe and when to accept and move on. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back, as life is inherently uncertain by its very nature; we can never know what’s around the next corner. Learn how to thrive and flourish in the face of uncertainty and you will have mastered the path to true joy…


October looks set to present you with an opportunity to reflect, take stock and contemplate the meanderings of your life. In many ways, it’s the journey away from the pre-defined pathway you created for yourself where you’ve learned the most. It’s the dead-ends, mud tracks and rocky terrain where you’ve discovered more about yourself than you ever imagined possible. Of course, you have still learned a great deal following the paths you set out for yourself, but it’s the deviations away from this where you have found little nuggets of wisdom to help you make sense of your life. It seems somewhat inevitable that you have, over time, moved away from your ‘grand plan’ of a mapped-out life, and where you find yourself now isn’t exactly the life you thought you’d have; and whilst the same can be said of everyone, there is a sense that you actually feel quite relieved that you have entered unchartered terrain as it’s removed some of that self-built pressure on your shoulders to do more, be more and achieve more.

You feel like you don’t have to be ‘prefect’ anymore and, as you relax and let go of the monumental amount of pressure you’ve placed on yourself; you feel able to breathe more deeply for the first time in years. It seems important to acknowledge that it was you that created and maintained the drive for perfectionism; you made the choice to place that pedestal so daringly high and keep it there. Acknowledging this is important as it means you can let go a little and start enjoying life in the here and now rather than at some point so far out of reach you know even you can’t make it. Ask yourself why you do this? Is it a fear of success? Fear of failure? Let it go and celebrate all you are…


As the different threads of your life continue to dance and weave together in new ways, you are finally beginning to see the tapestry that’s being created. New pathways and opportunities are forming, but so many are coming through, they are converging, diverging and merging at the same time. For anyone looking in on this situation, they would feel overwhelmed and confused, but this is perfectly natural to you as it’s the whirlwind that sits deep within your consciousness. This whirlwind is the source of your creativity, intuition, compassion, multi-levelled awareness and profound empathy. It’s a swirling mass of thoughts, energy, ideas and a great deal more that is indefinable, yet it makes perfect sense to you. Well, it kind of makes sense! It feels right, and intuitively you know that acknowledging and learning to love your seemingly chaotic, tumultuous consciousness is the key to living a more peaceful and joyful life. Once you embrace the whirlwind, you become one with it and find the stillness that resides at your core.

Denying your true nature can lead to a sense of disconnection and discombobulation that leaves you unable to think clearly or function well in life. The free spirit that resides in your heart and soul is the force that needs love, honouring and nurturing now as this how you develop your gifts and talents, self-belief and sense of knowing. You spend a great deal of time in your head, but the free spirit is heart-based and requires you to step beyond your mind and into that whirlwind as that’s where your true essence resides. This might sound chaotic, scary even, but your energies are simply so profound and phenomenal, the only way to describe their force and energy is as a swirling, twisting mass which is wonderful and glorious. The more you love your true nature, the more ways you will discover to channel your inner power…


October looks set to be a month for taking a deep breath, filling your lungs with air, stretching out your arms and reaching towards something new. You have been going through a tense and powerful chapter of change and shift over recent weeks and months, and although you may still find it hard to find the words and articulate the experience, you can intuitively sense just how much your awareness has expanded and grown. In many ways, you are starting to look at your life from a different perspective and this is enabling you to think about your true needs and priorities. Although these shifts and changes might still feel nebulous and ill-defined, you can sense the energies stirring within you which feels empowering, enriching and inspiring. Many would find this nebulousness very unsettling, but you intuitively know that everything is as it should be as you seem ready to allow this period of change to unfold in its own time and in its own way.

Of course, you haven’t fully given up trying to understand what’s happening, but you are now wise enough to accept that change is inevitable, so going with it gracefully allows you to gain wisdom and grace from the experience. This isn’t to say you are just giving up and letting go of your drive and push, far from it, it’s just an acknowledgement that you are wise enough to know when to push and when to let go. Let your intuition guide you. There is a growing sense that your intuitive awareness is gaining strength and momentum now as you are finding the time to honour it more in your life. Even when life gets busy and stressful, you are taking out the odd moment to breathe deeply and reconnect which is allowing your true essence the room to flow freely…


As you continue to find new ways to connect to your creativity and intuition, there is a sense that you have started to have some powerful revelations as to your path ahead. For a long time now you have been treading water, keeping on keeping on with your everyday life but with your gaze firmly fixed on where you want to be. As this starts to shift, it’s important to honour where you are now as without the present moment, you would have no reference or starting point to get to your chosen destination. At the same time, where you are now has given you so much and whilst it’s also taken a great deal, intuitively you know just how much you’ve grown as a result of the path you’ve walked through life. Of course, you tend to fill up your life with the distractions of people to see, places to go and things to do, and this can become so heavy at times that there’s little breathing space for you to reflect on your bigger picture.

It therefore seems important that you start to let go of the distractions and clutter in order to focus on what you truly want in life. It seems time now for you to throw the door within wide open in order to face your true essence and to acknowledge your hopes and dreams; don’t keep them hidden away and buried beneath a layer of distractions or you run the risk that they will always remain dreams. You have the skill, tenacity and passion to make your dreams a reality, but they need to be nurtured and honoured in order for them to flourish and thrive. October feels like a truly exciting turning point in your life, one where you step from thinking wistfully about dreams to actually planning how to make them reality. Believe in yourself…


As the winds of change continue to make their presence felt in your life, there is a sense that a new layer of wisdom and acceptance is beginning to emerge from your heart and soul. Life is frequently a bewildering mixture of experiences: some are good, some are amazing, but some are not so good or beyond words. Some of these experiences pass in the blink of an eye and some feel like they’re on slow motion. Yet, all of these experiences come together into one cohesive whole that makes you, you. Of course, there are times when you would be forgiven for not knowing whether you are coming, going or stuck somewhere in between, and there are plenty of other times where you feel slightly disengaged due to the pedestrian and rather ordinary nature of the daily grind of life. This is life, it’s a kaleidoscope of experiences, but it’s how you choose to respond to them that ultimately shapes your journey. Although you might not be able to control everything that happens in your life, you can control how you respond and how you grow from the experience.

Sometimes there is a need to step back to look at the bigger picture to realise just how much you have grown over recent years; life might not always be an exciting adventure, but even in the more pedestrian moments you have found ways to thrive. Whilst you may prefer a period of settled non-change, change is a constant in life, and it seems that you truly flourish with challenge and with being in unknown terrain. It’s usually the case that sticking constantly to what you know leads to feelings of discontentment, so why not wholeheartedly embrace change and let yourself ride the currents to see where it takes you? Be brave, be strong, be yourself…


October looks set to see the theme of self-belief continue for you as it’s time for some genuine and wholehearted self-compassion. Although you are a deeply compassionate and loving soul, you so often forget to be compassionate with yourself and this needs to change. There are times when you need to turn your focus within, and this is one such time as you are undergoing a major period of shift and change. Although there is an air of excitement and energy at the moment, life isn’t always a bed of roses, and there are times when you feel beleaguered, bewildered, tired and weary. During such times, instead of trying to push on and through, take a pause and show yourself some compassion as this is actually far more effective as it can re-shape and re-define your perspective enabling you to see your life and your path in a different way. Compassion may not fix things, but it allows you to bring a deeper sense of balance into your life which helps you to ride the ebb and flow more consciously. You are a vibrant and creative soul, and yet you often hold this back as you try to strive on, pushing yourself hard to get things done.

Your determination is to be admired, but not if it overwhelms or exhausts you. If you constantly push yourself hard, expecting so much of yourself, instead of expanding your boundaries, you end up contracting them as your courage, self-belief and intuition all start to fade. Sometimes, less is definitely more. It’s time now to use your wisdom tenderly and to give yourself a gentle embrace of compassion to allow you to re-align your heart and soul. You are entering a new chapter of your life, and you have the capacity to give this shape and form, so why not let compassion and love lead the way…


As the concept of over-giving continues to take centre stage throughout October, it seems important that you acknowledge this more wholeheartedly in order to establish a new equilibrium in your life. You may feel exhausted from weathering the storm that’s been raging at the core of your being, but there is a sense of some relief on the horizon as the winds ease, the skies clear and the sun gently beats down upon your skin. There is no doubt that this experience has changed you profoundly though as the storm created a great deal of inner turmoil, inner thought and reflection; it made you look deeply within in order to finally acknowledge your true needs, wants and wishes. This has been a profoundly hard experience for you as you so rarely focus so intensely on yourself. Yet, the cost of this has been over-giving to others and pretty much ignoring yourself. This has to change, and you have made the first steps towards honouring yourself and your life more.

It’s important to remember that you have, on the whole, been willing and happy to over-give. Although there are many around you who love to take, you have allowed this process. Of course, a part of the journey back to yourself comes through the art of saying ‘No!’. This isn’t a bad word, nor does it make you a bad person, but sometimes it’s the only way to let others grow and to honour your own needs. All of this distraction in the lives of others has left your own feeling neglected and overgrown, so it’s time to do some inner weeding and to plant some new seeds in order to create a new intent as to how you want to live your life. It’s not all sun-kissed beaches and fun, as sometimes the storms come, but maybe it’s time to learn to love dancing in the rain.