Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Ashtar Sheran.

It is with great joy that I come here today to bring peace and harmony to your hearts. Do not think that I will go into detail here, explain, demonstrate what is being done. I understand that at this moment, each one of you must be concerned with your own change, not with the change of your society or the change of the planet. The planet is changing, you are seeing it. Many events are happening in various parts of the planet. But none of them are related to Gaia’s ascension; related I say, to having to happen for Gaia to ascend.

The climatic events on your planet today are the lessons that all of you will have to learn, so that you can in the future, respect the planet; see the planet as a brother, as a living being, not as something that can be exploited endlessly. Everything has to exist in balance. You broke this balance a long time ago, for greed, for power, for genetic manipulation… the reasons are countless and it is not worth mentioning them here. What matters is what each one of you can do at this moment to help the planet with the changes to come.

If each one of you does your part, if each one of you emanates Light, if each one of you tries to use the planet in a conscious way, of course this will all have a result; nothing will go unnoticed. And then I can tell each one of you that the lessons are being learned, and that in this way you become beings ready to live on a balanced and fully sustainable planet.

The time now is not to worry about what is happening on the surface. Nothing is standing still. Whoever actually looks, and knows what to look for, will find it. We are not standing still. Our action on the surface is going smoothly and without much fuss, exactly as we want it. Not that they don’t know what we are doing; they know, and they are terrified, trying to escape off the planet. We just say that there is no place in the universe where we are not, and the Universal Laws will apply everywhere. There is no point in the universe that prevents us from coming, from acting.

I would say to you that the great wisdom at the moment is to let go, not to wait, not to yearn; just to live each moment consciously, thinking of yourself and the planet. This is the point you should all base yourselves on at this moment. Each one taking care of your own path, each one taking care of your balance, staying on the planet living sustainably as much as possible. Changing your habits, changing your customs, your ways of thinking, your foods, your ways of eating. Start rejecting industrialized foods. Start showing so many others that living without contamination is good, and brings balance. Your bodies are no longer accepting so easily all the bad things that you have been putting into them up until now.

I can say that not everyone on the planet is realizing this. Those whose walk is still towards the Third Dimension don’t realize it, don’t realize what their bodies are rejecting. The vast majority think that they are getting sick, and they are getting even more drugs, because there is no cure. The cure, is change; the cure, is to reject that which is bad for them. But for the vast majority who live and vibrate in the Third Dimension, this is practically impossible. But you who are preparing yourselves and who are on the path, your bodies no longer accept and show you the results of what you eat.

There will come a time, when everything will be so strong, that you will eat and immediately, you will put it out. Your bodies will no longer accept it. So the change is profound. It is not stopping completely from one hour to the next, it is getting your bodies used to not having any more of that; it is eating what your body accepts, in that quantity. Because it is still a long way from total change, but gradually your bodies will reject more and more, and you will decrease the quantities more and more. Until you don’t feel like eating certain things anymore.

Overcome the addictions, the habits, the tastes. Don’t think that it will be difficult to lose certain habits. Today your minds and your bodies ask for certain foods, but there will come a time when your own brain will know that it is not good, and you will not want to taste it anymore. So everything has to be done gradually, nothing done in an extreme way works, but you will find that your own body will begin to dictate the amount to be eaten. Whatever you consume within that amount, you will feel good. Past a certain limit, you will feel sick, and you will begin to realize that you have to watch what you are eating.

So this moment is the moment to turn inward, this is the moment to think about yourself, this is the moment to think about the planet. Forget what happens on the outside, it is not a problem for you. Live to keep yourselves in balance. Do what you can for the planet. Many may think, “Oh, but if this planet is going to ascend, why am I going to do anything here if everything will be lost?”

So I tell you that you are not doing anything for Gaia’s ascension, you are doing it for humanity. Because every point you put in balance on the planet, the easier the future will be for those who remain in the Third Dimension. So you are doing it for your brothers. Life will be very hard in the future, because those resources that you have used without planning, will run out, and life will be very hard. But if you begin today to change a lot of things, you change the future, because the future is nothing more than the reflection of what is being done today.

So do it for your brothers’ tomorrow. Maybe it won’t be for your own tomorrow. So don’t be selfish to think only of yourselves, think of the brothers and sisters who will still be around until all of this is totally extinguished, and this planet doesn’t have a living being in the Third Dimension anymore. Those who will ascend, of course, will have the possibility of returning to the Third Dimension, but those who will not ascend, will still be here for a long time, realizing and learning everything they need to learn. Until the day comes when those who really don’t want to learn will leave. Those who are learning and want to evolve, will be ascended for sure.

But you will already be living in the Fifth Dimension, you will be preparing and coming back here in the Third Dimension, sometimes to help those brothers and sisters to wake up, to believe that it is possible to go there. Because you will go and come back to tell them what it is like. And many will be fascinated and will want, for sure, to be part of this world. And you will be the ones to teach them how to get there. But unfortunately, there will be those who will not listen to you, who will think that you mean them harm, because they don’t want to understand this story of dimension and the New World. They don’t want to understand the free world, they don’t want to understand the totally fair and balanced world. For them, what counts is power, power over others, the power of money, the power of submission to others.

Then they will, by their own choice, leave, and the Third Dimension will remain only as a great memory for Gaia. Because, yes, at that moment, no living being will survive in the Third Dimension anymore. Those who have ascended will already be in the Fifth, the others will be in other orbs continuing their journey in the Third Dimension.

So, the time now, for each one of you who is on this path to ascension is to take care of yourself, is to take care of the planet, is to take care of your brothers and sisters who will be here for quite some time to come. Be kind to them; they are not ready to learn yet. They will have to go through a lot before they can evolve, as will you. No one is saying here, that because you are on the road, you won’t go through many problems; you will. Because you’re going to have to take that consciousness to the Fifth Dimension, of what you’ve done to the planet. But each step that you take that goes against what you have done, the lesson is learned faster, and you get closer to the big gate.

So this is the time. It is not the time to worry about what is going to happen out there. What will happen out there is our problem. The great change, the great revelations are coming. But don’t worry about that, the concern now has to be for you and the planet. Do the possible and the impossible to help Gaia, because in this way you will be helping yourselves, minimizing the effects of everything you have caused, and helping your brothers, who will still need to stay here for a long time so that they can learn everything you have already learned.

Forget the world outside, forget the news, forget the revelations. Everything is happening the way we have planned, so smoothly that you are not even noticing. This is how we want it, this is how the Light is; it does no harm, it causes change. But those who are focused on themselves and the planet don’t even notice them; and that’s what we want. When the final moment comes, the “Grand Finale”, then yes, everyone will see, everyone will participate, and everyone will live the great changes.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez