Listen to the Wisdom of your own heart and soul, for indeed your soul is wise. You are an eternal soul, and your soul did not only have existences on this planet, but far beyond all of this.

It is vital at this momentous time as we are now asked to step over the threshold and into a totally new life and way of life in the New Earth. Our inner wisdom, and guidance is what will see us through, more than anything outside of us, and this includes the opinion of others, no matter how much they say they love us, or indeed are walking the path with us.

I have been in a deep retreat these last two weeks, with another week to go, and I am finding that the guidance is crystal clear and indeed amplified. More than ever before we need to be true our innermost soul selves and embrace the Divinity within, for we will need to navigate unchartered waters and indeed unchartered space, yet never ever are we alone, but indeed guided and looked after every single step of the way.

There is a coming together now, of so much. I cannot even put words to this, but indeed an immense healing is taking place of the inner child, and indeed the need to please others, to excel in order to win the approval of others, and indeed all which worldly success and indeed outward show is all about.

We are all being cleaved open to the core, and indeed asked to allow ourselves to be cleaved open even more, and instead of running away from our vulnerability, from our own inner woundedness, to rather seek, the inner space and seek the wholeness within.

We are all whole and complete. We are all master souls.

As the personas, the ego falls away, we are less and less inclined to follow the herd, but indeed to seek our own true North Star, by allowing the wisdom of our soul to guide us. More than this, to ever seek to go deeper and deeper within and as we are ready for each single step into the unchartered, the guidance comes, exactly at the right moment, and then powerfully so.

I am finding that indeed love is expansive now, and so is the inner guidance.

Yes, we all need to take huge leaps of faith. To learn to rise into the new, into the deep unknowing, and indeed, once we are in the unknowing, the soul remembers.

The energies indeed, are indeed stripping away the old, piece by single piece, and there we are, being formed in new and much higher ways. Expanding. Our consciousness rising with each single moment and so is our awareness.

The more I ask, the more I am given. I ask for insight. I ask for wisdom. I ask for guidance every single step of the way. I ask that my heart be opened to ever greater levels of love and being loved. More than this to stand in my highest truth and live it, no matter what life brings.

As this happens, there is inner peace. There is inner equilibrium.

I was told just yesterday morning, that so much of my life, was hard fought, often against all odds. I am now told, to surrender and to allow myself to be gifted, by the Divine, so that I can walk in joy, and beauty, and indeed experience the Power of Love in ever higher and greater degrees. I rest in that.

In truth there is nothing to fight. There are only soul lessons in mastery.

And more than this lessons in the Power of Love.

Unconditional Love.

In truth, there is just love.

When we start realizing that every experience, every encounter, everything which ever happens, indeed came our way so that we could ever expand in soul mastery and indeed experience the Power of Love in sublime ways, we would indeed become grateful of each encounter, no matter how big or how small. For each one brings a gift of Love, and soul growth, and indeed soul nurturing, if we would just open ourselves to receive the gift in love, and with love and gratitude.

**By Judith Kusel