Beloved people,

the day when the light of heaven reaches your hearts is approaching. The moment of truth is getting closer and closer.

The grace of God is becoming effective on earth and people are gaining direct access to a wealth of knowledge and truth hitherto unknown to them.

In a short moment, in a moment of world history, you will receive an overview and insight into the events of the time for a short time – long enough – so that you can make the final decision for the light and love.

Something completely unimaginable is about to happen and will inflame the hearts of people for what is essential.

Many will realize and just as many will think this moment of revelations is a dream and will not believe it.

Thus, on that day, every human being will choose his timeline and he will thereupon find himself on the corresponding earth.

Ascension or descent will be decided by each person in the hours described here.

Heaven opens and the angels of light and the angels of love appear. Even though the “Messiah deception” (part 1, part 2, note JJK) is being prepared by the dark forces, on this day you will be clearly able to distinguish true from false.

Deep down, each person will know whether they are dealing with a true or false revelation – and so I say to you:

Do not fear for a moment and prepare for that day through meditation, prayer and turning directly to God.

That is all you need to do. Contemplation, however, is indispensable so that you can see and perceive what is real and make the right decision in these hours announced to you here.

The days until this event are short, the days until the revelation are numbered.

I love you infinitely.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by