“If fear is still lurking around, then go and work on your base and sacral chakras. The inner child. The false programming. The False doctrines. Ever seek the highest truth, and your soul will recognize it, into the very core. Live your truth!

The higher and the lighter we become, the more the subconscious stuff will materialize for us to finally work through and to heal. So that our buttons do not get pushed anymore and we do not give our power away. Our soul power, to anyone. Not to our family, not to our spouse, or whoever.

Innately the fear of death, once conquered, will allow you to live your life to the fullest, and add to this a calling and purpose greater than the sum of self. This is what you will pull you through when the going gets tough and indeed will keep you going.

As the Sacred Geometries and the Sacred Tones are ignited in your, and your spinal column indeed start to vibrate the New Earth Frequencies, you will find that your inner hearing and inner sight opens up and indeed your psychic abilities and your intuitive powers, but in a beautiful and much higher sense.

You will start to understand that you not here to fix the Old Earth and those desperately trying to keep her alive and indeed want everyone to go down with them, for they know their time is up – but will indeed start to co-create the new Golden Age in the New Earth and with such inspiration and joy!

The White flame illumines that joy and indeed will keep expanding that vision.

The White Flame as the Divine Mother Flame is returning the full knowledge of Creation and thus the highest Physics, Mathematics and Sacred Geometries, and indeed all which has been repressed for so long, will now be revealed and returned.

With the White Flame comes the Power of Love and indeed the immense Power Love has to break through all barriers and indeed is the Heart Centered living, where communication is heart to heart, soul to soul, with truth and integrity, with purity of intent and indeed with joy and unity. Crystal Clear Clarity.”

Excerpt from my White Flame Webinar Notes, from yesterday. The White Flame holds Truth, Purity, Integrity, amongst others. Copyright Applies.

**By Judith Kusel