Good evening, dear beings. I am Archangel Uriel, very happy to be able to speak to you this evening.

I would like to tell you how much it is an honor to speak to you, how much it is an honor to help you progress in this existence and not a duty, as some take it sometimes, sometimes understand it too.

I came this evening to tell you how much we also have this role to help you find solutions, and to reassure you as Sylah expressed it. We also have this role.

Sylah is a character, as each of us is ultimately a character, has his own identity, his own way of expressing himself, his own pedagogy as he envisioned it. Sylah is a being of a military order, he is a soldier in Michael’s army.

Understand that in none of the speeches that I make, that we make, you do not have to hear a truth, a single angle, a single axis. Understand that each of us has his character, his way of considering these events that are present; these events are present among you. Each of us maintains what he loves, his work, and the work of angels also exists.

So I would like to tell you that of course you are here to grow, of course you are not children, and of course we are here to help you, especially in such a difficult time.

Helping you – I agree with Sylah – helping you is not interrupting an event in progress, certainly reducing its damage, but interrupting an event in progress is absolutely not in the interest of the experience itself- same. On the other hand, we’re here to help you find solutions when you no longer see them. This is particularly my help.

We are also there to assure you, to reassure you of our presence by your side, to say to you: “Do not worry. Don’t worry, we’re here, we love you, we help you. ”

Nothing is more deadly than life and nothing is less deadly than life, you get that phrase. Let’s go, in a kind of joy!

And if events make you lose joy, then know that what gives you real joy is simple, not complex, not decided by someone else but decided by you, by your own decision . Joy is not something that should be brought on from the outside, it is something that you agree to release . Doing things with joy is a choice .

You can be happy to say to yourself: “I offer myself this experience even if it seems unpleasant” you have the right, well the right to do that. Choose joy .

“Lord may your Joy remain” is a prayer which consists in saying: “I will not let any event, any circumstance, derive me from the Joy, because I can modify the angle of what I see, of what I perceive. ”

” Very well. This event was made to me, will that prevent me from smiling at others? Will this stop me from smiling at life? Will that stop me from smiling at this child? Do I have to be absolutely sad? No. I’m going to use this event to even be even more joyful, in these other facets where I allow myself to be, and I won’t let anyone stop me from being happy, stop me from being happy, no circumstances. ”

We see you as evolving beings. I will use the term “child” without reducing you.

Imagine that a child is in special circumstances, which you do not perceive in the same way. A child loses a balloon, for example, which flies away and he will start to cry, considering that only this balloon which goes away is the absolute experience of his misfortune. What are you going to do, as a caring parent? First reassure him, take him in your arms, remind him that you love him, tell him it’s okay. Of course when you tell him it’s okay, he’ll keep telling you that it’s serious for him. Then you will hear him, you will be compassionate and you will say to him: “Come over there, I will offer you another balloon”, or you will tell him that you are going to offer him an ice cream or something like that. It is also a bit of what life sometimes does. At a time when you focus on what is wrong, you don’t understand that life, the angels, your guidance, are telling you “don’t worry, it’s not very important, it’s not. very serious. It’s not as bad as you seem to be taking it, as you seem to be telling us or as you seem to be experiencing it. Life will bring you other joys because it is life, it is benevolent, it loves you, it continues with you, not against you. The ball is gone but the ball is not your existence. So come on, go on, have confidence. ” Life will bring you other joys because it is life, it is benevolent, it loves you, it continues with you, not against you. The ball is gone but the ball is not your existence. So come on, go on, have confidence. ” Life will bring you other joys because it is life, it is benevolent, it loves you, it continues with you, not against you. The ball is gone but the ball is not your existence. So come on, go on, have confidence. ”

My love, the love of the parent, the love of those who help and love you here, you will never lose it. It is immortal, timeless, timeless, it will be permanent.

If you ask yourself about this permanent aspect of our help, of our love, under no circumstances will you lose your joy of living. You will understand that the circumstance is temporary, unfortunate, you cannot deny that it is harmful and even harmful, but it does not matter. She is going to continue this experience again, she is not going to stop there. It is not going to stop because at some point, a particular circumstance will have come to modify the color, the aspect, the feeling.

Dear Souls, you are loved. The solutions are there. They are implemented by conscious beings. They are carried out by beings who are not afraid, but have no fear, even if you are in fear, there are times when you will be courageous. There are times when you will be joyful and when you can help, continue to work, at other times and other circumstances when others will be afraid of other things.

It’s that brotherhood, it’s that permission to be who you are, to accept that energy, but not to stop at a moment of energy and keep looking at that energy, to see what happens like. a temporary, illusory experience.

Are you going to empower that which took away your joy? Does what took joy away from you deserve so much power? Ask yourself this question.

You don’t deny the experience, but by hooking your ability, energy, and love back to what deserves it, you might change direction for a while. As you grow older you will find that everything deserves your love, but for now, focus on what deserves it. What does not deserve it, in truth, do not put it in an enemy camp. Put it in something that looks a little dark to you, admittedly, but don’t put it on the opposite of who you are. Do not put it as an experience not to be had, when you have just had it.

Do not deny what is happening or what has happened. Place it in circumstances where at times you have felt, or had the impression, that you were dissociated from your divine reality, from your reality of choice. Nevertheless, the choice is given to the one who is not afraid, to the one who is courageous, not to the one who is afraid.

So this is the circumstances of life, it is to go from one fear to another. Sylah is right, fear is your enemy, but it is also your main educator. It is what will help you to progress, to move, to advance, without letting you rest on the comfort of an existence which would be joyful, loving in appearance, temporarily.

Remember, you came to work on what is eternal with you in different ways. Each of you has come to experience it in a different way. Each of you will collaborate with your brothers, with your sisters, with the circumstances, to improve your capacity to love and to be joyful or joyful.

It is joyful this existence. It’s just a simulation that you value, and that’s understandable. You have to be fully there in this experience, fully, you must not pretend. You have to be fully in this existence, but neither should you give it the full definition of who you are .

To experience something intensely is not to define yourself entirely as that thing . It is just a piece of you, an important piece, alive, vibrant, which seems to live things, it remains temporary.

True joys are shared joys. True happiness is shared happiness. True love is shared love. Be in this understanding.

If you focus too much on one moment, one circumstance, one person, then your love will be reduced to one. You can increase it to the multitude, please extend your idea, extend your light, not extend your light only with those who have made the same choices as you, but extend your light to all .

Can you dance with people who have made different choices than you? Of course, obviously. This is the idea.

You are working on this idea of ​​not being conscience extremists anymore, deciding that so and so deserves your presence and so and so does not. This is what we are trying to make you experience. Do not be among these extremists, or else do not come to judge and criticize those you call extremists, because you are one or one . So don’t condemn yourself, don’t condemn yourself in these times.

Dear Souls, we are here to help you find solutions. Dear Souls, we are here to remind you how all is love, joy, beauty.

Temporary circumstances deserve attention in the present moment, but they do not deserve your full attention, unless you define yourself only as this moment, this time, this space, this person .

The more you widen the definition of who you are, the more you will think of multitude, the more you will think even international if you can, on your planet, the more you will see that you have circumstances to rejoice.

Do not focus on that lost little balloon folks, while a giant amusement park awaits you on this planet.

The work is great. Creation is perfect to help you keep moving forward, to evolve. We are your big brothers, your big sisters, coming from different planes to help you, to accompany you, because we have already known this time and this space. Certainly you give it a unique color but all the same, in general the experience of a child who loses his ball is often the same, so we can help you.

When you call us, we surround you, calm you down and then we provide our teaching. We will not show you a particular way, path or circumstance. Our message will be to ask you what is really important to you. Of course and once again, like the child in my example at the beginning, you will tell us: “this is the ball that I lost” or “this is what I lost” or “it is the choice that I lost ”same. In truth, it is not that important. It’s not that bad. Unity can do it all. Your energy can exceed anything, as long as you allow yourself a great definition.

A great definition is not a great power either. It is the possibility of communicating with a powerful being that is your Higher Consciousness, of beginning to rediscuss your plan, to understand the functioning of this world, because you are in this phase of transition which consists in creating an experience for yourself in other worlds, in other circumstances. It can be on the same planet, it can be on another, it doesn’t matter. Do not ask yourself this question which belongs to the mind.

The truth is, you are in a phase of transition. It is as if you are from one species to another species. You are in the process of becoming divine beings. You are leaving the water while you were amphibians. You become amphibious, you begin to breathe this divine air. Realize that something positive is brewing .

It’s not easy when you’ve been used to water for thousands of years to get into the air, into this different fluid, into this different energy. So, circumstances seem to evolve, seem to push you around and they seem painful, on the other hand, the reality is that they allow you to become that luminous being that you are.

Trust your nature. Let yourself grow. Be confident. Your body has known how to grow, it has known how to make you from a baby, an adult. In the same way, he will know how to take an immature consciousness and transform it into a mature consciousness, because your true nature takes care of it.

All of this is at work, all of these processes are at work. Focus on what is eternal, not what does not last. Give it your presence in this experience, of course, but don’t give it your full attention . Those whose work it is know. Those whose work is not done do not have to take care of it more than that, otherwise you will lose the joy. You know, when we take care of what is not our work, we lose our joy . When one deals with what is his work, one finds joy , and there may be external circumstances which evolve, which advance, which move, which are pleasant or unpleasant and you keep your joy . You keep the feeling of being in your place.

Joy is a great indicator . Pursue it, do not lose it for the benefit of those who just want to scare you to make you lose this power to regain your joy, and thus control when you could have it or not. The world is opening up to this. The world is opening up to the joy behind it.

The important thing will never be taken away from you.

Be blessed with life, blessed with circumstances and blessed with our presence, which is an honor for us.

**Channel: Sylvain Didelot

**Translation by