Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael.

I want to start this week with you. No, there is nothing special this week, I just like to come here from time to time, to leave a little of my energy, my strength, my courage, for each one of you. Is the walk hard? The journey is hard, it is confusing? So many things happening at the same time. Yes, I would say that for those of you who are on the road, that road of ascension, I can say that with each step you take, the road becomes a little more amazing.

Don’t imagine that you will have a flowery road, clean, without any obstacles, that you could even walk with your eyes closed, because you wouldn’t trip, you wouldn’t fall; but at the same time you also don’t want to close your eyes, because the flowers are beautiful, nature becomes more and more splendorous, but something strange seems to happen. You know that the road is like this, but your visions start to become a little blurred, you can’t seem to see anything clearly and sharply anymore. Why is that?

So, let’s put here what is happening to you. Imagine yourselves inside a big whirlpool. No, no, don’t imagine yourselves totally covered with water. Imagine that this whirlpool happens from your neck down, and you can’t steady your footing. But that whirlpool is not very deep, you can put your foot down, but the force of the water pulls you out of your place, shakes you, knocks you down.

You often dive, you run out of air. You feel fear, and suddenly your head goes back outside, and that whirlpool is still there moving. It feels like your body is changing, it feels like that water that is around you is penetrating your skin, internally changing everything inside. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it itches, sometimes it is a sensation of a chill, sometimes it feels like you have had a shock. You hear noises, you hear voices, you hear singing, you hear music… it feels like you are going crazy.

The world around you spins, in the same direction as your whirlwind, and you can no longer pay attention to anything. You want to fix your mind, your vision in one spot, but you can’t anymore, because you are spinning all the time. Oh, we cannot forget the dizziness, the nausea; some even vomit. But what is this whirlwind? So I like to put things in pictures, because inside your three-dimensional mind, you can understand it better.

So imagine you have a swimming pool, a small pool that only fits one person. The water is a little bit below your shoulders. So you’re relaxed there, you dip in from time to time, you surface again from time to time; it’s warm water, it’s nice, you’re relaxed there. Then you decide that you want to ascend. You decide: “No. I want to ascend, I want to get there. And when you think about this decision, you don’t even have to say anything, you just have to think about it; it’s as if this pool suddenly becomes a big mixer, and you start spinning.

Those waters, once so calm, so warm, begin to move you, or throw you to one side, to the other. No, no, you don’t get hurt because it is a special pool where the walls are fluffy. So you can hit it as much as you want and you won’t get hurt. The speed is still not very high, but you already feel that you can’t stand still anymore. And then at the same time, someone shows you a nice program, or several programs, that you could do from inside the pool. And then like a television, you choose one of those programs to watch. And by a strange coincidence each program you choose, the pool becomes more vigorous, and you try to turn off that program by changing the channel. Yeah, but the pool doesn’t get any better, it keeps bobbing you.

Then you think you can substitute one program for another, you choose one more. Ah, bad decision, because the pool got even more agitated. And so you try to do many programs, watch several of them, to try to make the pool stop. Only with each one you choose, it gets more and more agitated. And you want to get out of this turmoil, you want to go back to that calmness, you want to go back to lying in the hammock and asking for everything. But that little voice inside talks like this, “No, you have to ascend, you have to get through this whirlwind!”

So every program of that one, that you have chosen is a transformative process, it is a process that changes your minds, it is a process that cleanses your souls, it is a process that makes you think differently. So this shaking of the pool is nothing more than pulling out of your body, out of your soul, out of your mind, everything that was stuck there, embedded, deep inside your flesh, inside your soul, inside your mind. And these processes are not simple; you have to shake a lot to get it out, to get it out of you.

So this shaking is a request for forgiveness, is a movement of forgiveness, is a new decision not to commit that anymore, is a new walk thinking differently, is to look at the other in a different way. Every shake is not to judge, every push is not to criticize, every plunge is not to judge. And with that, as time goes by, you even begin to enjoy that shaking. You begin to learn to keep your bodies balanced, even within the whirlpool. Because your bodies are clearing. So that whirlpool starts to get a little weaker. Now if you slip, if you go back to the old thoughts, the old attitudes, the vortex comes back, because you have carried again, all that has been taken away.

So understand my brothers and sisters, doing a meditation, doing a procedure, doing anything we go through is not eternal, it works in that moment that you do it, and it stays, if you stay balanced. If you don’t take care of yourself, if you take focus on non-positive energies, all that work is gone. It is as if you have done nothing. This is why the ascension walk is a back and forth. You take steps forward; difficult, drawn out… now coming back is quick and has speed. That’s why, many times, you don’t get out of place, you seem to be swimming, swimming, swimming, and never reach the shore, even though you see the shore right there. Because you slip.

You let bad thoughts fill your mind. You attach yourself to energies that are not good. Of course, I’m not going to tell you, and I can’t say that, that nothing you do is unnecessary. Because every time you make a decision to do something, you are propelled forward. That is what makes you move forward. Now, unfortunately, you also come back all the time. Every single thing that lowers your energy makes you come back, and you come back at an absurd speed, because that’s the way it is. If we just did everything that we do, you would be there by Thursday, but that is not so. Everything we pass on and guide you through, leads you forward for sure.

Now everything that you vibrate wrong, pushes you back and you go back many steps, while when you do a procedure, when you watch those programs, on our television, you walk forward, but it is not a fast walk, it is a slow walk. Why is it slow? If we have so much strength, if we have so much love in everything we do for you, why is it slow? Because it has to change your mind. It is the learning that keeps you going. When you have the consciousness of a negative energy and you say no to it, the learning has taken place, and then you don’t come back. You may not even go forward, because you have encountered that energy, but you don’t go back.

So that learning has happened, the steps you have taken forward, you are still there, you have not gone back. So it is the learning that makes you go forward, not our processes. They push you forward, now keeping you there is your learning, it is every point, it is every moment, every choice you make. That’s where you keep yourself going. Don’t think, that doing everything we go through is what will get you into the Fifth Dimension. Again, what we go through is just an impulse, it’s like catapulting you forward. Now to stay there, it is not what we do, that does it. It is the decisions, it is the choices, it is the energies you connect with.

Moving forward on the ascension road is not difficult, there are many techniques that help. The big problem is to stay there, where you are. But I assure you, as time goes by, that whirlwind will no longer be strong, because you will have learned your lesson. Today, when you take a wrong step, your bodies scream, your minds scream. Those who are conscious feel. “I did something wrong!” Because your own body is already manifesting.

So at this point, it’s time to stop and think, “What did I do wrong?” And the simple fact that you stop, sit down and analyze, already shows that you are having awareness. Your payback will not be so great, because you are learning your lesson. So every time you make a mistake and you have the awareness of the mistake, that slip back is not as violent, you don’t miss as much of the road. So right now, the only thing you have to worry about is your thoughts, your attitudes, your words, your feelings, so that you can stay where everything you are doing is taking you. Otherwise, you will come and go, but you will come back a lot, and you will have to start all over again on your journey.

No, you don’t have to start all over again, that would be impractical. It’s just a learning process, continue from where you are. But learn to be aware of the mistakes you make, of what you are emanating. Everything has a consequence, every action has a reaction. So be very careful, be very respectful of every choice that you make, so that you can stay ahead of where everything you do is taking you.

Learn, it’s no use asking for forgiveness from us. “Oh, I made a mistake forgive me!” No, no, no, don’t ask for forgiveness from us, because we don’t judge or forgive anybody. Because there is nothing to forgive. You didn’t do anything to us, you did it against yourselves. But don’t judge yourself either, don’t crucify yourself either, don’t martyr yourself either. Have you made a mistake? What do you have to do? Decree that that mistake will never be made again, and keep your word. Do not allow that mistake to involve you again. Learn to live unconditional love, that is the first big step. Because when you make the decision to live only in unconditional love, everything else becomes small, everything else becomes easy to take.

Because it is living in unconditional love that is the hard part. That’s where you hurt, you don’t act with love, you may not even speak, but you think by criticizing. So shut your thoughts and mouths. When you realize that you are going to do, or speak, or act, or think something wrong, stop it immediately, change your vibration. Because if you change the vibration, the slip is small, it instantly stops. And you change the vibration, you start moving forward again. That’s the big lesson.

Don’t put everything into the procedures and techniques that you do, they are not miraculous; they do push you forward, if done with love, with dedication, they do. But you are the one who keeps you there, not the technique.

So don’t think that by doing technique “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, a thousand techniques, you will be more and more ahead. Yes, you will be more and more ahead, but every mistake you make, every mistake you don’t take care of, you come back, and come back, and come back, and all that space you walked through, you will lose everything.

So don’t put the techniques as a stepping stone, so that you can get there faster and stay there. You will get there, but staying there is another story.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez