You are undergoing radical shifts, ones that have epic proportions. Yes, we have said this before but understand that the evolution of this planet requires repeated major shifts in order to come into a high vibrational frequency. This shift is more in line with clearing Masculine Energies so that they are more in alignment with their Divine feminine energies.

You may have felt tremendous pull, shifts, and desire to be alone as your ascension symptoms weigh you down. Know that you are not alone in this process and understand the symptoms (as you call them) should not be viewed as problematic as much as the Universe’s way of guiding you…to pull your energy inward and to take loving care of yourself more. Indeed, twin flames, light workers, star seeds, and those on the ascension path will feel this a lot more.

You are being asked to heed guidance as it comes to you and to take care of your energy so that you are not feeling the ill effects of your divine counterpart’s clearing. There are times where you will feel them, no matter how much you take care of yourself, and we tell you that this is serving you on a higher level. The purpose is to assist them to clear as you are one, merged, and in Union in the higher dimensions on a soul level.

Remove yourself from any toxic environments and relationships so that you can assist with this great shift and be in line with your soul’s purpose. There was never a doubt that you could not do this work and you will be rewarded greatly for taking on so many challenges and healing earth of its density. You will see big changes in the next few months and you will notice the fruits of your labor manifesting in the physical form. Your beloved is coming forward as the clearing takes place.

Surrender, let go, and release as you have done so many times before. When you feel detached it is not because you have lost interest or attraction for your beloved, it is only serving a higher purpose so that they feel the need to make the shifts and changes within. No matter what, all is well. You are all divinely guided to bring about the greatest changes and highest possible outcomes for planet earth.

We love you very much and know that you and your beloved are calling each other home to be together not only on a soul level but also to be one on earth.

Channeled in truth and love,
Donna Fisher

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