Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Once again I am here, bringing my energy and all the love I have for this entire planet, for everything that is contained on it. When I was chosen by Father/Mother God, to bring hope, to bring love, to bring change to this planet, it was a moment of great joy, it was a moment (I cannot deny), of apprehension; because even being a very evolved soul, it was a great challenge to be faced, a challenge that I quickly accepted. Because when we reach certain points in our evolution scale, we can even be apprehensive, but fear is not part of our thoughts, because we know that we are the very energy of God the Father/Mother incarnate, and each and every decision He makes is perfect and without any kind of problem to accept it.

I did become an incarnate soul, so that I could bring my teachings, so that I could bring the truth to the people of this planet. Like everyone here, I forgot my mission. Until a certain point in my trajectory I was a man (as I commented in my Letters), totally aimless, just living life each day, without at any time imagining what my mission would be, in a very brief future. The rest of this story you already know; for those who don’t, read my Letters.

Being here leading the ascension process of this planet is for me something of extreme importance for the universe. As has already been said, this planet was chosen, to be a planet exactly as it has been, “of experiences in duality”; so that the souls of the universe could see what happens, when love is left aside, what happens when love stays out of your mind. And so the universe has witnessed the whole trajectory of this planet.

Do not think that all this time you have been forgotten, on the contrary, this planet has been monitored since the arrival of those who decided to take over the planet for themselves and broke all the agreements they had made with Father/Mother God, to apply the lessons to human beings. The whole universe was on alert. I cannot deny that they repeated this feat on many planets in the universe. And exactly, my approach, to bring to the Galactic Council the liberation of this planet and prepare this whole onslaught…, let’s say this is all “the model battle”, for the other planets to take the same path. And so it has been and so it is.

The Light has won on this planet, showing those who thought, that they would be eternal here and that they would destroy every form of life on this planet, making it uninhabitable and causing it to die out over time; showing everyone that we are alert and we are paying attention. We never stop watching this planet, if it were so I would not have come, I would not have lowered my vibration excessively, to become a human like all of you. I accomplished my mission by planting the seed of love and Christ Consciousness on this planet; a consciousness that, even with all the onslaught of those beings, has multiplied and lives on until today.

It was distorted, yes; it was modified, yes, words were put into my mouth that I never said, and many things I said were changed for their own benefit, but the most important thing in all of this is that my name is still alive today in the hearts of many people on the planet. Even in other religions that do not adopt Christianity, they recognize the importance of what I did on the planet. Those who don’t feel this way, have not been able to make the Christi Love that I sowed sprout.

So in this way, we are almost at the end of this stage here on this planet: Liberation has already happened. You don’t realize it yet, because you have to see it to believe it. But very soon, but it is not in that brief period of months and years that you are used to, when we speak; it is the briefness in your time, in the linear time of the Earth. You will see everything we have talked about actually happening. And then we will be able to close this mobilization, for the removal of these beings that have manipulated you for so many millennia, from the surface of the planet. Because at the other points they are no longer there; the final cleansing is still lacking. And then, yes, we will give our victory by complete, 100%. And we will be able to say “Hail, Hosanna, Hallelujah” many times.

Then, yes, a new stage will begin, because you will no longer have those who manipulated you, inciting evil on the planet. Only evolved and enlightened minds will be in charge. And then, yes, the great separation of the wheat from the chaff will begin, because this separation has already begun a long time ago, through the choices of each one of you, in function of the arrival of the light that is totally penetrating the planet. So I can say that the separation will be complete, it will be profound, because these will be removed from the planet. The only thing I ask from each one of you: Do not suffer, do not despair.

What we have been saying here for a long time now, “He who trusts will fear nothing, will suffer nothing. There is no need to rush, no need to change, because you will be where you have to be, because lessons still have to be learned. Each incarnation on this planet was very well orchestrated and very well defined, so that you would be today, tomorrow or the day, exactly where you have to be, so that you can live that moment, and never forget it. This is not for anyone to be afraid of.

I understand, that when we say these things, you panic; fear haunts your mind. So I say, this is another lesson. Because if you emanate this fear, even though we say “everyone is where they are, and nothing will suffer”, where is your trust? Where is that so-called love for us? Those who love us and who trust us, do not fear, are not afraid, do not worry, do not live tomorrow, they are living today, here and now. What happens tomorrow, will be Father/Mother God’s decision, and you trust fully in His decisions.

So this is how I would like you to see the changes in your world. This planet will not end, this planet will not self-destruct; we just need to show you the consequences of all that you have done to the planet. This cannot be left blank, this cannot be forgotten. Because if it is, when you get to the 5th Dimension after a while, you will repeat the same mistakes. And then there will be no knots to hold your vibration, because it is all about choices. If you choose to destroy the planet again, there is nothing we can do. Never forget that you are going into the 5th Dimension with the consciousness you have today. Nothing will change, you will just learn to vibrate noble feelings. But what if you can’t? What if you go back to repeating the same mistakes you made here?

So you have to go through a lot, so that you learn your lesson. It is not punishment, it is a consequence of the actions you yourselves have committed. It is not Gaia’s anger, it is not Gaia’s revenge. Let’s say… Think of a chemical reaction, where you put two elements and they begin to transform, and as long as there are those elements inside that container, that reaction will not stop; one day it stops, but as long as there are, it will not stop. So make that a basis, for what you have done to the planet. You started the chemical reactions, and you will reap the transformations, you will reap everything that you have planted. If you have done good things, you will reap good things.

I ask each one of you: There can be no revolt, there can be no fear, there has to be always trust and faith in what is to come. Always understanding that every difficulty, every event, is a lesson to be learned, not a punishment. They are the results of what you initiated. You initiated the reactions and they will continue to happen, until Gaia’s ascension, and mainly, your own. Those who have already made their choices, will be swallowed up in these transformations. Understand them as you wish. Do not suffer for the souls that are leaving, do not judge that they are all leaving the planet; no, those who have chosen to pass as spirit, will be treated and trained to come back in the 5th Dimension modified and elevated.

So don’t judge, don’t put everyone “in the same basket”. Believe me, every soul has already made their choice. You don’t know your soul’s choices, that is not why you will give up. Because if you give up now, you will be signing the sentence to leave the planet. If you stay high regardless of what happens, you will have a great chance of one day coming back to the Fifth Dimension and remembering everything you lived through. You won’t come back forgotten; it’s over, it will end.

No change is easy, no change is simple. And because of what you have planted, the changes will not be pretty, nor will they be pleasant. Now it is up to each one of you to learn your lessons, and believe, trust, believe, that if you are on the path, if you are on the path of change, if you are on the path of ascension, you will get through it all and rise up for sure.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation by