Greetings and love, I Archangel Michael, extend to your being now. It is an honor to be in your presence and to bring forth the gifts of the Creator through my being. Today I wish to bring forward seeds of peace. I wish to speak of the vibration of peace and its seeding into the Earth.

You are a radiant beacon of light; you are an anchor of the Creator’s light, and it is your purpose and your natural ability to express the Creator’s energy and light through your being. As you focus more upon the expression of the Creator so more light, love, wisdom and truth will be attracted to you, flowing through your being to be expressed into your reality. Deep within your being there is a Seat of Peace. It is where the essence of the Creator’s peace at the vibration you currently connect with and remembering is present. This vibration of peace is like a sanctuary, it is like a well, a source of peace.  It is a space that you can enter to recover, to rejuvenate, and to remember the truth of the Creator. This Seat of Peace fills your being with peace. It energises your being with the vibration of peace that is aligned with your current being. The more you connect with this Seat of Peace within your being, the more you will attract higher vibrations of peace to flow over and through your being to heighten your Seat of Peace. Heighten your experience of peace in your reality, allowing your energy and vibration of peace to quicken and increase will support you in exploring and embodying deeper states of peace, understanding, and acknowledging the presence of the Creator’s peace.

The more you explore peace, the more peace you will have to share. The more peace you will distribute across the entire Universe of the Creator and the Earth. Currently, in ascension, higher frequencies of peace are flowing when you connect with the vibration of peace on the inner planes from where you are right now. You will find that the vibration of peace is almost mind-blowing. Everything on the inner planes is being energized with the vibration of peace which is impacting all aspects of the Creator.

It is a time for you to creatively work with the vibration of peace, exploring and heightening your expression of peace. In doing so you begin to understand the purpose of peace, not only within your being and reality, but for world ascension as well, or the ascension of others. Thus, you begin to seed peace. You anchor the vibration of peace into everything you create everything you express and everything you experience. Noticing the diverse qualities of peace, harmony, tranquillity, balance, joy, freedom, and liberation. There are so many qualities of peace it is important to recognize the quality held within the peace of your being. Within your being you have a Seat of Peace, a chair of peace, the space of peace and you seed, you anchor, you sow peace into your being, your reality, the world and all ascension. Through you calling for higher vibrations of peace into your being, connecting with the vibration of peace that is mind-blowing on the inner planes now you will allow yourself to express peace.

You may ask yourself daily:

How can I express peace today?

What creative way can I express the vibration of peace from within my being today?

When you experience peace, the most important thing for you to achieve is seeding, anchoring, and grounding the vibration of peace, as it is what is needed on the Earth now. You are sowing the seeds of peace.

How do you sow the seeds of peace? it is through conscious intention.

‘I distribute Seeds of Peace, grounding them into the Earth and all aspects of the Creator.’

You can simply say something like this, maybe using your own words.

You may wonder how this assist humanity; how does it assist the world and all of ascension? Peace is like a resting place. It is a time when you return to your centre, when you find balance, recover, rejuvenate, feel steady on your feet, feel strong and have clarity. This vibration is essential now for the Earth. The frequencies of the Earth are shifting so much it is impacting your being and others. It may feel as if chaos is erupting, or you feel slightly unbalanced. Maybe fears are coming up and becoming your reality. Peace is needed. There is a need to be peaceful, to be strong, to have clarity, to be grounded, to have harmony and balance.

As you exist as an embodiment of peace upon the Earth, you ground and anchor Seeds of Peace. Seeds grow, they multiply, becoming tall, expansive, covering the Earth, encompassing the world, coating the Universe of the Creator. It is time for the seeds to multiply. it is time for Mother Earth and all of humanity to be gifted with peace. Each person needs to know that they are stable, they are strong, centered, grounded, balanced, and supported. It is at this time of uneasiness and unsettled confusion that the presence, embodiment, anchoring, and the multiplying of peace is essential.

My love and my peace are with you always.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Michael.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson