I am Jophiël, the archangel of guides, therapists and instructors, my yellow ray carries knowledge as long as you let it invade your being.

So, tonight, the real question to Stay or Go?

If you stay in your incarnation, it is mainly for a matter of attachments. If you go, it’s both a risk-taking and a window that opens into the light.

Leaving is a feeling of unfinished business, as if your life mission was unfulfilled. And yet, many of you are hearing this call to begin with.

Making the choice to start would be a bit like the easy way out, but so calming.

Before leaving, leaving your incarnation and your current reality, I invite you to realize, to accomplish your life mission. This way you can leave in peace, in inner peace.

Today, many of you are thinking, I want to go home.

Before choosing to leave your incarnation, I invite you to draw lessons from your time on Gaia and to ask yourself if you have accomplished your life mission well.

In the weeks and months to come, many of you will have the choice to go into conscience. Others will leave without having to choose. Dear children of Gaia, prepare yourself as you continue to enjoy life.

It’s time to just be yourself, beyond appearances and the characters you’ve played so far. Access to Being is already a small disappearance. This will allow you to grow even more.

Anyway, regarding the question of your leaving, I would say that the essence of heaven is to leave in peace. To access this, I invite you to listen to your intuition, it is your best guide.

Let’s end this talk with a breathing tool that you can use on a daily basis. Breathing is a bridge between you and the universe. From your birth until your physical death, you breathe continuously, inspiration and expiration follow one another endlessly. At the same time if you observe a breath with a magnifying glass, you will notice that between each inhalation and each exhalation, between each exhalation and each inhalation, there is a small dead time, like a small pause where life is suspended. In these little moments, your mind no longer functions, like a little death; by becoming aware of these moments of eternity, you have the opportunity to experience the disappearance.

Humility and Gratitude.

**Channel: Alain Titeca