The Sanskrit term “Sankalpa” translates as “declaration” or “affirmation”.

It is a firm announcement to the Higher Self—the Soul—the Divine-Within—that you are choosing to connect with sacred vibrational frequencies which are perfect energies of SOURCE with which we are originally born, but when years of dense frequencies have been experienced, challenging situations can occur that are often not of our own making due to disharmonious thoughts, feelings, and actions—but rather they are orchestrated by certain aspects of humanity who attempt to rival and to manipulate Nature which is the domain of SOURCE and should not be tampered with because there are consequences to pay when this is done.

Yet, innocent people are often caught-up in the schemes of those who see themselves as being above Divine Law.

However, when we choose to disassociate ourselves from low frequencies of consciousness, we then create a sacred energetic vibrational field for blessings to arrive and for SOURCE LIGHT to more profoundly anchor us to “ITS” protection and other aspects of “ITS” unalterable goodness.

The following “Sankalpa” will allow us to transcend and thus to rise above dense frequencies of chaos and confusion which are happening on the “3d” level of existence.

We will be happier, courageous, and healthier in all ways. It should be recited aloud each morning and can be a part of any other prayers or meditations of a person’s particular path.

It can also be recited when certain news reports or personal experiences (work-related, family-oriented, community-focused, nationally-directed, etc.) are such that stress and anxiety could result.

This “Sankalpa” is not a denial of the fact that Earth/Gaia is in the throes of “labor” to “birth” a New Golden Age, and that accordingly, much needs to be shifted, changed, and transformed in order for that reality to exist.

It is, however, a “Vaak”—a powerful pronouncement of COSMIC SOUND and LIGHT which moves swiftly into the ethereal realms for activation. It is also a wonderful addition to the special mantra (“AUM HARI AUM”) being recited by those who are a part of the world-wide “MANTRA MOVEMENT”.

Also, you may wish to draw down the “Pillar of LIGHT” prior to or after the recitation of the “Sankalpa”.

Here are the instructions for that: Stand with your feet slightly apart and arms out-stretched—palms up.

Take three deep relaxing breaths from your “tan-tien” which is two inches below your navel.

Envision bright SOURCE LIGHT gently soaring from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of our galaxy then into our planet and then into yourself from your crown.

Allow the LIGHT to move throughout your physical vessel.

When it has arrived at your feet, bathe in it for a few moments, and then allow it to move back upwards from your feet all the way back up to your crown, then throughout the planet, and back into into the Sun of our galaxy and then back into the Great Central Sun again.

You are now fully anchored to the HOLY SOURCE FIELD of Super-Conscious Currents of Energy.

As can be gleaned, the following “Sankalpa” is a reassurance of your being duly anchored and of your being ready to be re-set in your information-giving mitochondria of your DNA.

In other words, people must have a desire and thus choose to be in alignment with the HOLY SOURCE FIELD. We have free will.

There is an ancient Kabbalistic teaching which states: “For those who seek to pollute themselves, an opening will be made; for those who seek righteousness, they will be aided.”

The Time-Line Resetting Sankalpa

I Call Forth The Mitochondria Of My DNA—The Transmission And Reception Encoding Of My Cellular Structure—To Be Enveloped In Source Light And To Therefore Anchor To The Higher Time Lines Of The Great Infinite Presence Who Is Indeed Source, And I Therefore Now And Always Experience Peace, Protection, Joy, Perfect Health, Material Abundance, Love, Higher Knowledge, Super-Conscious Wisdom, And Continual Regeneration Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, And Emotionally.

I Receive Instructions Only From Source.

I Act Only With The Guidance Of Source.

My Auric Fields Are Healed And Sealed, And Only The Light Of Source Can Enter.

Sacred Praises.
Sacred Praises.
Sacred Praises.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali