As we rise into the higher conscious awareness, where we live our soul truth and thus live and experience life from a higher perspective we are aware that nothing can happen to any soul unless the soul permits this to happen.

Indeed at a higher level the soul agrees to experience such in order to attain soul mastery and attain ever higher degrees of unconditional love and illumination.

Thus prior to something happening in your life you, and all the other souls agreed to participate in this.

Indeed souls agree to this so that they can teach each other and indeed all gain lessons in mastery.

Some souls may indeed choose pain and some may choose terminal illness, to attain soul growth in ways we may not always understand.

We, in the highest state of mastery understand that there is nothing and no one to blame, nor to shame, nor anything to feel guilty of nor to grieve for.

When you start living and seeing life through the highest perspective and from the higher soul self, you will see the soul(s) perfection before you and start seeing from the heart of love.

Then your highest vision of the soul in question, and as you hold this vision of their higher soul self, it indeed manifests, as your true vision of their perfected soul self, allows them to embrace and live this, as much as you live yours.

In truth all is one.

We all indeed create our own experiences and thus, once consciously aware of this, we indeed transcend the seeming brokenness and separation as we all indeed are One.

One Love.

One Heart.

One Being.

The One is the Many, and Many are One.

**By Judith Kusel