I met tarot on the darkest part of my college life. It was when my anxiety was on peak. To the point that don’t even attend a certain class because I was so afraid of recitation and the harsh critics of the professor. College is a scary place. It will push you past your limits and you have to make it even if you cry blood. Even though I study night and day, review and outline, answer all the problems in the book, I was stupidly scared. I do all of these efforts yet I still end up failing the exams. There was something I wholeheartedly dedicated my time into – and it was tarot.

After the excruciating classes, the tears I shed are in the form of words. I would write down notes and excitedly learn all about this interesting stuff. Symbols, court cards, major arcana, numerology… all truly self-sufficient information that can heighten one’s wisdom and senses. I would follow tarot spreads and interpret each cards. I found a new passion. I do like Accountancy. Accounting is a language to extract information about businesses. Tarot is a language, too. It speaks to you differently and its accuracy will amaze you. But at the time, it was just… too much. Burnout is really creeping in to every bit of my body.

No matter how busy I was, I found some time to spend tarot reading daily. Because it was an escape to my reality.

In this ever-changing world, it is vital that you pick up a hobby/interest that’s totally unrelated to your schoolwork. Honey, it will keep you sane.

“Once upon a time, tarot reading was about discovering what your future held. These days tarot helps you craft exactly the future you desire. ― Sasha Graham”


No matter what course or specialization you take, tarot will be your friend. Looking into the symbols will enhance you as a visual learner. You notice details that most people won’t. Numbers will also hold meaning (and I usually compute them in my head lol). If you’re on sales and marketing field, your social skills will skyrocket because you’ll be able to read into people easily.

If you’re in psychology, you’ll be able to apply anything you learn to tarot. You’ll realize tarot is also a form of therapy. If you’re a writer, you can consult the cards on what your character will undergo. If you’re in business or finance, you can read the cards for wise investment decisions.

How to be committed

1. You gotta be interested

Tarot has a lot of aspects that can keep your interest. I personally prefer the Elementals – fire, water, air, and earth. Other tarot readers combine it with astrology, witchcraft, chakra healing, clairvoyance, mediumship, and palmistry. There’s a lot at play and you’ll find it fun to incorporate things you enjoy. I personally love Greek myth so I reference them a lot. Anime, too. I’m in a business course so I apply the principles, as well.

2. Listen to podcasts or read books

While doing homeworks or outlines, I listen to Tarot Bytes by The Tarot Lady. She comprehensively explains the meanings of each card per episode. It’s my favorite podcast in the world! I also listen to the Biddy Tarot podcast a lot. It’s like connecting to a community even though they don’t know you. You can also watch tarot youtubers and observe how tarot readings. I also love referencing to books a lot. Some things are clearly explained in books that I really love. I also get ideas for tarot spreads.

3. Do It Every Day!

Consistency will make this a commitment. I’m not kidding, I really did it daily. There’s no way to master them overnight. Plus my anxiety were to the roofs every day, so I also sought comfort from the cards every day. Atleast, until my suffering was done.


Spice you life to the next level! College is the ground for learning, and while you study for your dream job, it is empirical to keep in touch with your true self. Treat it as a fun hobby and read the fate of your friends. Journal and meditate as you read the cards for yourself. You can even manifest using it to get good grades. Good luck, fellow college student!