A coffee buddy initiated a discussion that goes like this:  what would happen if all laws were suspended for one day?  He contends that all hell would be anarchy, that people who were otherwise law-abiding citizens, would rob, rape and murder.

And my perspective was that there may be more robberies, rapes and murders, but only by those who already have the propensity for that type of behavior.

That most people have a fundamental inner compass of peace and co-operation.

And that those who are perpetrators aren’t really deterred by laws.

We have a judicial system because there is still a misunderstanding about how energy works.  Most humans are still in the duality game of right and wrong, perpetrator and victim, and blame and retribution.

Which is absolutely appropriate.  The laws are simply a reflection of the collective consciousness.  The gods and religions created by man embody the same punitive system.

Again, appropriate for where the consciousness is.

Humans are awakening, but it will be some time yet before they recognize that every being is sovereign, and that each one creates their own reality.  That absolutely NOTHING  exists outside the self.

That every encounter with other sovereign beings is a reflection of their own soul.

That doesn’t mean there are no other sovereign beings, because there are endless other sovereign beings.

But, in the brilliance of our soul’s creative abilities and imagination, our response to the ‘other’ is what creates our reality.

No one’s reality can intrude on ours.  Nor can ours intrude on theirs. We can be influenced by their reality, by their perspective, yes.  But when we focus on their perspective, and choose to have that perspective affect us, it’s OUR OWN CREATION..

What we believe to be harmful, or joyful, we create in our own imagination.  And then it’s reflected back to us.


It’s quite the shift in perspective when you go from victimhood to full creator-ship.  It changes EVERYTHING!

At that point you realize that when you battle anyone else, you’re just battling yourself.

It doesn’t mean you stop setting boundaries with others.  But it does mean that when you find yourself in a place of needing to set boundaries, your soul is bringing to your attention something within you that needs to be accepted and loved.

In my own life, for instance, I sometimes still struggle with setting boundaries.  I know that when others cross that boundary it’s because I haven’t been clear enough with them, and it’s because of some old patterns of guilt.

And, at the same time, as I set clear boundaries with the other, it’s also THEIR OWN SOUL bringing something to their attention within themselves.

So it’s a win-win.

No one accidentally ends up in an abusive relationship, for instance.  There are patterns that attract that type of person to them.

And, while the abuse feels very real, in essence, it’s their soul bringing to their attention their own lack of self-respect and perhaps some deep issues of guilt and shame.

We live alongside a world where everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else, and wanting others to be held accountable for bad behaviors.

And, again, it’s totally appropriate.  That is where mankind is at the moment.

But true freedom isn’t about being protected from crime, or abusers, but it is about seeing others as mirrors, and taking full responsibility for creating the reality we find ourselves in.

That doesn’t mean self-blame. It means recognizing our soul, and how it has created a mirror for us to see how our energies serve us.

Our energies are ALWAYS serving us.  They will serve our self-love, and they will faithfully serve our self-blame.

They will serve our joy, and they will serve our fear.  We will see reflected back to us exactly how we are feeling in each now moment.

If we spend a lot of time trying to justify why we should worry about something, we will find ourselves with more to worry about.

Our soul always faithfully gives us more of whatever we put our attention on.

So it’s a blessing that as we go throur this transformation from human to divine human, our mind begins to take the back seat.  Because it’s the mind that spends so much time fretting about things.

That sometimes endless cycle of worry and doubt is what creates so much fatigue.

Duality was a brilliant creation by spirit in order to see how energy works.  How the outer is a reflection of the inner.  And in a very tangible, slowed down way so we couldn’t miss it or ignore it.

It’s right there in our face.

And perhaps one day humanity will no longer needs laws and police and prisons, when everyone recognizes themselves as a sovereign creator of their own reality.

Meanwhile, if you resonate with this material, you have gone beyond the duality of the collective consciousness.  You are claiming your own freedom, as you are integrate your body, mind and soul in a way that has never been done before.

Thank you, my friend, for being here and shining your light.

**By Maria Chambers