Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed this week that vaccine mandates and passports are “all about” rewarding government subjects who have “done the right things,” and making sure that those who “hesitate” or “still resist” don’t “get to enjoy the same things that [sic] those who have done their part for others.”

“We’re paying for the provincial vaccine passports to make sure that when someone comes into a restaurant, they’ll know they won’t be sitting beside a table of people who are unvaccinated,” Trudeau said. “When you go into a gym, when you go into a movie theater, you need to know that if you’ve done the right things, you get to be safe. You get to be rewarded for having done the right things.”

Trudeau continued, “And those people who still hesitate, who still resist, they won’t get to enjoy the same things that those [sic] who have done their part for others. It seems like a very logical thing, it seems like a very obvious thing.” The Canadian Prime Minister’s remarks closely aligned with those of COVID vaccine skeptics, who have argued that vaccine passports and mandates are about punishing those who dissent from the government, rather than about medical concerns.

Angry citizens pelted Trudeau with gravel at a recent campaign stop in Canada, greeting him chants of “F**k you Trudeau”:

Video footage from London, Ontario shows anti-lockdown and COVID vaccine protesters pelt Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau with gravel at a campaign stop. The Prime Minister’s hardline stance on vaccines and lockdowns, as well as his expressed desire to use COVID as a vehicle for a “reset,” has angered many Canadians.

Trudeau was greeted with jeers, boos, chants of “F**k you Trudeau,” “you c*cksucker,” and signs promoting candidates from the People’s Party of Canada. He was then pelted with what appeared to be gravel pebbles as he left the scene.