Greetings Beloved Friends!

In Our Many Communications Of Light And Power, We Are Feeling That You Know Us Well.

This Was Always Our Intention.

For We Have Always Been With You, Incarnated To Earth With Many Of You In Other Dreams, And Visited In Our Body Form And Walked The Earth In This Dream And Many Others.

We Have Manifested As Human And Walked Through Crowds And Streets.

You Never Knew You Looked Into Our Smiles.

Many Of You Are Family And Friends From Many Star Systems.

We Are Here For The Greatest Moment Since Your Creation.

In The Completion Of All That Had To Come And Go, Your Crystalline Awareness Will Assure You That The Path Was Always Light.

The Detours And Chaos Always Veered You Back To Your True Self!

With A Soul Of Light As You Are, Nothing Could Stop The Shift Of The Ages.

Well Done, Beloved Ones!

The Journey Continues But You Are Almost To Completion.

From Your Own Ascended Perspective You Will Clearly Note That None Of This Really Mattered! What You Thought Would Take You Out, Made You Stronger!

The Darkest Days That Many Threw At You With Lies And Schemes Of Depopulation, Illnesses And Coverings Of Your Beautiful Faces, Will Seem As A Distant Memory!

It Does Seem That Every Type Of Evil Has Shown Up In This Waking Dream, But Look Who Made It Through!

And You Will Rise In Frequency To Realms That Will Cause All To Fade As A Distant Breeze.

Did It Even Happen?

Would You Even Care?

Not At All, Beloved!

Not At All!

Once You Understand That The Fear And Pain Was Caused By Energy Reactions From Sources That Will No Longer Live In Your Existence, You Will Fully Understand The Meaning Of Illusion!

Like Shutting A Book And Knowing You Will Never Open It Again, You Are Ready For The Grand Journey Of Light!

The Crystal Transmitters Are In Place!

The Crafts Are Flying Through Densities And Dimensions And All Eyes Are On SHEEN!

As Much As Possible, Be Grateful For Each Moment Now.

In Ripples Of Vibration, Just One Percent Of The Planet Sending Peace And Love, Can Change Many Outcomes!

If You Never Meet One Another But You Are Reading This, Decide With Great Intention To Heal The Planet, Nature, Hurting People, And Yourself.

Touch Your Heart And Send The Highest Vibration Of Love Possible.

For This Planet Will Not Die.

There Will Be A Darkness When You Leave But Then A Time Of Assistance And Replenishment Will Come.

A New Earth Will Be.

SHEEN Will Be Thriving.

The Red Rocks Will Split Wide Open As Fleets Land From Many Galaxies.

The Event!

The Music!

The Peace You Have Longed For Will Be Yours!

Love One Another!

We Will Greet You As Family!

I Am The Brother With Long White Hair!

I Am The Second Born Son Of Four To AYA And IKAI.

I Am NEIOH And It Is My Honor To Serve You!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith