I was with Merlin today as he was walking in fields, harvesting wild plants.  I was talking to him about what was going on in our world. He gave me a message that I felt was important to share. He says to me:

”You are familiar with Avalon, how due to the lowering frequency of the world and the encroachment of belief systems; magic and particularly female empowered worship were seen as evil. This created a need for a veil, a separation of worlds. Throughout history, there have been groups that have pulled away from the lowered vibration and for their safety went vibrationally beyond their current reality. You may see this as a seamless process, I can assure you that it was not. It took considerable time. Many could not believe what was happening, they thought that reason would return, and therefore stood in resistance and were washed away by the changing tides.

Now that the Earth is raising her vibration the veil that was put in place is lifting. We are on a new cycle, a new wheel, a return to a reality filled with more wonder and magic. The change is in front of every person. The opportunity to reclaim within themselves all that was lost behind the veil is present. Yet, here again, many are still holding on to what was, while etherically dreaming of a future.  I ask you, who will physically create the new?

Each person must ask themselves if they want to expend their energy watching the collapse of the old or in building the new.”

I questioned this and was told

“Your world is changing drastically. Your medical system for example can no longer adequately support the needs of the ascending human. You can either watch the collapse or you can create structures for the people to move into when the time comes. Change is coming, there will be chaos but much can be mitigated by the creation of new structures or systems for them to access.

If one system fails and there is nothing to take its place, chaos will reign longer. In that space, it’ll be harder to create the new as it would be created in reaction instead of passion.

Many of you have ideas, passions, and visions. Yet so much of your energy is taken by focusing on the collapse. We urge you now, build the new. Follow your dreams, follow your passion, follow the urgings, and CREATE!

Being present and not in resistance allows for the flow of information and ideas to come through, now is the time to plan, to organize, to visualize your garden for the spring. Why lament over the dying crops when there is a whole new garden to plan?”

I thanked Merlin for the message and went about my way.

**Channel: Jenny Schilts