J: Someone emailed me to ask who – or indeed what! – is God?

Ashian: This is a wonderful question and one that takes lifetimes to answer.  However, we shall attempt to be brief!

Can you imagine a void? Nothingness? And then a bubble appears, from nothingness. The void is the Divine Masculine – it is everything and it is nothing at the same time. The bubble is the Divine Feminine – it is creation, expression and – ultimately – also nothing, at the same time.

They are two energies of perfect and equal balance that require each other for expression, and they cannot be separated, despite the appearance that they are separate. This is one understanding of “God.”

For us, the concept of “God” does not exist.  We work with energy and vibration. The closest we could come to express the form you label “God” would be as a constantly refining vibration of expression that leads to an increasingly inexpressible vibration of pure expression.

Does that make sense?

J: It does actually, but let’s see if we can open it up a bit more…

A: In the 3D to 5D transition, your understanding of all things is changing and evolving, whether it is the concept of work, home, money, health, law, education, religion or God. Two of the most potent forms of oppression on Gaia have been money and God.

As the Divine Feminine is the expressing energy, it was purposely sidelined, distorted or written out of the teachings of the great prophets, who only became such great prophets because they understood that the Divine is both feminine and masculine. However, that creative expression was omitted.

J: So what’s the masculine and why hype ‘him’?

A: The masculine is beingness, is ‘holding’, is expansive.

J: But that sounds more like feminine traits?!

A: You see the distortion! Masculine energy is strong and grounded, it holds space for highest good.  It does not distort and it does not manipulate or control. It holds space for the highest good and works to support that.

Feminine energy is creative, dynamic, and maybe even explosive in its purest form.  It’s like the creation of a child, which is a creative explosion of physicality and spirit in the moment of conception.

Your order has been inverted. The masculine energy has been deprived of the joy of “holding the energy” ~ why and how that was done is beyond the scope of this message ~ and the feminine energy form has been deprived of authorship and creative expression.

And so we return to “God”…the most common concept of “God” on Gaia is a distorted male authoritarian figure who could be seen as holding a secret rule book that “he” uses to judge and condemn.  Perhaps he can forgive, but he often seems cold, aloof and only compassionate when pleaded with or bribed with good deeds etc. Where is the Divine Feminine in “God?” Vanished to the sidelines.

Many, many have woken up to this distortion and prefer to connect with the Divine Source, with All That Is, with the Universe… there are many names, but the overwhelming feeling is one of loving connection that is beyond male and female.  It is an energy that flows through beingness and expression, the ying and yang of perfect balance.

And, by developing a personal relationship with that energy, they create their own definition of the characteristics of the energy so that both ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ aspects of it flow freely through them according to what is required to bring them into perfect harmony, perfect balance.

J: This is going deep! So I just had the idea (it was you, wasn’t it?!) to look up God in the dictionary, and I got that it comes from ‘g̑heu’, which has Indo-European roots, meaning ‘becoming’ or ‘invoked’… that isn’t a ‘person’ at all, it’s more like an action, an alignment, a vibration.

A: Yes! The concept of “God” is a placeholder, a marker, a concept that reflects ~ or more accurately ~ creates the consciousness of the masses at any given time. How this being is explained to humans is highly controlled. Breaking free of that control and moving to ‘invoke’, is to discover your own relationship with the Divine, and the infinity of that Glorious expression.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert