“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are continuing to witness your evolution of consciousness as a human collective, and we are noticing that there is a greater possibility for mass awakenings to occur in these final months of 2021 because of how well you have done in handling the equinox energies and the overall September energies. You are helping your fellow humans in ways that you cannot possibly quantify, or even understand with the physical human mind.

You must recognize that others around you have been changing and changing for the better, because when you are looking at the world through the lens of a person who has been upgraded and activated, you cannot help but see the positive changes in your fellow humans. You will of course continue to be at the frontline of this spiritual evolution, and therefore you will be facing much more of what you still have to clear, what you are still assimilating energetically. You took on more than your fair share for this lifetime because you knew what the state of the human collective consciousness was at the time of your birth into this physical body.

You have so much to give, so much that you can share with your fellow humans as you continue on with your journeys as well. They benefit from hearing your stories, from hearing how you have faced your challenges, how you have evolved and become the masters that you clearly are. Those of you who have awakened and have been doing the work on yourselves know that it is no picnic, and you also know that spiritual evolution is largely an inside job. You do get help from us, from your guides, from your galactic team, your higher selves, your oversouls, Source, and so on, but then you have to take what you are given and work with it. You have to endure the growing pains as well, and you have people then flocking to you because your light is shining more brightly.

And then you know that your next task is to help those who are seeking your help. This is a huge undertaking, moving from the third dimension, through the fourth, to the fifth. We continually feel encouraged by what we see, but we also know that the road ahead of you is long and many of you are weary and tired. So do take a moment in each day to consider how far you have come already, and do acknowledge the encouraging signs that around you that things are changing and they are changing for the better.

And finally, look for the best in the people around you. See how they are handling these energies better than they ever have before. Notice how they are evolving in what they say and what they do, and give people more credit and look less for their faults and shortcomings, and do the same with yourselves. Be gentle and kind with yourselves; give yourselves what you need. You will continue to receive more from the likes of us as you take the time to relax and open up, and you can trust that the October energies will also be very supportive and help contribute to the mass awakenings that we see coming in the remainder of 2021.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

**Channel: Daniel Scranton