Initially you will see a certain percentage of people walking this planet are more committed to their inner narrative of self-preservation than to stepping outside their comfort zone to help another person. Knowing this can inspire disappointment in humanity and even a desire to go back home. As this recognition strikes a deeper chord of compassion within you for the suffering being healed in all, it will inspire a renewed commitment of inner support for all the needs you have that no one else can truly fulfill.

You may have told yourself you shouldn’t have needs or that being one with spirit means that needs no longer exist. That may have gotten you this far, but there is a far more insightful and exciting journey ahead — one that requires the honesty and integrity of a personal self merged into oneness with the light of the eternal self in order for the cosmic turnaround to occur. What is the cosmic turnaround you may ask? It is where you cultivate such inner support for yourself and compassion for others that it begins to reverse the direction of the karmic wheel. This can all be done without over giving, needing to be ‘all things to all people’, overlooking the importance of self-care, or interrupting the sovereignty of your personal boundaries.

As the karmic wheel is reversed through more self love and compassion for others, it means that even in the presence of the most self-serving character, they will be compelled by the power of their spirit to help you when it matters most, fulfilling the law of One by reflecting back the enormity of light you have come to shine.

It may seem in the beginning that your light causes the shadow in others to be disturbed as they show behaviors of lashing out, shutting down, criticizing, or rejecting you for the light their ego hides from. And yet, as you stay the course with inner support, self-care, and unconditional love, even the egos who remain the most dedicated to the furthering of personal agenda cannot help but serve the light that you are here to shine. This is the heart of ascension.

All For Love,