We meet at the passive and active force of Love. As you expand your data processing to include a more powerful flow, the upgrade of the electrical system amplifies the expanse of your influence.

The active force, foremost, is your inner focus, though it may lead to action. The electromagnetic power of your thoughts and emotions is called to amplify the innocence of Love within you, such that the saturation into the field is more aligned with your true subtle nature. The vast invisible power within you.

These recent years have brought much to the surface. The fears that have been frozen in time, melt and spread, breaking down old ways, stirring old waters. As you learn to swim in new currents, it can feel like only action keeps you afloat.

Action is a vital need in the physical realm, indeed, even the action of breathing keeps you alive. You can direct it, using the revitalizing or calming energy of the breath to enliven you.

Yet your breathing also occurs automatically as you move about your day and sleep at night. It is the same with your Innocent Power.

You can direct it, revitalizing or calming the energy within you. Yet it also flows in the background; silent, unobtrusive, touching all that is through time and space.


Your Innocent Power is not physical and bound by the laws of Earth density. That is for the active force. Your Innocent Power is bound by universal law.

The Law of Resonance, that interacts with the gravity of movement, influences the interaction of your Innocent Power. That which is resonant with your purity of Love responds. That which is anti-resonant also responds.

The subtle power of resonance is a compelling force. You are subject to it at all times. Awake, asleep, pliant, resistant. The compelling force of life destroys as powerfully as the active choices and actions that one may take.

That is the power of Innocence.

It compels change, not by action, but by being.

It is equal in grace and equal in power as the active force.

They are both within every creation.

Just as the creation of you shows the law of Earth—that the duality of masculine and feminine is necessary to create in this realm—it is within every experience of life.

It must be seen by the broader view to truly understand it, as nature shows you that all experience has value.

It shows you that as soon as you’ve defined something as absolute, there is another path that reaches the same destination.

Does this destroy the absolute, make it obsolete? Or does it augment, creating a deeper and a broader understanding? That is a choice for Connection.


Your Innocent Power is the subtle force of Love; the connection and being that is within you. It is Life. It is the infinite, timeless connected force.

It is the vacuum of space that mysteriously births life through invisible means. The gravity of the connection of life.

Can you feel that Innocent Power? The doing is compelled, not forced. Though the ego tries to convince you that you can control it into being in the realm of density.

Being, by its nature, is the passive force that once it touches active, everything is changed. The active does not see it yet, that is the experience of pliance or resistance. It is the invisible power that is not externalized in the moment. Yet.

The livewire is convinced of its power, for it is external and obvious in a moment. Yet, the livewire gives its life force to Love (Life) in every touch.

Your Innocent Power is the neutrality that bridges the connection that was always there.

Unseen, unobtrusive. Yet compelling/consuming like Time.

The two sides of the coin do not see one another as connected. For when one is visible, there is no proof of the other. Only truly belief or disbelief. The inner sense (innocence) that there is more than self.

It is the connective bridge of neutrality that is willing to be with both. The Innocence to believe.

All is well. True or not true. Seeing is not believing until being is lived.

Your Innocent Power is the neutrality that becomes both positive and negative charge. Becomes All.

This understanding takes great beings, for being neutral is the only option of truth.

You cannot just think it so. You can not just direct it. You can not just release it. You must be it.


The absolute truth. Belied only by the Law of Resonance. There is no is. For that moment in time that is, contains all. It contains the was, the will or won’t be.

That is your Innocent Power. The contradiction and the connection.

You can not help but be. Being the truth of who you are in moment in time. And also the truth of Life. All moments in time.

Your power is vast. And it is Innocent. It is the inner Life within all life. Alive and wired for Love.

The livewire is convinced of its power; for it burns, some. It also burns out. It can be grounded or gridded [sic], transduced into flow.

You are all that, too. The innocent is the invisible. The vast. The gravity that compels. Giving loving way to the livewire’s burn. The fire’s electric power that only knows destruction unless it is soothed into warm.


Your Innocent Power, not so innocent if you won’t believe it so. It creates and destroys. For it is Life continuing. It’s Time’s path, both fast and slow. It’s is duality’s Reflection, always more to know.

There is not two, but three—always the invisible between and within. It is Love’s neutral connection, choice. The being and the action of consciousness.

The Innocent Power of creation, it always destroys to create.

The Innocent Power of life spirals on. Strengthening, breaking, snailing along through eons of Time.

Your power is vast. It is all moments in Time. You are expanding your physical capacity to manage more. The system resets, powers down and surges again.

Your Innocent Power is coming online to new heights. With great power comes great response-ability. You are adjusting to the surges and purges, learning a new ground. The response of new power is an inner cabling rewire. Will your new flow burn or inspire?


Soothe the innocence/innocents, the inner sense; for the flow is not always comfortable in the fire of transformation.

The neural seems so anti-neutral in Time’s path of change.

The invisible knowledge, potential, consumed in flow.

That is the Innocent Power, potential. Awaiting change’s glow.

Destruction or creation? Only the Innocent know.

For those that focus in separation’s control, heads always win and heads always roll. The tails only spin in the wake of again.

The neutral, the be-es, hold the knowledge that both sides of the coin are there, for you can’t prove to the others what you know within.

You must be it. Innocent. Powerful. Pure electromagnetic Love. Surging and soothing. Connecting All Time in each moment’s separation.

It compels new Potential. Not just the before again.

Your Innocent Power is coming online. A new surge of potential as the stars align.

Saturn releases a ring that suffocated before. As the grand explosion, invisible—for it is the power of choice—circles hearts that pulse Life’s connection into separation’s flow.


You were born Innocent, and you are that still. A power so great that it compels all will. Will they or won’t they? They are but life. Consumed or bloomed as the fiery sun turns inside out. It was always within, dear one. The night never eats light. It just tastes so to eyes that rely on separation’s glow.

There is no absolute truth for power. [1313] For though silent, invisible, quiet and consumed; the Innocent Power, the new potential, always looms within.

A fabric of faces and facets of new truth. The power consumed becomes part of the new power bloomed.

Sneaky, snaking Love’s grace through the spiraling Time. Invisible and indivisible.

Your Innocent Power, it compels and consumes. For the grace of Love is destruction renews.

[Note: The video is three practical steps for owning your Innocent Power. The channeling below is a deep activator and releaser of your Innocent Flow.] 

**By Jamye Price