We are here, dear brothers and sisters of Earth, to help you experience the Transition from the old pattern of life to the Rebirth of Life on your planet.

You know, since this pandemic took hold on your planet, a great change is happening, not only in you physically but especially in your minds and in your hearts.

During those months, long months when you were conditioned to confinement during these repeated confinements, you were able to think and think differently than you did before. These confinements have allowed you to look at life in a different way but, however, for many of you, you do not yet understand where it is all going to take you.

Of course, this situation was and still is in many ways very exhausting energetically, morally and physically. Your thoughts, for many of you, are continually on the events caused by this pandemic.

But, tell yourself, that you can, in a certain sense, thank this delicate situation because it allows you to come out of the torpor into which all of humanity had sunk at the risk of losing itself definitively.

What has happened and is happening now is a huge trigger for understanding the meaning of your life . Previously you asked yourself from time to time the question of knowing why to be born on the Earth, what was the point of it, why to live so many events to then “die” and to leave nothing more on the Earth if it is not the physical body which is decomposing.

As we have often told you, the Earth is a sanctuary of diverse, very diverse experiments. As you know, your inner being, your soul, which guides you in the direction of its desire for evolution, is happy or much less happy depending on what you accept to look at in you and around you.

If you accept to watch and understand that Life is a magnificent golden field of diverse experiences which subsequently allows you to evolve into other happy and bright planes of consciousness, then your soul rejoices and you. give her the boost she needs to grow beyond the heavy and low energies of planet Earth.

But right now you are shaking in your bodies. Few of you do not say: »I am tired, I have a great need to sleep, my diet is changing, I can no longer eat the same food as a few months ago, etc…. ”

You realize that something important is happening in you, in your body. Why that ? because quite simply your planet being in the process of ascending strongly, you can no longer remain with the heaviness of the 3rd dimensional bodies. Your bodies must necessarily lighten to follow the movement of the Earth.

We have often told you: the Earth and you are only ONE and if one is transformed there is an obligation to transform the others. So this evolution which is happening will accelerate sharply. During the coming months you will be even more shaken in your body but also all around you because the Earth will make you feel its own transformation. This may create some fears in some of you, but tell yourself that all this is done and is necessary to allow earthly humanity to live in osmosis with its planet.

Everything has a purpose. If this is happening now, it is because it was necessary to make you react. If it weren’t for this pandemic, you would still be strong, strong asleep. However, currently, the awakening is being done in you, more or less quickly according to your capacities to live this transformation and this awakening was essential to save the Earth and its humanity.

Everyone who created this pandemic in order to muzzle you and keep you under the power of slavery sees what they created do the opposite of what they wanted.

Indeed, instead of enslaving you, the effects of this pandemic have awakened in you, at least in many of you, a desire to live differently . From there, a new consciousness is revealed to you and you begin to begin the path to New Earth and New humanity.

As we have often said, the New Humanity will no longer be the same as the one currently living on Earth. The New humanity will see the Light shine in its life, it will see Peace and respect spread very quickly and finally it will understand that Life is only spiritual. We specify well spiritual and not religious what is totally different . Spirituality is not subject to precepts and dogmas as in your religions. Spirituality is quite simply living in osmosis with the Universe by also understanding that the Universe is within you and that you are HIM.

Dear children of the Earth, in a few months, this pandemic will be far from you, behind you as you say, but know that it will have been a great Master for you because it will have allowed you to grow in consciousness and to save yourself by saving humanity and the Earth itself.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou