Dear Ones,

You feel as if we, of the Universes, built your dreams higher than your reality. That we lied to you. Of course, such is not true. You are merely not yet noting enough difference in your outer world to believe what we prophesized.

In your dream/meditative time, you experience a different world than your current outer-world reality. Now that you are more tuned into your other than fully awake states, you want to actualize those dream/meditative experiences.

Yet, when you are awake and alert (in your thought processes), you discover more anger and discontent than is comfortable.

You feel like you wish to remain in your dream/meditative state longer than in the past. As if your wake state is a nightmare and your dream state is a lovely reality.

Your life is probably not a nightmare as you are likely coasting for much of your day – perhaps worrying a bit but not experiencing much in the way of direct angst. As if you are above the fray but allowing the fray to enter your awake nightmares.

You believe the joyful future we discussed multiple times is merely a ghost dance of possibilities for someone other than you. That such dreams will never be possible in your current lifetime.

Those thoughts of impossibility hold you throughout your day, but you dismiss them in your sleep/meditative time. In your dream/meditative states, you fly between dimensions observing this, rectifying that, and shifting your history and future – as well as that of others.

Your dream/meditative times are your canvas of change. During those times, you paint a concept and then paint over it with a more expansive vision. Your nonawake time is your sketch pad, not your final piece of art or life.

If you were writing a novel, you would have an idea, but not the words you wish to use. So you would write, edit, and enhance the phrases day after day. Even though the novel’s concept remains the same, it would become more readable with your ongoing attention.

So it is for you. You dabble in this and that concept with a goal of love and joy. But to perfect that goal, you are trying many approaches. You are not abandoning a joyful life but instead enhancing it in ways not possible in your daytime thoughts.

Your days are eroded with angst, anger, interruptions, and responsibilities that do not allow you to play with your future as is now required.

You create almost every second of your dream/meditative time. But before introducing those creations in your “real” world, you want to ensure they effortlessly blend into your new being and reality.

Many of you wanted to jump from 3D fear to new you instantly. Such was not possible emotionally, mentally, or physically. Creating new you has been a process encompassing years of your life.

You are enhancing your creations – not with 3D dreams, but with 5D and beyond reality. The difference between a novel written by a 10-year-old and one written by a forty-year-old. Even though both might be published, it is unlikely you would find a novel written by a 10-year-old interesting. So it is for you now.

You are enhancing your 5D and beyond skills in your dream/meditative states instead of 3D earth experiences, as was true when you were creating new you. Each time you enter your dream/meditative time, you increase your new you knowledge and skills – similar to 3D aging. But your dream/meditative states significantly reduce the time to do so.

You likely wish you could wake up tomorrow and put a few thoughts together for a new you creation that astounds you or the world – that your tapestry tread in this new world tapestry of joy would sparkle today.

You do not yet have enough new you experience in the greater world to create that sparkling thread. We, of the Universes, promised that you would encounter such shifts in your current earth life. The solution is to enhance your creative changes in a condensed form, as has been true for some time during your dream/meditative time.

Those of you who have difficulties sleeping or meditating are perhaps concerned you are not fulfilling your goal. Such is not true. Even though you likely have not acknowledged such to yourself, you have discovered other methods to enhance your new you learning skills. Your method might include reading materials, journaling, quiet time, nature, animals, or any habit that has become important to you the past few weeks.

You have not been left behind, and you are not a slow learner. You are a different type of learner who does not fit within the expected pattern. You cannot escape your need to create a life of joy. You are merely developing what you need in a unique fashion.

We highlighted dream/meditative times because they are now the most common avenues of new you creations.

All of you reading this message or similar messages are creating your new you life of joy and love. A life that will be common very soon in your waking life, as well as your dream/meditative time – or any platform you are currently using to develop you. So be it. Amen.

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