JJK: During today’s walk through the forest true rain showers from the treetops discharged again and again. It had rained during the night and in the dense forest the rain had accumulated in the treetops until they gave way to the weight and all the wet slapped to the ground. It was really exciting to watch this for over an hour – close beside, in front of and behind me, left and right the water slapped to the ground, only I myself stayed dry, especially since I had no rain gear on today. This was really very pleasant. While I was watching this, the thought came to me:

“It’s like the world, the impacts come closer and closer and yet many people remain unaffected. It’s just a matter of continuing on your own path unperturbed, no matter what’s happening on the right, left, front, back or top.” I arrived home dry and in good spirits. (End of report)


The message is: Go your way, God will take care of everything else.

Beloved man,

You worry too much! You worry about other people! You are even afraid of the course of the world and that the world, as it is, will not exist much longer. Worry, fear and anxiety dominate your everyday life – and you have to get out of that, you have to change that!


It is the most natural attitude on the spiritual path and yet people so readily forget the maxims of their actions:

1.) Stay completely with yourself!

2.) Do what you have to do and go your way!

3.) Do not look around, do not react to praise or blame!

4.) Be yourself and God can start HIS work!

That’s all!

Shift all your attention to becoming more and more yourself. Times of crisis offer the best opportunity for this. Because a time of crisis doesn’t allow you to wander, there are fewer distractions, and it forces you to focus on what is essential.

Emigrate into your inner self and let happen on the outside what will and must happen now.

Before the critical point is reached, the people who are to be awakened are led there – and this happens as new dramas build up.


The system of injustice and oppression that prevails on this earth must be seen through and recognized by a certain number of people.

Only this will bring down the pillars of this matrix and it will destroy those who wanted to abandon this world to destruction.

In the end, everything comes into harmony, into balance, into the divine order. Until then, it is important for the awakened to stay awake and to continue to grow inwardly.

External events aggravate the situation on the outside as a whole – to stay balanced, connected and oriented on the inside is even more important now.

This is only possible if you get involved with God and trust HIS guidance. You are daily asked to live intuitively with God.

Follow this invitation with joy, because:

A New Earth is being born – and you shall be the light for those who are striving for the light, and the anchor for those who are still searching for themselves.

I love you, BABAJI

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl