The controllers of the fake regime of “Joe Biden” are suing for peace, according to P3 freemason sources. They are asking for a conference in Lichtenstein “soon.” The reason for this is because a secret East/West agreement was reached in principle last week to pull the plug on the “Biden” regime, according to sources involved in the negotiations. The controlled implosion of this horrific regime would be followed by a massive East/West multi-trillion-dollar project to improve the planet, the sources said.

Here is a message from an Asian secret society that Chinese President Xi Jinping belongs to: “We will hurry up our discussions to meet the September 30th deadline [to cut off the Biden regime] but the timing is sudden so, -while nothing may happen that will be visible to ordinary society- under the surface big moves will surely take place.”


More details on the WDS negotiations and the agreement with the Asians will be posted further down in the story.

However, it is interesting to note Canadian banks will be shutting down on September 30th for “national truth and reconciliation day.” Our sources say it is to prevent them from being looted by Biden’s controllers as they desperately try to meet their payments deadlines.

In any case, this agreement in principle follows all sorts of international subterfuge and real-life spy stories that will surely provide fodder for movies for decades to come.

Let us start by taking another look at what was behind the so-called Australian submarine deal that has so mysteriously infuriated Beijing.

US, Australian, and UK authorities took action in Australia after it turned out all sorts of politicians had been blackmailed and/or bribed to hand the country over to China by a combination of Chinese Communist and Rothschild/Rockefeller intrigue. This was part of a deal they had made to hand Australia over to China in exchange for the continued support of the “Biden” regime.

Here is a concrete example: Premier Daniel Andrews of the State of Victoria signed up to China’s Belt and Road Infrastructure initiative behind the back of the federal government. Also, after suffering a “back injury from falling down the stairs” he put his state under the longest and harshest “Covid” restrictions in the world.

This is the true story as revealed by Australian intelligence sources:

“Daniel Andrews has a Chinese mafia business partner in the background. Multiple millions have been funneled to Andrews for green-lighting numerous projects in Victoria (Funds from his Chinese handlers).

Andrews was caught in a hotel room with the young daughter of his Chinese boss. (could it have been a setup?) He was beaten close to death. His head was badly bruised resulting in a fractured skull. His vertebrae and several ribs were fractured. He was almost paralyzed. He was told that from that day onward he was their boy and must do everything they told him. (His wife knows the truth of what happened). Failure to abide by orders from his CCP handlers means certain elimination for him and his family. As Andrews was told, ‘accidents happen every day’.

Now you understand the reason for shutting down the construction industry for 2 weeks in all of Victoria. Look at the riots that are taking place. Watch carefully what group comes back to work. Andrews must push the Vax on all Victorians. These are his marching orders”

Now you know why such unreported (in the propaganda media) scenes like this are taking place every day in Australia.

The sudden flurry of shallow earthquakes in Australia is also related. Pentagon sources say the earthquakes are all related to the destruction of underground bases there. An Australian agency source explains “Australia contains the major underground facilities in the world, which are built like underground hotels where the Global Elite planned to take shelter after they implemented their original global extermination plan and then only come out once the dust settles.” No more.

Australia isn’t the only country that is not being handed over to China as promised by the Rockefeller/Rothschild mafia and their “Biden” avatar.

For example, there is a lot going on under the surface in Japan too. To illustrate, here is a photo of a US Navy prison ship that has arrived at the US base in Yokosuka.

The prison ship is being filled with vaccine pushers and Chinese Communist agents, according to Japanese right-winger and MI6 sources. While a lot cannot be said yet for operational security reasons, we can confirm that Japanese Ninkyo organizations (disparagingly referred to as Yakuza) are mobilizing against the Vaccine mafia and their handlers. The Japanese military, for their part, have made it clear they will occupy Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office, the Bank of Japan and the NHK national broadcast corporation if action is not taken. They finally decided to take action after it was proven 3.6 million doses of vaccines intended for the Japanese contained poison.

Now let’s take a look at why Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was placed under house arrest in Vancouver, Canada. Her arrest had nothing to do with Iran, but with money laundering by the Khazarian mafia to install dangerous 5G equipment around the world. China was made to believe that the attack on Huawei was directed against China. Many powerful Chinese were also involved in a cover-up operation to hide their involvement in the mass murder attack on Wuhan, China, in early 2020. The deaths in Wuhan, likely in the millions, occurred only in areas where 10,000 5G transmission towers had been activated. If it was a pandemic that caused the deaths, then people in the suburbs and neighboring cities should have died as well, but they didn’t. Meng was released because China finally realized this and agreed not to push 5G any further, according to CIA sources.

Asian intelligence agencies have also obtained evidence that the entire pandemic was an attack on all people, not just the Chinese. They obtained detailed organizational charts of the groups behind the fake pandemic and the very real and dangerous vaccination campaign.

“This is the Western high treason analysis – they will all be executed,” MI6 promises.

With the resignation of German Chancellor Angela Hitler, the last major protection these criminals had has been removed. To enlighten those who still don’t know why we call them Hitlers, Mossad has provided us with its analysis of their genealogy.

“Killary Rockefeller Clinton is a half-sister of Angela Hitler Kastner Merkel,” Mossad sources add.

Here’s what one British royal had to say about her: “Good riddance to bad junk. A horrible monster, a thug, a bully, and ugly to look at. I hope she rots in hell, because that woman has caused us a lot of trouble over the years.In any case, her ouster has enabled the purge of vaccine pushers by removing the highest politician of the Khazarian mafia, sources said. You can be sure that her henchman Emmanuelle Macron will soon follow her into political oblivion (if not executed).

Needless to say, German and French millionaires are fleeing to Switzerland in droves now that their leader is gone.

That’s also why the controllers of the fake Biden, including Killary Rockefeller, have asked for a meeting in Liechtenstein hosted by a group known as Guilderberg. “Guilderberg is a 570-year-old society of distinguished individuals that originated in the Principality of Liechtenstein in Europe.” the WDS is sending representatives to the dens of lions, it is likely that someone from them will attend the meeting. We will keep readers informed if and when such a meeting takes place.

Let us now present a more detailed account of the meeting between the WDS and the Asian secret society that took place last week and was reported by a witness to the meeting:

The negotiations last week between a representative of the White Dragon Society and a representative of a major Asian secret society went well. There was a general agreement to work together for world peace and to launch a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

However, the Asian representative said that earlier discussions on a World Future Planning Agency were rejected by many because, to quote, “the Europeans speak with forked tongues and cannot be trusted.” Instead, they wanted to proceed through BRICS and existing Asian development banks. They were told that most of the so-called BRICS leaders were only servants and that going through them was not an option.

The WDS negotiator responded by telling the parable of the frog and the scorpion. The story says that a scorpion came to a riverbank and asked a frog to carry him across on his back. The frog said, “But won’t you sting me?” The scorpion promised not to sting him, and so the frog carried him across the river on his back. When they were halfway across the river, the scorpion stung the frog. The frog asked, “Why did you do that?” The scorpion replied, “Because that is my nature.”

The WDS representative then explained, “You have to understand that when dealing with a scorpion, you have to be careful not to give it an opportunity to sting.” The Asian representative laughed and said, “Of course, so we will use a poisonous frog to ensure that both die if one betrays the other.”

The result was that Chinese President Xi Jinping will soon present a proposal to establish a new international organization to deal with issues affecting the entire planet. The details will be worked out by diplomats.

The representatives of the Asian societies also agreed to examine the facts and take appropriate measures to confirm that the fake pandemic was just a pretext to inoculate humanity with DNA-altering and possibly even deadly vaccines. They also said that the Chinese and other Asians would soon stop wearing masks. They agreed that it might be necessary to simply wipe out Switzerland with nuclear weapons to eliminate the cause of the problem.

The Asian Society representative also had some interesting information about the US. They said a decision had already been made to pull the plug on the phony Biden administration even before the WDS asked for it. The Chinese said they expected Donald Trump to return as U.S. president.

The WDS advised pulling the plug on the entire U.S. government on Sept. 30 to “drain the swamp.” They felt that Trump’s return would be a good thing, but only if he abandoned his insistence on vaccine deployment. Otherwise, General Mike Flynn was recommended as the next U.S. president to clean up the mess the country has become.

The other thing that was confirmed by both the Japanese right and the Asian representative was that Takaishi Sanae would become the next prime minister of Japan. She would become Japan’s first female prime minister. The WDS said Sanae could become prime minister, but only if she brought about real change.

To make sure things really change, the WDS will meet in the coming days with representatives of other secret societies such as the Three Legged Crow and the Dragon Family, the source said.

On a more esoteric level, this writer received coded messages last week saying that “parasitic entities feeding on fear, hatred and other negative emotions” had recently come out of the closet because they were desperate, hungry and had lost control of humanity. Even if you take this as a metaphor, surely a tipping point has been reached where positive thinking and love are winning the battle for planet Earth. Stay tuned, folks.