Fans of Nicki Minaj gathered to protest the Covid-19 vaccine after the pop star claimed it harmed a friend of a relative.

On Wednesday, Minaj supporters formed a rally outside the Center for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta, where they bull-horned messages accusing NIAID Director Anthony Fauci of lying about the effectiveness of the jabs.

“We are here because the CDC has been lying to us for so long,” one protester said, according to

“You know Fauci’s lying!” a protester yelled at an officer standing outside the CDC building, while starting chants of “Down with the CDC!”

“We should all question this vaccine!” yelled yet another Minaj supporter.

The protests come after Minaj on Monday claimed she would not attend the Met Gala in New York because she wanted to research the vaccine before taking it.

She further stirred the pot with a tweet claiming a friend of her cousin in Trinidad had a negative reaction to the vaccine.

Immediately, she began posting headlines calling out fake news claiming she “refused to get vaccinated.”

The controversy escalated when Minaj shared a segment of Fox host Tucker Carlson defending her.

On Wednesday, she announced she was suspended from Twitter for questioning the vaccine and voicing her views on the subject.

Asked Thursday whether the administration had indeed invited Minaj to the White House, as claimed by the rapper, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said they offered for Minaj to speak with a doctor.

Despite the contentious debate, Minaj has admitted she will likely end up taking a vaccine as it’s required to go on tour.

**By Adan Salazar