I am Archangel Michael, and it is my pleasure to be with you here in this time, in these moments.

These moments that are gathering more and more momentum. Momentum that is taking you further and further, deeper and deeper within yourself, when you allow it to be.

Yes, of course, you can get wrapped up into the third-dimensional illusion. It is very easy to do so. It is more difficult though to let go of that and feel the connection, feel the oneness, feel the consciousness of The One. For you are that consciousness of The One. You have always been; you’ve just forgot.

But now it is time to remember. Remember who you are and what you came here to to. All of you came here for a purpose. And yes, your purpose changes as you move along your journey.

But the greater purpose, the one that you all came here to do, is to be those System-Busters to bring the change and the Change-over that is necessary here.

The Change-over that all of us, all of the Galactics, all of the Archangels and the Angels, and all of the Devic evolution, the Faeries and Gnomes, the Sprites, all that you can no longer see but are here anyway, we are all here, and we are all ready for the time when you will open your eyes.

Your third eye that will connect, and is connected to your physical eyes. And you will open them for the first time in this lifetime, or even in many lifetimes, and you will see. You will see beyond the illusion once and for all. You will see the beauty that surrounds you, that is imbued within you and all around you all the time. You will see it with those eyes, finally.

And it will be a glorious vista that will open up in front of you. Beauty that you have never imagined in this lifetime or, again, in many previous lifetimes. Although many of you have had certain lifetimes here on the planet where you did open up to this vista. You were open up to the magic that was available to you.

But, of course, purposefully you forgot of this. You forgot it so that you could have the full remembrance when the time comes, when the frequency rises enough that you could have this full remembrance come back to you and remember fully who you are.

And that you are the ones, the guiding guardian ones, that came here from systems far, far away, many galaxies beyond this galaxy. And you came here to bring the Light. To first anchor the Light here, and then to spread it far and wide. Spread it in any way that you can, whether through voice, or thought, or whatever is needed, through the printed word, through your videos. Whatever it is, it brings Light forward to the many. For it is ONE in the many, and the many in the ONE.

You always have to remember that now, as your remembrances are beginning more and more to trickle down where you have a vision, you have a dream, or simply a thought. And that thought, or that vision, or that dream, carries with it the emotion behind it. And you know and feel it could be accurate. You know and feel it could be the truth because it resonates within you.

All of you now are moving forward, further,  further and further, deeper and deeper into the Light. The Light that surrounds you all the time, if you but become aware of it. It is always there. It is always within you.

It is the ego self, the lower ego self that tends to hold you in the unknowingness. But it is only doing that to protect you. For it does what it was meant to do. But at some point during the Change-over or just prior to it, the lower ego shall fall away.

And the higher ego self with in you will take form and carry sway over your entire being. And all of your multi-dimensional selves will become aware to you, to the conscious knowing you. Imagine, [an image in], what that will be like!

Continue to have faith, my friends. Continue to trust. Trust in the knowing that each of you have, and that each of you are. For the Light is gaining more and more force across the planet, and the darkness is fading away more and more, even though it does not appear to be so.

But you, that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, know better. You know that the illusion is falling away. And this is the only way that it can happen. For all of the 3-D realm, the 3-D paradigm, must come crashing down. All must fall within the third-dimensional illusionary paradigm, for the new paradigm to rise from those ashes.

You are at the cusp. You are at the crescendo. You are at the ending of the new beginning that is coming fast. Trust in that always. And that trust will lead you directly into the first wave of ascension.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you BE the ONE. Always know that you are the ONE. You are connected to the oneness of all. And the all is connected to you.

**Channel: James McConnell

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