With U.S. Pluto return energies putting a spotlight on the dark side of humanity in the 2020s, we’re now able to see more of society’s long-existing dysfunction. Other wounds in humanity’s closet are very personal, impacting each of us. Continue reading to understand what these wounds involve and why it’s vital to address them now.


As we evolve spiritually, we gain an appreciation of how being here on Earth in physical form is a key way that we make spiritual progress. This happens as we in these bodies experience things, and learn. We continue evolving in other dimensions when we’re not here, too, but not at the same accelerated pace.

Our body is sacred and divine, gifting us with unlimited opportunities to grow! Our soul when housed in our body can directly sense things, and through esoteric training, subtly sense on the inner planes.

The more that we acknowledge and appreciate this, the more likely we are to appreciate being in human form.

Here’s another key thing – as we understand the gift of being human, we naturally seek to be “at home” with ourselves during this life. Indeed, this seeking is underway across the planet – yet misunderstood. That’s because our human conditioning is ego-based, not spirit-based.

A Key Wound to Heal in The 2020s

Not being able to be “at home” with ourselves is one of humanity’s key wounds needing healing in the 2020s.

After all, how can we be “at home” with others here when we can’t be “at home” with ourselves?

Ironically, for many of us long conditioned to doubt ourselves and our value, the very “seeking to be at home with ourselves” can cause mental and emotional distress. Why?

The Underlying “Why”

The “why” has as many reasons as there are people. Each of us is different. However, the underlying “why” is our long conditioning on the Earth.

Throughout lifetimes, we learned through experience and feedback from an ego-based society that there was something wrong with us and that we weren’t good enough. We learned to doubt ourselves and our abilities. We learned to compare ourselves with others, and even to compare ourselves with our earlier selves.

Considering the above, you can imagine how seeking to be “at home” with ourselves can bring up feelings and thoughts we’d prefer to avoid. The very act of seeking a state unnatural to us and our human conditioning catalyzes anxiety, apprehension, and negative self-talk.

Relax. Don’t let this overwhelm you. Any issue – whether it’s personal or regarding the collective – must fully come to light before it can be understood and healed.

Trust that by reflecting on what I say here and intending to understand and heal it, you have consciously set in motion a divine orchestration that will unfold in the appropriate way and timing. Consider that one element of your purpose on Earth is to heal this on a personal level.

As we personally address and heal our wounds, we catalyze healing in the collective. This is how we both change ourselves and our world, creating an entirely new consciousness based on love.

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